Melbourne- to go or not to go?

Melbourne was a default inclusion in my Australia itinerary because it is one of those touristy cities you always hear about when anyone mentions the land down under. Having read about the coffee culture, the impressive street art, the vibrant nightlife and the numerous outdoor restaurants, riverside bars and beach-side eateries, I knew I wanted to go to, and 'Melbourne - to go or not to go?' was not a question that crossed my mind.

I placed Melbourne at the very beginning of my (almost) 3 week trip to Australia. Maybe the mistake I made was that I visited in March, which I had believed would be the beginning of their 'autumn' and hopefully, good weather. However, I was greeted by unbearably sultry weather, that made it next to impossible to happily explore the outdoors. And be warned, the Australian sun is relentless, it burns your skin in a way that you literally feel like you're being barbecued. Applying a high SPF sunscreen every few hours is probably the best way to save your skin from getting severely dehydrated and burned, but it's not going to protect you from the torrid heat of Straya.

One thing that shocked me in Melbourne was the amount of drunken/stoned people, lying by the roadside or simply pissing on the streets in broad daylight. This might be common only in certain areas (I was staying on Flinders Street) and probably only on weekends (I was there on one) but nevertheless, it was quite a disturbing sight.


Melbourne - to go or not to go? I'd say, definitely go, but not because the city itself is so amazing. It is because of the wonderful day trips that one can take from there that make Melbourne a great base. The ideal amount of time that I recommend you to spend there are 4 days, and probably in April or May, when the weather has cooled down, making it much easier to explore. Here's how I recommend you to spend your 4 days in Melbourne.


Day 1: Explore the city

To be honest, 1-2 days in the city are more than enough. The city centre (Central Business District) is covered by the Free Tram Zone (you can get the map here) and is a great way to explore some of the popular districts such as Flinders Street and Queen Victoria Market. Alternatively, this area can also be explored easily by walking, something I highly recommend as it'll take you through some hidden laneways and patio cafes and restaurants. If you wish to explore further out, I recommend you to buy a Myki card which is valid on the trains, trams and buses in Melbourne and can be easily topped up.

If you're willing to travel a little outside the city centre, you can get your breakfast fix at Industry Beans in Fitzroy, an award-winning cafe located in the suburbs, which can be reached by tram and is 15 min outside the CBD. Needless to say, their coffee is amazing and is also available for sale. It's a local favourite, making it a great place to mingle. However, if you're not too keen on travelling outside the CBD, several restaurants located within CBD are also great options for a filling breakfast and great coffee.

Head to Queen Victoria Market, a historical marketplace that has been in operation since the 1800s. It started as a wholesale fruit and vegetable market back then and has expanded now into clothes, souvenirs, accessories, toys and speciality foods market now. A great place to pick up some authentic and typical Aussie souvenirs and gifts, its one of the largest markets in Melbourne.

Queen Victoria Market

Take a walk back from Queen Street Market towards Degraves Street, while passing through The Block Arcade, a fine 19th century elegantly built heritage shopping arcade filled with boutique shops and cafes. Stop at Haigh's Chocolates to pick up premium handmade chocolates or taste the gourmet cakes and pastries at Hopetoun Tea Rooms.

Degraves Street

When in Australia, you have to try kangaroo meat. A cosy, small restaurant called Metro Burgers, located in the heart of Degraves Street may not look like it but offers some of the best speciality meat burgers in town. Kangaroo meat, emu and crocodile are some of the popular burgers of choice here. Take a short walk to Hosier Lane on Flinders Street, a colourful Instagrammable street full of street art by the local artists. If you're lucky, you might even catch an artist in action! Although it is not uncommon to see street wall art in Melbourne, the work on this particular street is actually quite commendable!

Hosier Lane Street Art

In the afternoon, you can head to St Kilda Beach, a popular beach suburb located 20 min away from CBD. You can catch tram 96 (direction St Kilda Beach) from Southern Cross Station or Bourke Street. Although you're unlikely to see them before sunset, the beach is popular for the penguin colony that can be often seen here. You can enjoy a scenic ferry ride from St Kilda Pier, rent a paddleboard, or simply sunbathe here, and sipping on a cocktail in one of the beach restaurants on a hot day may not be a bad idea. Republica, in particular, has a fantastic collection of hot and cold drinks, a patio seating with great views and spectacular snacking and food options. If you're at St Kilda on a Sunday, do explore the Esplanade Sunday Market, with pop-up stalls of handcrafted goods, jewellery, wood carvings and souvenirs.

