6 best theme parks to visit in the US

This is a guest post by Kimberly Powell, a theme park enthusiast who loves sharing her experiences and advice for those traveling to the theme parks in the United States.

You may have found thousands of reviews for different attraction points in the U.S. But, when it comes to making the final plan for your trip, things get confusing. If you have been searching for theme parks near me for quite a long while, we rest you assure that you will be mesmerized to know what is ahead of you.

Finding the best location is a bit daunting for those who love to enjoy their weekends or vacations at amusement parks. More often, people are not completely sure about the place they are about to visit. People spend hundreds and thousands, and later, they are only left with an unsatisfied mindset. Therefore, to save you from all that hassle, we have prepared a list of top 6 places that can certainly be your next vacation destinations. These amusement parks are some of the most visited. The good thing about them is that they not only offer rides but are a complete fun package.

Magic Kingdom Park

With an ambiance full of classic scenes, friendly attractions, beloved Disney characters, and top-of-the-art Cinderella's Castle right at the center of all, Magic kingdom Park offers a lot to its visitors. It’s of no surprise to regard Magic Kingdom Park as the best place where you can make memories and enjoy your vacation to their fullest. You will find a lovely and attractive Disney World Resort that is claimed as the number one spot in the area. To add a bit of crispiness, you will be shocked to know that Magic Kingdom theme park was one of the most visited parks in 2020. If you love classy rides and want to get thrilled by the mesmerizing environment, your search for theme park near me should meet here!

Dollywood Theme Park

You will find Dollywood theme park nestled between the Great Smoky Mountains of National Park.  It will take you about an hour in Knoxville to reach you at this extraordinary place. The national park’s proximity and accessibility from the southeast U.S. make this location the most-visited national every year.

More than eleven million people visit this destination annually. Well, what is so exciting about this place? When you hear about theme parks, all your mind can perceive are the rides! However, things are not the same when you visit Dollywood. Built-in between the Great Smoky Mountains in 2018, this place is truly great for park-lovers of all ages.

Whether you are planning a trip with your family or with your loved one, this location is primed to be your next vacation destination due to the perks it offers to its visitors.  Since the park is spread on huge landmarks, you can rent electric scooters to help yourself roam on-site without any hassle.  Apart from thrilling rides, this site offers great picturesque views that you certainly don't want to miss. Dollywood is a place that is destined to provide an enjoyable and safe experience to its visitors and therefore offers a "calming room." This luxury perk stands out and serves to be an overwhelming experience for those who suffer from sensory overload.

Moreover, you’ll get to see eight of the 11 different themed areas — Rivertown Junction, Timber Canyon, Show street, Craftsman’s Valley, Wilderness Pass, The Village, Jukebox Junction, and the Country Fair. All these mesmerizing ventures are there for you to enjoy historical eras and culture associated with East Tennessee.

Universal’s Islands of Adventure

A place that can offer you exciting and thrilling rides, the most exquisite adventure, and an environment that can make your vacation really worth it. Famous for its Harry Potter-themed land, Universal Islands of Orlando captures the attention of many visitors around the globe yearly. The most facilitating thing about Universal's Islands of Adventure at Universal Orlando is the beautiful resorts that make this place truly remarkable. Apart from rides and harry potter theme park, you get to admire a picturesque view of animated adventure. The "Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls” is one of the main attraction sites of this island.  Moreover, you will also find Popeye & Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges; these attraction sites can certainly add more fun and excitement to your overall journey.

Ahead for you is a long walk that you don’t want to miss while being there. Poseidon’s Fury, I an amazingly designed and innovative walk-through that allows you to explore an ancient Greek temple. Adding on, the Jurassic Park River Adventure will allow you to enjoy the true eminence of this place. With a lot of fun things to do, these islands can certainly be your next vacation destination.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

The Disney Animal Kingdom is marked as the newest venture that has turned out to be a perfect amusement park that Disney had been turning out for many years.  Animal Kingdom is a top-of-the-line architecture that took over a million dollars to complete. Being one of the most expensive theme parks in the U.S., that offers a myriad of rides and various other fun activities to its visitors. It is spread on 500 acres of land and is home to some 1,700 animals. The park represses 250 different species, for the reason of which it is visited annually by millions of animal lovers. Since the land is too huge to errand on foot, the management provided a ride on the Kilimanjaro Safari that will give you a chance to see many of them by carrying in a jeep through the African Savannah. If you are looking forward to admiring hundreds of different kinds of animal species, then certainly this could be your next vacation destination.

