10 things in Prague you will fall in love with

Prague is a town that comes alive with vibrancy; the liveliness that runs within the pulse of the ancient city is palpable, bringing together the chic with the medieval in a very classy form. Walking through the city and enjoying its Renaissance architecture while taking a break to sip on a glass of wine at one of the patio cafes or chugging down a beer at the famous beer halls is what a vacation in Prague is all about. Here are 10 things in Prague that you will fall totally in love with. The best part is - the most interesting and fascinating places can be walked to, from the Old Town. So gear up, put on your most comfortable walking shoes and get ready to experience some amazing sights.

#1 Old Town Square

Probably the most charming part of this city is the Old Town. Picture this – narrow cobbled stone streets lined with alfresco restaurants and cafes, live music and entertainers creating their magic, horse-drawn carriages in the background of gothic churches and ancient buildings with no vehicles but only people; and lots of them!

The historical square is also where you can view the astronomical clock. This is an iconic landmark because of the 12 wooden apostles that pass by the window above the dial and other sculptures also move harmoniously in the clock. Every day, thousands of people gather around waiting for the clock to strike. If that is not enough entertainment for you, live instrument players and singers will definitely steal your interest at this popular square. The area also becomes beautifully lit at night, especially with the incredible Rococo Kinsky Palace, the Gothic Tyn Cathedral, and the Baroque St. Nicholas Church.

#2 Sunset at Charles Bridge

This 14th-century bridge has been featured in many movies because of how gorgeous it is! A simple walk across this bridge will be one of the best things you will do in Prague - be it any time of day. Capturing the sunrise here has been one of my dreams which I am yet to fulfill. However, the sunsets are equally spectacular.

With the sky turning pink and the Vltava river below reflecting the lovely colours, as boats sail across in the background of the Prague Castle, the scene is one you'll never forget. The statues on the pillars add to the brilliance of the architecture of this bridge, which is undoubtedly one of the prettiest in the world.

#3 View from The Old Town Bridge Tower

This tower is the gateway to the Charles Bridge. For super views, climb 138 stairs inside the tower to the top and you will be rewarded with a birds-eye-view of the surrounding landmarks such Church of St. Nicholas with its green copper dome and the Old Town on one side, the Lesser Town or Mala Strana on the other, and the Charles Bridge, Vltava River and Prague Castle on the third side.

#4 The red rooftops of Mala Strana from the Prague Castle

Walk up to the Prague Castle and enter the grounds, free of charge. The views of Lesser Town or Mala Strana from here are absolutely breathtaking, with thousands of red rooftops laid out one after the other. Even on a cloudy day, the pictures we captured were so amazing!

The Castle, St Vitus Cathedral and Basilica of St George are all located within close proximity to each other; the area is known as Hradcany (the Castle District). Although entering the grounds of the castle is not chargeable, however, if you want to visit inside the castle and the other monuments, you can buy a combined entrance ticket.

#5 The very ancient (looking) St Vitus Cathedral

This is one of the oldest-looking buildings I have seen, owing to the blackened, aged walls of the cathedral. However, it is said that it is not really that old and was only completed in early 20th century. The architecture, however, is extremely fascinating.

#6 A walk up Petřín Hill

Although you can take a funicular ride up the hill from Mala Strana (Lesser Town), there is no fun like walking all the way up for rewarding panoramic views of the city from this green place. The walk to the top is quite pleasant and the landscaped gardens with benches to rest on, ice cream carts and playgrounds at the summit make for an enjoyable few hours to be spent while looking over the city and indulging in Prague photography from a vantage point.

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#7 A stroll across Lesser Town (Mala Strana)

Although I love the Old Town for its charming narrow cobbled strong streets and its medieval architecture, the Lesser Town, only a 5-minute walk from the Old Town, also has its own charm. Not as ancient as the Old Town but equally vibrant in its ambiance, with alfresco restaurants and cafes, wider streets and more modern buildings on its sides, Mala Strana is across the river from the Old Town and boasts of shops, bars and cafes on the riverside with fantastic views of the Charles Bridge.

#8 Chug down a beer at one of the Beer Halls

Beer aficionados! This one is for you - Prague claims to have some of the best beers in Europe and the beer halls usually have more than 20 types on tap. The most popular ones are U Medvidku and U Vejvodu. These large areas with hundreds of people chugging down beer are unique and deserve a visit if you're in Prague.

#9 Nightlife at Wenceslas Square, New Town or Zizkov District

If you happen to be in Prague on a weekend, do not expect to sleep at night! The city rocks with its nightclubs, bars and strip clubs that stay open all through the night until wee hours of the morning. A very vibrant place not just during the day but also during the night is the Wenceslas Square, where you'll find most of the nightclubs and strip clubs. If you're looking particularly for a good strip club, Goldfingers Prague is one you might want to visit (free entry, only drinks are chargeable). Wenceslas Square is a part of the New Town and hardly a 5-minute walk from the Old Town.

Another area known for its nightlife is Zizkov Square. There are pubs every few square meters and some hidden in basements even! It is a great place to explore, during the day as much as during the night.