St Kilda Beach

Head back to CBD towards Federation Square, a popular hub for literature, arts and crafts enthusiasts. This is also the place where a lot of events take place usually during the weekend. You're likely to find this place very buzzing during the evenings, with the restaurants and bars swarming with people. What I personally enjoyed the most, however, was heading down towards the Yarra River, a great place to take a walk along it or simply sit in one of the riverside bars for a quick drink. Arbory Bar and Eatery was my favourite place; the ambience, the view, the menu and the music were all great.

Yarra River Boardwalk

Recommended budget place to stay in Melbourne CBD: Riverside Apartments Melbourne

Day 2: Drive the Great Ocean Road

The main reason why I included Melbourne in my Australia itinerary was for this iconic drive and the famous 12 Apostles. Most people do this as a day trip, starting early in the morning and returning to Melbourne by night. However, my recommendation would be to do this drive at leisure, with ample towns to stop at on the way and scenic spots to be explored. Returning to Melbourne on the same day can make the trip rushed and it doesn't do justice to the beauty of the places en-route. I decided to stay overnight in a cosy and cute town called Warrnambool, which is an hour ahead of the last tourist spot on the Great Ocean Road. And I am glad I did!

Click here to rent-a-car in Australia.

Great Ocean Road

Firstly, it's best to rent a car and drive this route by yourself. Start early from Melbourne, and stop along the way in cities and towns that have various experiences or scenic spots to enjoy. The best part of the drive is, several breathtaking viewpoints are clearly marked out on the road, giving you enough heads-up to get ready to stop your car, park and take pictures. The entire drive is not coastal, although it sounds like it would be. Most of the road was carved from the rocky cliff faces and steep coastal mountains and runs either along the coast or amidst urban forests. Nevertheless, the drive is pleasurable and it's best to take it at an easy pace.

Suggested route & stops:

Torquay (1 hr 20 min)

Famous for Bells Beach which is a surfers' paradise, Torquay also makes for a great stop to enjoy a sumptuous breakfast with sea views. A laid back town meant for outdoor enthusiasts who love water sports, biking and hiking, Torquay is the home of Rip Curl and Quicksilver brands. It also comes along at the perfect point during the journey, after an hour and a half of starting from Melbourne. I found a really nice place for breakfast called The Pond Cafe. Torquay is also from where the Great Ocean Road begins.

Torquay, Great Ocean Road

Lorne (50 min)

About 45 km ahead of Torquay is yet another coastal haven called Lorne. Lorne is home to several waterfalls, bush walks, dense forests and white sandy beaches. Lorne Main Beach is a photographer's paradise. With miles of sandy shores dotted with rocks and not too many people to be seen, Lorne Main Beach is quiet and untouched. A short scenic stop here is highly recommended. High above the beach is Teddy's Lookout, a popular viewpoint that offers insanely gorgeous views of the unending deep blue waters of the ocean.

Lorne Main Beach

Lorne Main Beach

Apollo Bay (45 min)

Yet another 45 min ahead of Lorne is Apollo Bay which comes at the right time during the journey. Apollo Bay is a haven for seafood lovers, with restaurants offering fresh catch of the day and local wines to go with them. Chris's Restaurant, although a little high end, offers some of the best fresh seafood available and a wide selection of grapes. If you're lucky, you might also spot koalas in the wild here. A leisurely along the Grey River Road (1 km return, easy walk) promises a view of sleeping koalas in the trees.


Cape Otway Lighthouse (40 min)

I have a thing for lighthouses, they look so majestic perched on cliffs with the blue seas in the backdrop. This one, unlike many others, allows guests to access the balcony of the light station which offers spectacular views of the ocean. While driving towards the lighthouse, you will cross Bimby Park, yet another place known for spotting koalas in the wild. There is also a cafe at the lighthouse, serving light snacks and beverages until evening hours.

