5 unusual and quirky places in Kolkata that are a must visit

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The land of sweets and enriching culture, history and tradition, Kolkata is way more than what meets the eye. If your plans include making a trip to this place, it is important that you know which places are a must visit. It goes without saying that there are several “go to” tourist destinations that you can visit but if you want to experience the authentic taste and beauty of Kolkata, visiting some of the underrated spots is a must do.

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College Street

Even if you are not a book lover, this spot around in the northern part of Calcutta is something that you just can’t miss out on. Stacked with shops filled with brimming shelves of books and the remnants of the post-colonial hang, this is one of the must-visit spots while you are in Kolkata. You can even find the infamous Kolkata Coffee House in one of the lanes which represent the nostalgia that Kolkata is significantly known for.

South Park Street Cemetery

Don’t get deterred by the mention of a cemetery because the experience is like no other. The cemetery is home to some of the popular people like Job Charnock and Henry Louis Vivian Derozio. The place offers more than just the eerie silence, the experience there is sure to leave you with goosebumps.

Rabindra Sarovar

If a tranquil lakeside trip is something that you are looking out for, the lakes in Rabindra Sarovar offer an amazing option. You are bound to find a huge number of over-affectionate couples in and around but the experience is not something you would want to miss out on. Try and visit during the evening with the dimming moonlight for a beautiful memory.


Majority of the people know and love shopping in Kolkata. But, if you are a “cheap queen” who loves to budget and get good bargains, New Market is most definitely the place to be in. There are several street vendors and proper shops around the area, making it an amazing option for you to get your bags full and your pockets empty. Visit during the evening to get a taste of the delectable street food and Nizam’s roll as well.


The place where the idols of Gods and Goddesses are made often does attract quite a lot of rush throughout the year. Kumortuli is an experience in itself more than being a spot. You can interact with the people and the artists there for an even better experience. If you are lucky, visit a month or two before Durga Puja for a wholesome experience.

Kolkata is a flood of emotions let loose. Majority of the people describe this place as the perfect mixture of thrill, fun and surmounting experiences like no other. If you are planning on visiting, make sure to keep space in your itinerary for these places.

14 thoughts on “5 unusual and quirky places in Kolkata that are a must visit”

  1. Interesting read on Kolkata which is also a city of joy. Though I have not visited Kolkata but it is always on my list due to its vast size and unique culture. Apart from touristic locations, I would love to stroll around some unusual places. I loved Kumortuli as it would be wonderful to see how huge statues of gods and goddess are made.

  2. What a great guest post, Seema! I always love reading about India and all there is to see and do there. Kolkata looks like a lovely city; I’d be sure to check out College Street. Why exactly is the Kolkata Coffee House infamous? I’m curious! Kumortuli also looks very interesting.

  3. Cemeteries are always one of my favorite things to see on trips. I love to see the history and different uniqueness each one has.

  4. Hey, it is so nice to see a blog about my hometown on your web page. I grew up going for morning walks in Rabindra Sarovar, spent so many evenings in College Street going through hundreds of books, and did a lot of shopping in New Market when I was there. Well it brings so many memories of my childhood. Thanks for the share.

  5. I’ve never thought Kolkata is so interesting city to visit. Kumortuli is definitely the most quirky place to me. Those statues area bit spooky! 😀

  6. This is a great overview of places to visit in Kolkata. I’ve never traveled there before, but these places would definitely be interesting to add to the itinerary! What was your favourite?

    1. I have personally never visited Kolkata but my guest writer here seems to highly recommend these quirky stops. I’m sure I’d love College Street!

  7. Very interesting! I am not familiar with much of India but would love to make the trip there one day soon and experience it in all its quirkiness!

  8. College Street is similar to our very own Siliman University here in Dumaguete. Lots of cafes, shops, establishments, and facilities for cash-strapped students. The Kumortuli is also very interesting although those weird statues look quite freaky. Hahaha!

  9. I have never heard of this location. I’m glad you shared this post as I now feel like I have discovered a new place in the world. Thanks!

  10. I am a book lover so I would want to check out College Street. Rabindra Sarovar looks really nice too, I always love being around water wherever I travel.

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