Me (Medha)

My wanderlust is a product of moving around from one city to another since I was a child – my father was in the Indian Armed Forces and we never got to stick around in one city for more than 3 years. I changed 9 schools and have lived in 8 cities.

I’m a summer person – love the shorts, bikinis and tank tops; hate layers of clothing! I’m simple, casual and the only make-up I like to wear is my kajal. I don't pay much attention to what I wear; I just like to be comfortable. And colourful!

I love beaches and mountains equally – blue-green waters will make me weak in my knees as much as snow capped mountains. I like adventure as much as I like to chill with a cocktail in my hand in amazing backdrops. I love clicking pictures, hope to learn professional photography one day and I love posing for pictures too, once in a while!

Him (Mohit)

Travelling, for him, is not about escaping the day to day rigmarole but a way of finding himself - the more you travel, the more you see how small you are in this world. Walking through cobbled stone pathways in old towns, relaxing by the beach with a local brew or experiencing the thrills of adventure sports are some of the things he absolutely loves doing. But nothing surpasses the feeling of being behind the wheels (of preferably a drop-top muscle car) and exploring new territories.

He's not much into photography, he'd rather take it all in, while in the moment (unless, of course, I insist on being clicked). But he does like to capture what he calls 'time stamps' on his phone. Travelling to countries like Norway and New Zealand transformed him as a person - the outdoors led him to not only discover a whole new way of connecting with nature but he also developed fitness consciousness in a way he had never known. Braving some of the toughest hikes is a dream he has been working towards and it motivates him to stay in shape.

Us, as Travellers

I am a crazy planner – I will have my itinerary jotted down very clearly in an excel sheet with a list of all the places we absolutely must visit. Mohit likes to take it easy and relies (thankfully) on my planning and research skills. Having said that, we are open to making last minute changes in our plans even if it means cancelling hotels and rebooking little pigeonholes (read: hostels) to make sure we have a bed to sleep at night.

We stay in guesthouses, B&Bs, even motels when we travel. I like to try local wines while he experiments with the local beers. But we cannot start the day without our (hopefully Starbucks) coffee. We both have a soft spot for beaches, old towns, outdoor cafes and the rugged outdoors.

I am the stingy one accounting for every penny spent. We choose to fly budget airlines, stay in budget places, eat in cafes rather than fine dining and take the public transportation (bus, metro, trams) rather than a taxi, unless we are exploring the countryside, where we'd rather rent a car and I'm more than happy to be the passenger and he, the driver. We do reward ourselves with luxury travel and experiences once in a while. But mostly, our hard earned money is spent on adventures and beer!

We both have full-time corporate jobs so our trips are, unfortunately, time restricted. We try to make the most of the time we have in hand, which is not usually more than 2 weeks. We try to cover as much of the country as we can in that limited time and this makes research and planning all the more important for us.  Our itineraries are usually activity-heavy and my ideas are suited best for those looking to explore the maximum in the minimum amount of time.