Drive to Warrnambool (2 hours)Melbourne

Recommended centrally located budget place to stay in Warrnambool: Mahogany Motel

Day 3: Return to Melbourne via Bay of Islands & 12 Apostles

Bay of Islands (40 min)

A short drive from Warrnambool towards 12 Apostles requires for a short stop at the viewing platform of Bay of Islands. From here, you can enjoy spectacular views of the limestone rocks that dot the blue ocean, with the waves splashing against their rugged surface. There are two viewing platforms here, hardly a 150-m walk from the car park, so you won't need much time. Just enjoy the stunning views, take a few pictures and move along!

Bay of Islands

Loch Ard Gorge, 12 Apostles & Gibson's Steps (25 min)

As you near 12 Apostles, there are 3 spots next to each other that deserve your attention. Loch Ard Gorge, a popular stop point just 5 min before 12 Apostles, is an inlet with two large yellow-faced cliffs surrounding it. Not only is this a picturesque storybook place, but the story behind its name is also quite interesting too. A ship called Loch Ard was wrecked in a nearby island long ago and only two survivors from it were washed ashore to the gorge, from where they signalled for help and found their way out. If you wish to explore the area more and view interesting cliff formations, you can choose a walking trail such as the Wreck of the Loch Ard which takes you from the viewpoint to the cemetery.

12 Apostles Viewing Point

The best time to visit 12 Apostles is during the day, as you'll be privy to the bluest of waters, endless ocean views and the famous rock formations standing magnificently amidst the sea. Undoubtedly, this is the highlight of the Great Ocean Drive and you'll need to visit it to know why! No amount of pictures or words can do justice to the breathtaking beauty and splendour of this place. Created by constant erosion of the limestone cliffs since 20 million years ago, the stormy ocean and strong winds gradually eroded the softer limestone, at first forming caves in the cliffs and then arches, finally leaving collapsed rock stacks up to 45 metres high isolated from the shore. If you ever see yourself questioning the power of nature, a visit to places like this one can provide enough proof.

12 Apostles

12 Apostles

Should you wish to go down to the beach, only 2 min ahead of 12 Apostles viewing area are the Gibson's Steps. You will feel like a dwarf when you take these 86 steps, carved into the rocky surface by a man called Gibson, down to the sandy beach, surrounded by the large limestone cliffs.


Back to Melbourne (2 hrs 45 min)

On your back to Melbourne, you can take the inner highway rather than the Great Ocean Road. Once back in Melbourne, if you still have time, head to The Shrine of Remembrance, a memorial for those who died in various global conflicts throughout the nation's history, including WW I and II. Climb to the rooftop to enjoy unobstructed views of the gardens surrounding the shrine and the skyline of Melbourne in the backdrop.

View from the terrace of Shrine of Remembrance

If you're a fan of skyline views, Eureka Skydeck on the 88th floor is the highest viewing platform in the city and also the southern hemisphere of Australia. The panoramic views of Melbourne from The Edge, a switchable glass cube which slides out from the building, with you inside, are priceless.

If you're a fan of rooftop and terrace bars, The Rooftop Bar on Swanston Street in a great one. I loved their concoctions and the vibe, although you cannot expect much of a view. The music is great and if you're not too fussy about food, some burgers are available to go with your drinks.

At night, you can visit Southbank, an area that stretches along the Yarra River towards its south, across the bridge on Elizabeth St. It is a lively precinct with entertainment, restaurants, live performances, trendy cafes and hotels, and even a casino!

View of Yarra and Melbourne Skyline from Southbank

Recommended centrally located hotel to stay in Melbourne CBD: YTI Garden Hotel

Day 4: Wine tasting at Yarra Valley or Penguin parade at Phillip Island

Unfortunately, I had only 3 days in Melbourne. However, I highly recommend that you spend another day here only so that you can take a day trip to some really unique places, not too far from the city.

