13 reviews of Dubai that’ll tickle your funny bone

I’m not sure why I went searching for online reviews of a city I live in but one day, as I was trying to find something to keep me entertained while I waited for my Netflix account to get reactivated (I have a horrible habit of forgetting my passwords and landing up with locked accounts), I randomly decided to read through reviews of Dubai. That’s when I landed on this hilarious website (I will NOT name it, not yet anyway). While it did give me the tickles for the greater part of the evening, and maybe even more than the Hasan Minhaj episode I was really looking forward to watch, I’m still trying to figure out what most of them are actually trying to say!

Here you go. Let’s show Dubai some love 😉

“Many people visit Dubai every year, not just ordinary people but celebrities and important people too.”

Yes, that certainly increases the allure – ‘important’ people visiting a country. I’d never go someplace important people didn’t care to visit!

“My cousin lives there so it is not a big deal.”

I know right, if I know someone living there, it kind of takes away the greatness of the place. Even if ‘celebrities and important people’ visit it!

“It’s Mumbai of the Gulf!”

Not sure if this person has ever been to Mumbai?

Mumbai Local Train Station
Dubai Metro

“Dubai has become a “must-see” place on the wish list of any self-respecting traveler.”

True, you should be ashamed of yourself if you haven’t been to Dubai!

“The name ‘Dubai’ must be an abbreviated one and each letter stands for different adjectives. D-dude u-unbelievable b-bedazzling a-amazing i-illusions.”

Should I care to point out that most of those words are not actually adjectives?

What is Dubai? If there was a dot on the world map, Dubai would be it.“

Sounds so poetic…and like most poetry, I’m still trying to find the deeper meaning in it.

“Dubai is often called ”The Hong Kong of the Middle East” because of its role as a free port and sometimes as a the ”Venice of the Middle East” because it is built on water.”

And apparently, sometimes even ‘The Mumbai of the Middle East’. Wait, built on water?

“Dubai is the place where people from all countries work; all types of people like black, white and other colours, live together.”

That’s true though, we do have a lot of colourful people here. You name it, we got it!

Dubai Color Run

“So many things are artificial, like islands, buildings, water. It is like, it is not even real!”

Not sure how water can be artificial? Or buildings be unreal! Don’t worry, if it looks like water, it IS water. And if you see a building, it most likely actually exists.

“There is so much variety in the food here, you can find the cuisine from any world!”

Umm.. how many worlds are out there?

We have seen different types of luxurious cars as people living there have lots of money.”

That’s what I get to hear every time I complain about paying high rents and ridiculous prices for food. You live in Dubai, you’re rich, don’t complain!

“Dubai – ‘Do Buy’ “

Maybe the tourism department needs to visit this website more often, for some inspiration – there really are a bunch of creative people writing these reviews!

“Best part about Dubai is that it is very very expensive.”

Umm.. really? The ‘best part’?

I rest my case.

Disclaimer (because egos are known to be fragile): All quotes cited in this post are entirely non-fictitious and have been kept anonymous due to obvious reasons. In no way are any of my statements meant to (intentionally) slander any individual or website.

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43 thoughts on “13 reviews of Dubai that’ll tickle your funny bone”

  1. This was such a funny post. I was in Dubai in 2014 and at that time I would have never considered anything else related to Dubai that new, modern buildings and desert. When I was there I enjoyed a lot the old quarters of Dubai too and the famous Creek. Thanks for sharing a different angle on Dubai.

  2. This was funny! I have been to Dubai and I can totally relate to some of these. It is such a crazy place. Despite all the luxury they have there, I actually don’t remember it being that expensive. But that was 10 years ago, maybe things have changed.

    1. It can be expensive in parts, no doubt 🙂 For example, some of the fine dining places are quite expensive alcohol is nowhere near being cheap and for someone who can spend money, there’s a LOT of avenues to do it luxuriously. Not that there aren’t options for the budget travellers, there are. But the city has positioned itself as being swank and classy.

  3. Quite an amusing read owing to your gifs. “”The best part of it is it is expensive”” – that was funny. And the bit abt the cuisines…how many worlds are there 😉

  4. Heh, I wish I had a cousin in Dubai, I will than drop by and see everything with my own eyes. For me, Dubai is an engineering miracle. I would love to go there and photograph everything, but because I don’t have anyone there, it is my second priority.