#10 Stay in an inexpensive Boutique Hotel

Staying in the heart of The Old Town has its pros and cons - the nights can get very noisy because people are out on the streets until 5 am. However, there is fun only if you can be at the center of the action! Although staying in the Old Town can be a little expensive, it might be worth shelling out a few extra pennies for some cozy and cute boutique hotels.  We stayed at one such hotel Prague Boutique Residence, with absolutely lovely interiors and in the heart of the Old Town. The best part? It costs just about USD 120 a night!

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  1. Prague is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. I was lucky going there last year in summer between two covid waves. Therefore, the city was relatively empty – because I think the crowds are a big downside. I was actually able to take pix of the Charles Bridge with a handful of people. The famous Jewish quarter was basically empty. Also, I had the opportunity to discover some of the more hidden spots like the old mansions.

  2. We visited Prague this year and found many things to fall in love with. It was so good that you got to see the Astronomical Clock. It was being repaired when we visited. It was good to read about the nightlife in the Wenceslas and Zizkov Squares. We missed most of the nightlife of Prague.

  3. Happy you love my country, what a pitty there is only story from Prague here, Czech Republic has so many beautiful places to visit, which I personally like much more than Prague…

  4. Prague is such a gorgeous city. i spent a few days last year there and can’t wait to back again in July thsi year. The city has so much to offer. One thing that i would add to the list is following the footsteps of Kafka and other literary giants.

    1. Thank you for the recommendations Archana. It really is a lovely city and I’m going to have to return one day too, seems like I just haven’t seen it enough 🙂

  5. Totally agree that Prague is an incredible city – I personally LOVE the Old Town. So much incredible architecture to take in and see. The red rooftops of Mala Strana from the Prague Castle was another highlight – and when I visited at 18 I did very much enjoy the nightlife scene! Probably has to be among the best in Europe.

  6. Prague’s astronomical clock intrigues me. Well, many things about Prague intrigued me. Unfortunately, I haven’t experienced the sunset at Charles Bridge. But I have gulped down a beer after some serious sightseeing. The Prague Boutique Residence sounds like a great place to retire to.

    1. I loved the hotel. Although it is small and cosy, the interiors are really cool and the location is just about perfect! And it’s a budget choice 🙂

  7. I’ve heard, countless times, that Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to visit until now, but your photos and suggestions have definitely convinced me to book a ticket. I would love to take that walk up Petřín Hill.

    1. Out of all the cities I’ve been to in Europe, Prague definitely stands somewhere near the top of the list!

  8. Prague is a city that has that typical old world charm. A look and feel which takes you back to another time when life was not that hurried. The charming city has been on our list, and we even planned an East Europe itinerary with the starting point as Prague, but unfortunately, our itinerary is yet to see the light of day. Hope to get there soon and your post is going to stand us in good stead.

  9. In general I am intrigued by Prague and every post on it makes me want to get there sooner. From your list, I think I could not think beyond the first point of the Town Square where you described the ancient astronomical clock. It had me curious that I actually tried looking up for a video of it. Must be quite a sight.

  10. I’ve not been to Prague but I bet with all these 10 things you’ve listed about the city, I’m in love with it. The Charles bridge, I know of but the sunset view of it, I can imagine how it feels. And the boutique hotel seems like a nice idea too. There’s no dull time in Prague.

    1. Oh yeah, it’s such a vibrant city! I wish I could have woken up early to get some amazing shots of the sunrise at Charles bridge too.

  11. We’re packing for Prague and after reading your article I’m even more excited to go! I think we’ll also enjoy a walk up the Petrin Hill, especially if the gardens are that nice!

  12. We stayed in Prague for 10 days and everyday, we found fascinating places to explore. This city is a marvel and full of so much eye-candy. We did some great walking tours on food and architecture too. Just admiring the streets and their buildings is an activity in itself.

  13. I love the architecture of the cities in Europe and Prague looks like it would not disappoint. Interesting to see that they were still building gothic cathedrals in the 20th Century. I can just imaging walking down the cobbled streets of Prague. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Prague is amazing. Apart from the architecture, which can be captured in pictures, what can’t be captured is the amazing vibe!

  14. Prague is a very special place, it has so much character to it and so much vibrancy. I used to live in a town just outside of Prague called Pardubice and we used to head to Prague every weekend. I miss just walking around the old town by day, sitting by the river in the evening and having a beer watching the sun go down and of course at night is when Prague really comes alive. Ahh the memories. 😀

  15. Great post! I love Prague; Charles Bridge and Old Town are also my favorite. Glad you had a blast! 🙂

  16. Beautiful pictures to go with your wonderfully helpful article! I really enjoyed this read and found it very interesting. The cathedral looks stunning

  17. Gorgeous photos! I love that you captured Prague at different times of the day too. I’ve never been there, but now you’ve convinced me to put it at the top of my travel list!

  18. All these sunsets pics are epic..loved it…i visited Prague few year back but did not cover so many things..looks like need to revisit. Waht was your fav place in Prague?

  19. I can’t believe I still haven’t been to Prague it’s absolutely incredible! I can’t wait to visit old town and all the castles and cathedrals, and I definitely want to be able to watch the sunset, those pictures are so beautiful! Do you think that it’s still a good idea to go in the winter?