Universal Studios Florida

Imagine holding a wand like Harry Potter and casting spells, or playing the role of a mischievous Minion, or finding yourself in between Autobots and Decepticons. This could be you if you plan to visit Universal studio in Florida. With hundreds of movie characters to find, Universal Studios is a complete fun package for those who are very much into movies. The most thrilling experience at Universal Studios is to get in the middle of the action.  Fast & Furious Supercharged cars and props of other blockbuster films —all these exciting and thrilling adventures are waiting for you there. Moreover, this is not all that Universal studios offer to its visitors. You will also find a very terrifying and amazing roller coaster that reaches speeds of 65 mph. Additionally, you can also admire the wild tour of the Big Apple, or king at Race Through New York, Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Silver Dollar City

You will find Silver Dollar City situated in the center of Missouri's Ozark Mountains. It is an 1880s-style theme park having over 40 rides and attractions. Moreover, there are demonstrations from craftspeople that allow you to enjoy and admire live entertainment.

You can satisfy your adrenaline appetites by visiting this thrilling, exciting, and world's one of the most recognized theme parks in the U.S. You will find the world's fastest, tallest, and steepest roller coaster here at Silver Dollar City. The most thrilling aspect is that you find this roller coaster in the Guinness World Record book due to its degree drop.

Things don't end here, PowderKeg with its 0-to-53-mph launch, you can certainly forget your previous adventures. Reaching its max speed in just 2.8 seconds, it is a ride of thrill adventure and lots of fear. There are plenty of classic rides for the younger ones in the family. Rides at Half Dollar Holler, Fireman’s Landing, Frisco Silver Dollar Line Steam Train, and even The Grand Exposition provide countless hours of laughter and fun for younger adventurers.

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  1. Sound damn fun, I would love to visit Universal Studios for all the action, and try out the Guinness Record roller coaster ride in Silver Dollar City!

  2. Wow I only knew of Universal Studios in Florida. I was not aware of any other theme parks. There are so many of them. I love visiting theme parks and spending a day or two there with all the rides and the magic. I did wish to go to Universal Studios but now I will try to plan some of the others as well when I am in US next time.

  3. I visited Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Japan and totally love it, so it would be cool to go to the one in Florida too. I also would love to visit Dollywood as well. Saw it on one of the TV programs and it’s great! 11 different themed areas sound like a fun and memorable day ahead with my boyfriend.

  4. Your list is exciting and very useful. I haven’t heard about some of those parks before. I would love to visit Magic Kingdom Park. As I plan to go to Great Smoky Mountains NP I add to my itinerary also Dollywood Theme Park. The Disney Animal Kingdom also seems perfect for me, as is home to some 1,700 animals.

  5. Wow, and I thought there were only Disneylands in the US. From this list, Dollywood sounds the most appealing to me because it’s not all about the rides. As I get older, I find that I get more nervous on roller coasters.

  6. I am a big roller coaster fan – so my top choice would be Silver Dollar City. But the other parks sound thrilling too. Actually I have been to none of the big US theme parks, but would definitely plan a few visits into some parks into a longer trip.

  7. We are big kids and love to visit theme parks. We have made it to many of these but have missed Dollywood on our U.S. travels. We would definitely look for an electric scooter to help us get around the big park and see all of the 11 different themed areas. And as roller coaster fans, we will need to plan a visit to Silver Dollar City for the world’s fastest, tallest and steepest one!

  8. When my boys were younger, they were mad on rollercoasters and theme parks, so we took them to the US several times to fulfil their fantasy. I am pleased to say we have been to the majority on this list and loved every minute we spent in them.

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