How to Take a Trip to the UK’s Capital in Style

This is a guest post by Steve Conway, a techie by profession and a passionate traveler who loves to soak up the sun, swim in azure waters and explore far-off destinations that hold the promise of great adventure.

London is a fantastic city, offering rich history, iconic landmarks and chic shopping experiences. Take in all the sights on the famous London Eye, or spare time for the iconic Victorian structure that is Tower Bridge. Feel close to Royalty by visiting the seat of the monarch, and treat yourself to famous British food and culture.

Whatever your plans for your trip to the capital, London is the perfect opportunity to afford yourself a little luxury, and if you’re not sure where to start, this list should help.

Take Afternoon Tea

There is nothing more quintessentially British than taking afternoon tea, and due to this, there is a wealth of places to choose from when you visit the Capital. You can take your tea in a stylish location like Harrods, or you can even opt for river-side tea besides the Thames in order to take in the views, too. The perfect afternoon tea will offer an elegant experience you won’t want to miss when embracing all things British.

Upgrade Your Travel Arrangements

If you want a little bit of luxury to extend further than when your feet touch down in London, you can incorporate this into your travel arrangements, too. Upgrades to your flights will make a world of difference to your comfort, even if just for bigger seats with more leg room, and – depending on how long your flight time to London will be – class upgrades can make or break a flight. You may even consider a jet charter to London for a more personalised experience. Perfect for once-in-a-lifetime trips.

Take a Shopping Trip Down Oxford Street

If you want to shop with style, then Oxford Street is the place to do so. Harrod’s in particular offers a wide selection of luxury goods and gifts to whet your appetite. Alternatively, Regent Street also offers an elegant shopping experience with a range of quality shops, including the famous Hamleys. From famous stores like Fortnum & Mason, to independent boutiques, London has it all.

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Visit Buckingham Palace

Is there anything more stylish than a beautiful palace?

Feel close to royalty by visiting the London residence of the Queen of England. A trip during the summer will see the grounds before the palace bedecked with colourful flowers, and sure to make the golden gates shine in the sunlight.

You can even bag a private tour of the state rooms.

To make your experience that little bit more special, plan your palace trip at the right time to witness the famous Changing of the Guard ceremony.

Attend London Fashion Week

If your idea of style is all about fashion, then you won’t want to miss the chance to attend the capital’s famous fashion week. London Fashion Week takes place in February and September, so if you’re hoping to experience it, you should tailor your trip around these months. It’s difficult to get into the top shows of the leading names in fashion, but there are endless events to see and experience. From catwalks of up-and-coming designers, to London Fashion Festival events, to exhibits and even live performances in collaboration with fashion designers. London comes alive during its fashion weeks and it’s a must to experience.

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  1. UK is the paradise of individuality, eccentricity, heresy, anomalies, hobbies and humours.

  2. London is a vibrant, brilliant city wirth so much going on. Adore your photos and this list is great. London Fashion Week would be fantastic to see!

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  6. I have not been to London yet, but aware of the places you have listed. I really want to visit the Buckingham Palace once. I always wanted to know what’s s fancy about the high afternoon tea? I would love to experience that too. You have listed what all to do in style while in London, I am surely going to try each of them.

  7. I have been to London many times and I am going back in August. I know I planned this way in advance, haha. But I actually never done a high tea! I think I will finally do that this time. I also want to visit Buckingham Palace. I remember being tours in the summer. Need to check that out again. Thanks for reminding me!

  8. When we hear of London, automatically style comes in our mind. You have shared some of the great points like going for afternoon tea at some elegant place as London tea is world famous. Also going for shopping trip to Down Oxford street would be my way of exploring London in style.

  9. I would love to go to London for fashion week sometime! I wonder how hard it is to get tickets? And I definitely have to try afternoon tea next time I’m in London – can’t believe I’ve still never done that!

  10. This post will definitely help those who’d love to travel to and experience London in style… London is indeed a place that projects luxury and style. If you’d like to see and experience royal luxury, London is one such place you definitely have to visit.

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  12. Excellent post! I want to go to London for December, it’s one of my dreams, right now my best friend it’s staying there, so I will go to visit him in December, I will take the advice you give in this post! Thanks a lot for this, it will help me in my trip very well!

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