If you're a fan of green mountains, rainforests and wineries. a trip to Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges is something you're sure to enjoy. An early morning Hot-air Balloon Tour is a fantastic way to enjoy a bird's eye view of the valley and its sprawling vineyards. De Bortoli Yarra Valley Estate is known to be a popular choice for the locals to taste some great local wines and pair them with authentic Australian food. And a tour in the Puffing Billy Steam Railway that runs through the rainforests in the Dandenong Ranges is bound to be an iconic experience. Yarra Valley is about a 1-hour drive from Melbourne and is sure to make for a great day trip amidst nature and greenery, with a touch of elegance with a gourmet sojourn in a winery.

Alternatively, another unique experience that's not too far from Melbourne is Phillip Island. A 90-minute drive from the city brings you to this little piece of coastal heaven which is famous for its penguins and fur seals. There are several guided and self-guided tour options available for the Penguin Parade, that takes place at sunset. Click here for more information.

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  1. Wow, I will surely be visiting Melbourne If I get the chance to visit soon. I’m glad that your 4 day trip to Melbourne has given you a chance to flirt at its innate beauty and everything that it has to offer. The St Kilda Beach, and the 12 Apostles are something I shouldn’t miss If I traipse my feet in Melbourne soon.

  2. Melbourne looks so cool! I’ve visited Sydney a couple of times but everyone says how different Melbourne is from Sydney. How was the coffee there? I’ve heard it’s super good.

  3. I will be in Melbourne next year and have also heard mixed reviews about the city itself. However, I have also heard amazing things about the drive and the penguin parade. Will definitely try to include those in my itinerary.

    1. There’s no harm in spending a day exploring the city itself, there are some really good things to see (like the street art) but the day trips are definitely the better part.

  4. I love your honest, down-to-earth review of your time here! The city looks fun but those day trips look exactly like the kind of thing I’d be into. The 12 Apostles does look stunning, but I believe you when you say the photos don’t do it justice. It looks like a place you have to go in person to really experience. Kangaroo, crocodile, and emu burgers also sound very interesting 🙂

  5. I’ve eyed Melbourne as a potential destination for some time, so this advice is helpful because I would have probably stayed a week or two in Melbourne proper and not known about the various day trips. Your pictures of the Great Ocean Road are lovely, and I’d enjoy the 12 Apostles and Gibson’s Steps. I absolutely love markets, so the Queen Victoria Market looks right up my alley, and I’d definitely make a trip to the Yarra Valley. And penguins?! Yay! Thank you for providing such a well-organized and useful itinerary!

  6. Sounds like the amazing things you find in Australia outweigh the bad, by far. Your pictures are stunning. I hesitate to travel to Australia because the flight is so long. I will get there when the kids get a little older. This is a great thorough post that would convince anyone to consider traveling here.

    1. I know, the distance is the biggest disadvantage. And the price of flying there too (I flew from Dubai and paid a bomb for the flight ticket), but if there’s anything that I am happy spending my hard earned money on, it’s travel! I am sure it’s not very convenient with little kids though, the long journey.

  7. I am currently planning my trip to Sydney and Melbourne. I am excited to see the beautiful street arts in Melbourne. It is definitely one of the things I look forward to 🙂 I am not really a beach type of person but I am sure that I will enjoy my trip

    1. Even if you’re not a beach person, I’m sure you’ll appreciate the coastal views on the Great Ocean Road drive.

  8. I actually loved Melbourne the most of all the Australian cities I visited. But I am a sucker for vibrant street art.

  9. Melbourne looks really amazing trough your eyes, I must admit! 😀
    My vision about Australia and my dream is to travel there for at least 3 month or to manage to live there for some time and explore every corner of the country. Still, I didn’t make my decision, but looking at these photos and everything, ohhh you made me to go right now! Thank you for that!

    1. That’d be great, 3 months sound like the perfect amount of time to explore Australia!

  10. I am not a beach person so the coastline won’t be of my interest if I visit Melbourne but the street art scene looks lit and something I would like to observe up close. I dunno when my desires to explore Australia will come to life but this post really ignited a desire to visit this country soon.