    1. I’d have to agree, the modern architecture here is quite awe-inspiring! They’re coming up with a Museum of the Future and the building’s architecture is iconic, google it and you’ll see what I mean 😉

  5. This is a funny post in terms of how to present. Dubai is really ”The Hong Kong of the Middle East” because of all shopping malls and luxury presence. I wish I could soon visit it.

  6. Wow Bombay railway station! you took me back in time! I have been to Mumbai almost about 20 years ago! Such a crowded place!

    1. I lived (and travelled in those local trains) in Mumbai for 3 years. While it was quite an adventure, it certainly wasn’t FUN going to work like that every day!

  7. This post was such a fun read. I could see why the comments you’ve highlighted must have sounded amusing to you. I couldn’t help but chuckle at the explanation/abbreviation someone gave for the letters in the word Dubai, lol.
    I haven’t been to Dubai yet but would love to do so in the future. The metro station of Dubai looks so neat and organized.

  8. I haven’t been to Dubai yet, but I love your funny reviews! I would love to see Dubai in person one day and experience this city myself.

    1. You’re not a self-respecting traveller Kristy if you haven’t been to Dubai yet! LOL.

  9. I remember researching Dubai before going several years ago and reading reviews. One said “Duabi might make some American travelers uncomfortable because they might see a muslim.”

    Good lord … I didn’t know seeing someone could ruin a vacation.

    1. Haha, that’s a really funny one as well. Would’ve made it to my list if I had seen it myself 😉

  10. I enjoyed your post and some of the reviews are quite hilarious. I really liked ‘DO BUY’!

  11. Haha this is great! I haven’t been to Dubai, but I really want to go! And being Singaporean myself, I can relate to the “dot” on a map and food review haha. What a great and fun post!

  12. OMG!!!! This is so damn funny! Kudos to you for adding the perfect gifs to go with it!
    Dubai – Do buy? That’s not bad at all! You’re right, the tourism department could use it!
    The ‘expensive’ part is the reason, I’m yet to actually get into Dubai, though I’ve had a layover there several times!

    1. It’s not necessarily expensive through and through, it has enough budget options for the economic travellers as well. It’s just that you get to SEE a lot of luxury around which, if you cannot afford, can be a little overwhelming!

  13. This is great! Ha! I particularly love the “my cousin lives here” – good for you sir? Great post that had me giggling.

  14. This collection of Dubai reviews is hilarious! I think my favorite one is “Dubai – ‘Do Buy’ “, whoever said it is a creative genius! While I’m not sure about it being the ”Venice of the Middle East” though 😀

  15. Hahaha I am not ashamed that I never been to Dubai! Although wasn’t in my travel list yet, I wouldn’t mind visiting it when a perfect opportunity comes in.
    Dubai as “do buy”? YEAH that’s funny and ironically seems good considering its one of the shopping mecca.

  16. Lol. I loved This! Especially the memes of the Mumbai and Dubai metro stations. I really must consider coming to Do Buy. Lol

  17. Haha your GIFs are everything in this post – i’ve never been to Dubai but I can imagine it’s so funny reading what others say about a place you’ve visited/lived in!

    1. I agree with you Ciara! It’s effective and entertaining. Am thinking of using this technique to my blog.
      If things got well in a few years time, we will visit Dubai!

  18. I live in Dubai too and this list cracked me up. My favorites are “There is so much variety in the food here, you can find the cuisine from any world!” and “It’s Mumbai of the Gulf!” with your comparison pics.

    1. I live in Dubai too Razena, and it was such a hoot going through those reviews lol.

  19. Haha what a funny collection of reviews! I especially like the one about the different cuisines. I am also curious to know how many worlds there are!

    1. Haha to be fair to the person who wrote it, maybe what they meant was cuisines from around the world 😉 It’s true, we have the best eateries specialising in all cuisines you can imagine!

  20. I want to laugh and give you – high five! I also tend to forget my password. Anyway, I really enjoy your review about Dubai. Truly, it is a place like no other. I have friends who are now working in Dubai, and they always tell me to come and explore Dubai. Hopefully soon If I get the chance. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

    1. I love the city! I had such a great time reading what others think about it 😉

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