    1. Well, it will be freezing in winter but I’ve seen some beautiful pictures with snow. However, the vibe that you have in summer will certainly not be there in the winter and in my opinion, that vibe should not be missed!

  20. Nice summary, Medha! Though I usually dislike big cities, Prague sure is an exception. I’ve been there now… 4? 5? times? Not really sure 😀 Last time I visited my cousin who had a semester abroad there. A really beautiful city full of nice picturesque corners. You seem to discover something new everytime you visit this city – bars located in old wine cellars leading to other bars in catacombs…and old bunkers… And if you look for some other sort of entertainment during the evening there are many escape room games (renting apartments in the Czech Republic is cheap, so running such games is easy and way cheaper than in other countries) – the folks running those put much effort in those 🙂 And the Strudel! Don’t forget the PRAGUE STRUDEL! DELICIOUS STRUDEL!!!

    1. Oh yes, the strudel is really superb! And thanks for adding rest of the tips, I didn’t know about the escape room games! Interesting 🙂

  21. I truly agree with you as Prague is my most favorite place in Europe. I love to walk also the rustic streets of Prague and view of red roofs from top of hill is amazing. Your post revived my memories of beautiful Prague.

  22. Wow! Have always been told that Prague is a beautiful city to go and your photos really testify to that. The architectures and the skies looked straight out of a fairytale. Time to start planning a trip there!?

  23. Prague is a must-to-do in my list. It’s been long and now I am sure I have to do it soon. Your blog was lovely. You nicely articulated the topmost things to do in Prague. And yes, I loved that dress!

  24. Looks like you had stunning weather, that sunset is gorgeous. When we went it was drizzling but we loved the city so much we are planning a return. I will follow your advice and walk up Petrin Hill next time

    1. It is one of the most lovely sunsets I’ve managed to catch until now! Sorry that you had bad weather, better luck next time!

  25. Wow. Another great post.
    You know something I genuinely like about your travel and blogs is that wherever you go, you change your appearance according to the vibe of that place. Really nice.

  26. I loved Prague so much! Your pictures are lovely. Going to the Charles Bridge for sunset and sunrise is wonderful, sunrise usually has less crowds.

    1. Yes, sunrise has much lesser crowds and will get some amazing pictures, I am sure. If only I could make myself rise early 😀

  27. Prague is such a beautiful city, and you’ve taken some amazing pictures Medha! I visited the Czech capital back in January last year, but it was freezing cold and very damp, so my photos make the place seem a lot more bleak than yours. I still had a fantastic time there though! x

    1. I’ve seen some winter pictures of Prague, Becca, and what appeals to me in those pictures is how empty, isolated the place is! Charles bridge clicked during sunset in winter is so pretty as compared to the over-crowded pictures of summer. Ha ha. Having said that, the crowd is what adds to the vibe of the city and I’m pretty sure that only happens in summer 🙂

  28. Till I read your reviews, Prague was much low in my bucket list. I think I have to move it many notches up now. Looks such a beautiful and charming city.

  29. Prague has always been high on my list of places I want to visit but still haven’t had the chance to. Although I’ve only seen it in pictures, I think I would fall in love with St. Vitus Cathedral!

    Prague definitely looks like a combination of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. <3

  30. This photography is gorgeous and I’ve heard great things about Prague. However, I’ve also read that it’s pretty overrun with tourism. Was this your experience while you were there or not?

    1. Thanks 🙂 Well, yes it is but I guess I’m sort of used to that, living in a city that is also overrun with tourism (Dubai). I don’t really mind it, I actually enjoy the crowds, the liveliness and the great mix of people from all around the world as long as you don’t end up standing in massive queues for things. I didn’t really face any problem in that aspect 🙂

  31. That sunset from Charles Bridge is just stunning! How lucky you are to have caught this colourful moment! I can only imagine how good the beer was too, it’s supposed to be one of the best!

  32. Such a pleasure to read your blog, Medha! You know how to capture the essence of a place with words and snapshots alike. Lovely!

  33. Totally agree that Prague is one of the most Pulsating lace in Europe. Fabulous beer at V Kolkovne. Don’t miss their roast duck. U Prince Terrace restaurant opp A clock and V Zatisi, the Michelin star Restaurant. Bonanza for beer and wine lovers as also foodies

  34. hey medha….a great and an informative read…can u suggest some gud places to visit in europe in the month of november….its our anniversary and we want to celebrate in some beautiful location…thanks…

    1. November can get a bit cold in most places in Europe 🙂 However, if you don’t mind the cold weather, Greece and Croatia are great options! Don’t expect to swim in the lovely beaches though, haha. Even Prague is a great city! Depends on what your interests are – landscape, history, culture or city life? On a different note, Dubai is an amazing place to visit in November 😉

  35. The pink sunset looks beauuutiful! I recently visited Vienna and wanted to see Prague but we didn’t have enough time. Thank you for the post, will help me plan a trip to Prague soon….

    1. Prague is absolutely amazing! The vibe, the old town charm, cobbled stone streets and of course, the sunrise as well as sunset at Charles Bridge. You must go!

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