    1. I would still recommend you to do the Great Ocean Road drive, just for the views, they’re breathtaking!

  11. I’ve always wanted to drive the Great Ocean Road, so it’s good to know Melbourne makes a good base for that. I also love finding street art, so I’d be down with spending a day photographing all the art! I loved your photo of the Yarra River Boardwalk; I would really enjoy taking that in, too.

  12. I love Melbourne. Its an easy flight from Wellington and a great shopping destination. I love how the city has changed so much with all the street art and cafes.

  13. That’s a great eye-opening post. I had no idea about the drunk people in Melbourne. However, the day trips would still make me go there. Australia is in my list for quite sometime. I would not like to miss Melbourne, hence I will visit it for sure. The artsy streets, the beaches, the lighthouses – I want to make memories to all these places.

    1. Of course, you should go 🙂 The city itself isn’t bad either, although there isn’t a lot to do. You can, however, easily spend a day exploring it before you head out!

  14. I think I am convinced that I will like to go to Melbourne for I would I like to see and get a feel about it. Street Art is definitely on my mind, there are so many beaches too. The drive around Great Ocean Road, for the 12 Apostles and now that you have suggested Torquay and Lorne, too.

  15. Oh wow Melbourne seems to have it all so I definitely vote “to go”! Vibrant street art, awesome road trip opportunities, stellar views and overall an amazing culture…I thoroughly enjoyed this virtual tour and I can’t wait to experience it all myself!

  16. I lived in Melbourne for a year and I can visualize right now the whole beautiful atmosphere while reading your post. Great Ocean Road and Yarra Valley day trips were my favorites. I used to reside near the banks of Yarra River and therefore its boardwalk would be my regular evening and morning walk. Your post is very nostalgic for me. Revived my all good memories associated with this beautiful city – Melbourne.

    1. That’s good to know. I’m sure there’s a lot more around Melbourne that you would have explored, considering you were there for a year!

  17. Fantastic colors! It’s so wonderful there from what I see. I have my new travel dream…

  18. I heard a lot of different opinions about Melbourne and I guess one will never know until they visit because a lot of people share different experiences from the city. Personally, I like Melbourne and I think it’s a great base point for taking some amazing one-day trips and indulging in other interesting activities. I’m glad to hear you had such a nice time over there and thank you for sharing your experience.

  19. I have never been to Australia though it is very much on my list. And I hope to make it there some day. I have tonnes of friends living in Melbourne and I would love to visit the city. And you are right. Those day trips are just too tempting to miss. I was never aware of the drunken and stoned people there, though. Maybe something I need to check out before making my travel plans.

  20. What a bummer your experience of Melbourne wasn’t ideal but glad that you didn’t let it sour you on the city. I enjoyed my visit to the city. Love your 12 Apostle shots, I wasn’t able to make it out there when I visited.

  21. Even though it’s touristy I would go for sure. The great ocean road looks like quite a road trip! I’m always up for a new adventure so I think I would try the kangaroo meat.

  22. Wow, I think that finding stoned and drunk people lying in the street would be a huge turn-off for me, but hopefully not something that would kill a trip for me. Hopefully it was just around that area…? I do love street art and want to check out Hosier Lane when I visit (whenever I can get there). I’m also a sucker for a great road trip, so driving the Great Ocean Road has been on my bucket list for quite some time!

    1. Thankfully it was only in one area and there was not a LOT of them, only some 🙂 Didn’t spoil the trip for me, though it was a turn-off. But I loved driving the Great Ocean Road!

  23. I definitely agree that Melbourne is a great base for doing other activities like St Kilda (fun and quirky!), Great Ocean Road (a must) and the Penguin Parade (so cute!). But I did like the vibe and atmosphere of the city and don’t remember seeing many drunk and stoned people around…this was five years ago though…maybe things have changed!

    1. The vibe is good, no doubt (in most parts anyway) but I cannot spend more than a day in a place like that. I always prefer to be out and about, exploring the outdoors.

  24. I have head conflicting things about Melbourne. However, I must say that these are completely different images than I am used to. Some of these frames remind me of Europe rather than Australia!

  25. It’s the Great Ocean Road that I really want to travel. I’ve seen the most amazing pictures (like yours too), and that’s put Melbourne on my bucket list for sure. Good to know I should wait till April or May to visit!

    1. Unless you don’t mind the heat! It seems like the summer is extending everywhere these days. March is supposed to be fall but it was still super hot in Melbourne.

  26. Its been about 10 years since I was in Melbourne. It is such a cool little city with a great coffee culture and amazing street art. And then beaches like St Kilda. So cool

  27. Well I always wanted to visit Australia, but now I really want to check out Melbourne. I am glad the drunken idiots didn’t ruin your experience completely. It sounds like the area has some amazing things to do. The penguins would be top on our list of what to see in the area.

    1. Yarra Valley and Phillip Island make for fantastic day trips from Melbourne, after the Great Ocean Road. I’m sure you’ll love it when you go 🙂

  28. You got me at the Bay of Islands. Such incredible natural beauty, 12 Apostles as well. From your introduction, it sounds like the best thing to do is get out of Melbourne quickly and explore all the nearby attractions. I look forward to visiting Australia soon.

  29. I think I have made up my mind to go to Melbourne once for sure. The place is really instagrammable and your pictures speak for it. There are multiple options for day trips too and the pictures of the bay and 12 Apostles, they are just wow! I am surely gonna visit it soon.

  30. Oh, I would definitely want to go to Melbourne! Especially after seeing your beautiful pictures of the 12 Apostoles. The Shrine of Remembrance must be quite a place to visit too. I think you had a very good idea to spend the night in Melbourne so that you don’t have to rush. I love how Southbank area looks at night.

    1. Night at Warrnambool you mean 😉 Yeah that was a brilliant idea. I spent the whole day making stops at several places on the Great Ocean Road. Would have hated to rush that gorgeous drive.

  31. I haven’t visited Melbourne for a long time and was shocked to hear that you saw lots of drunken/stoned people lying on the roadside and pissing on the streets in broad daylight! That’s not good. I hope they clean that up as Melbourne is a beautiful city.

    1. I was shocked myself. Didn’t expect it from Melbourne. I told about my experience to some people who live there as well and they were surprised too!

  32. So many things to see and do in and around Melbourne. I think I would love the Great Ocean Road drive so much. Seriously, so much beauty. The beaches looked to have waves. Are they rough or can you swim if you decide to stop for a bit? I love lighthouses too, so I would stop there for sure. Street art and the Queen Victoria Market would be great and of course the penguins. I think the question should be, “Why wouldn’t you go to Melbourne?”

    1. There are so many beaches on the Great Ocean Road drive, you can always stop at one and go for a swim!

  33. I love how you framed this itinerary. I love to see the hidden gems in countries, so I sometimes skip over the bustling cities. Melbourne is the perfect base, which is great for a backpacker like myself. I think the city is eclectic enough as well, such as the quirky street art! I’ll definitely plan to stay in April or May.

  34. I would go to Melbourne just to drive the Great Ocean Road. I loved PCH to Big Sur in California and can’t wait to experience this epic road for myself. The 12 apostles are simply magnificent.

    1. That was the key reason why I went to Melbourne. I have been seeing pictures of 12 Apostles for over a decade and dying to get there so it was sort of given that I was going to have to make it there while in Australia.

  35. I love how honest your views are of the place. Glad you added Melbourne in your Australia Trip though, else we wouldn’t have gotten this brilliant itinerary! Warrnambool seems charming and definitely worth the stay over – totally gonna do the coastal drive slowly by exploring the towns along the way. 😀

    1. Some people make it back to Melbourne at the end of the day and that probably doesn’t give them enough time to spend in the towns on the way. You can spend even 3 days on the Great Ocean Road, if you plan to stay overnight in some of the smaller towns. There’s a lot to do, so many waterfalls, hikes and rain forests on the way.

  36. Oh dear, sounds like your first impressions of Melbourne really wasn’t that good. Thanks for your honesty and tip to rather use the city as a base for day trips. I hope to drive the Great Ocean Road one day. Your photos are simply inspiring.

  37. Such a great itinerary. I visited Mebourne so long ago and didn’t see the street art, so I obviously need to go back! Would also love to check out the Esplanade Sunday Market and the Yarra Valley

  38. Those beaches are stunning! Was Melbourne crowded with a lot of tourists? Or mostly buzzy with locals? The Queen Victoria Market looks interesting and the street art, but I’m not a big fan of street drunks either so I don’t think I would want to hang around in the ‘city’ very long; the short road trips sound much more relaxing.

    1. It was crowded yes but not as much as Sydney I’d say! Spending 1 full day in the city was enough for me as well. I preferred going out and about, being on the road and experiencing those stunning sights.

  39. Melbourne does look spectacular with so many wonderful attractions and fantastic places to visit just outside of the city. I love all the different places to visit that fit my criteria of what makes a place worth visiting and definitely put this on the top of my must visit list.

  40. Your itinerary is perfect for our family who like to stop at small towns along the way. Places that most people preferred to skip. Look at your pictures! It proved that it was so worth it! By the way, I would like to try a kangaroo burger, too! Sounds intriguing!

    1. I love stopping at small towns, they’re quaint and pretty, and not very crowded like the big touristy cities.

  41. I’m also surprised that you saw so many drunk people in Melbourne too. However it does sound like the perfect base for exploring the surrounding regions. I had never thought to try kangaroo, emu or crocodile, but I always love trying the local delicacies!

  42. What a useful itinerary. I skipped Melbourne because I only had 2 weeks in Australia but would love to go back and visit the city as well as drive the Great Ocean Road.

  43. I’ve been wanting to visit Australia since quite some time now. A drive along Ocean Road and Yarra Valley Wines top my list of things to do. I didn’t know about the impeccable graffiti street. I’ll end up clicking a 1000pics here.

    1. There are quite a few streets with art there, but Hosier Lane stands out as the best 🙂

  44. Wonderful post – I love the day trips especially to Apollo Bay and the lighthouse. I cannot wait to use this guide when planning my trip to Australia.

  45. You have put together a great itinerary. I love the touristy spots of Queen Victoria Market and the Lanes in Melbourne. I could just sit and people watch in the lanes all day long over one of the many great coffees from the cafes there. My favourite wine area is Yarra Valley. Aaah Melbourne, so many memories.

    1. I wish I had made it to Yarra Valley, was so disappointed that I couldn’t.

  46. Wow Medha what an adventure you had in Melbourne! I’ve still not made it that far around the world and would love to go! Great tip about the heat out there, now I feel more prepared. Those drives look so dreamy and peaceful too; I’d like to try a few when I eventually get there. I’m not sure about kangaroo meat, maybe I’ll change my mind when I’m there!

    1. Kangaroo meat is one of those things you’ve got to try when in Australia, Lisa 🙂 It wasn’t bad at all.

  47. Your pictures are really making me want to plan another trip down under. I loved the road trip on Great Ocean Road but wished I had stayed longer. Hopefully next year.

  48. Quite an eye opening read for sure! We’re thinking of staying in Australia for a few months as I am able to take a sabbatical from work and I know nearly nothing about Melbourne. I’m shocked about as you mention the drunk people passed out and pissing everywhere! Also, we always thought we’d visit in the summer to experience the good weather, but anywhere TOO hot makes me so miserable, so I’m thankful that you through the information regarding feeling like you’re being cooked in the post! It’s good to know that the day trips are the highlights of being in Melbourne, and the day trips definitely look more like what I expected from Melbourne!

    1. The heat took away half the fun of exploring, it just makes you tired so easily and its never pleasant to feel like you’re being cooked! It did begin to cool down a week or two after I left, so my guess it by the end of March and early April, the weather would be amazing!

  49. I think I would be turned off by all the drunken/stoned people too. I don’t know that much about Melbourne, but I never heard that before. I would love to visit all those beautiful blue beaches! Good to know about what time of year to visit.

  50. I have only been to Melbourne once for work and would love to visit again so I can fully experience the city. I believe I was staying downtown (it’s been a while) and I didn’t see any drunken/stoned people and am glad I didn’t see any. That can certainly be an unpleasant sight as a tourist. I’d love to drive the Great Ocean Road.

    1. Driving the Great Ocean Road was a great experience, you absolutely must do it!

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