10 Things to Be Aware of Before Your First New York Helicopter Tour

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Sightseeing from the skies has become a popular trend in New York. There are many helicopter tour and charter options that you can find when Booking NYC Airport Helicopter Tours. But before booking, you need to be aware of a few things-

Why Take the Tour

With a helicopter tour, you get a unique view of some iconic sightseeing destinations, but you cannot expect it to satisfy your wish to get up close to the structures. When Booking NYC Airport Helicopter Tours, you must have a clear understanding of what to expect from the experience.

Book in Advance

Though there are many helicopter tour services, you need to book your flight in advance. As helicopter tours have become very popular, getting an empty slot on demand has become difficult. Booking NYC Airport Helicopter Tours must be done in advance to get the slot you want.

Choose the Right Tour

Booking NYC Airport Helicopter Tours can be cheap depending on the tour that you choose. From a 15-minute Liberty Tour to a 45-minute City Tour, the price of the tour can vary on the length of the trip. It is best to pay more for the longer tours since you might not be able to extend the tour after booking.

Where to Fly From

When Booking NYC Airport Helicopter Tours, you can ask for a hotel pick up and drop, a car will be sent to your hotel at an additional fee. If you do not want the extra expense, you can book the tour on the day that you land at NYC. Most of the tour providers have helicopters ready for tours at all the major NYC airports and heliports.

What to Carry

You must carry certain documents with you when you plan your flight. You need to have a photo ID proof along with the credit/debit card that you have used to book the flight. Without these items, you will not be allowed to take the flight. Apart from these documents, you can carry sunglasses, a small wallet, phones, iPad and hand-held cameras. You can wear jackets, scarves, and caps but you cannot take them off during the flight.

What You Cannot Take on Board

Anything that is not mentioned above cannot be carried on board. If you are carrying bags or any other items that are not permitted, then you can rent a locker at the airport for a fee.

Time Means Everything

Each of the flights is tightly scheduled so if you are late for your flight you may not make it to the skies. Similarly, if you feel like extending your tour, the liberty is not there. The flights have to stick to stipulated time to remain safe and on schedule.

How Safe Is It

You might be swayed to avoid the helicopter tours after reading about some media highlighted crashed. The tour providers take extreme precautions to ensure the safety of the passengers. From a safety briefing to emergency supplies on board, there are multiple layers of protection provided to the passengers. If you follow the safety instructions, you will have a safe flight.

Keep Your Ears Open and Eyes Peeled

While helicopters can be loud, you will be given noise-cancelling headsets to allow the tour to run smoothly. Never take the headsets off during the flight since you might miss out on a lot if you do so. Your pilot will keep talking to you during the flight to help you understand what you are looking at. Do not forget to take sunglasses since the sunlight can obscure your view.

Booking an NYC helicopter tour in advance can be the best way to get an exclusive view of the city.

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  1. Your post is amazing. Thank you so much for discussing with us. I agree with you and one that I like is that Sightseeing from the sky has become a popular trend, there are a number of helicopter tours and charter services that you can find, you get a unique view of some of the most famous sightseeing destinations.

  2. Amazing article! Agree with all your tips. Just to add to the list – tour timings are very important. It’s best to go for a helicopter tour in the early afternoon, as the sun is overhead and won’t caste long shadows. It’s a great time to get the best photographs.

  3. Even though I’m scared of heights, I think it would be really fun to go on a helicopter tour. I like how you mentioned that one should consider bringing jackets and sunglasses. Thanks for all the great helicopter tour tips.

  4. It’s great to know that this kind of ride is going to be safe just as long as we follow the briefing since they will be educating us first before anything else. With that in mind, I feel confident now to try this out. It’s the trip that my husband wanted to try for his 30th birthday which is also listed on his bucket list.

  5. Great article! Helicopter rides are absolutely safe due to presence of expert pilots and strong safety protocols. I would like to add that many people get motion sickness on these rides; it is always advisable to have an empty stomach or light meal before getting on the tours.

  6. I really would love to take a helicopter ride over NYC on my next visit to this amazing city. Ther views look totally awesome and the advice you have given is top notch, so will bear all this in mind.

  7. I love city helicopter rides, we have just done one over Sydney Harbour here in Australia. I definitely would book one for New York. Great tips on what to take with you and to be on time. It is so important. Thanks for the information.

    1. I’ll be in Australia next month. It’s a good idea to experience one over the Sydney Harbour!

  8. Helicopter tours are fun and a great way to get a bird’s-eye view of the landscape. I’d definitely love doing one in New York, that would be awesome.

  9. This is very helpful as I did not know that we need to have an ID. I have always wanted to take a helicopter ride (much more in NY) Appreciate all the reminders. Saved your post for future reference.

    OMG! I am just really excited to experience this during our next trip to New York.

  10. I haven’t been to New York City, either to the US, but I would love to see the city from the sky. A helicopter ride over New York City sounds so interesting. I can imagine how important is to book the tour in advance for a new year.

  11. I want to do a helicopter ride like this.
    I did one while in service several years back over Nathula pass. Those tips on noise cancelling head phones and sunglasses is really useful.

  12. This is a great article and it reminds me when I took my first (and only) helicopter ride in Paris. Seeing the views from up to is quite amazing. Haven’t done it since and taking a New York tour sounds like fun!

  13. I have always wanted to do a helicopter tour in New York. Good to get some pointers before we try it. We will definitely check the weather and book it in advance. Getting picked up from your hotel is a great idea. Thanks for these tips! Can’t wait to try it.

  14. To see those sights from high up there, now that will be an experience. Am quite keen on doing this. Good tips on the headsets and what to watch out for when up there.

  15. I have never been in a helicopter purely because I am terrified of heights! And was the ride fairly smooth or could you feel every drop and turn? My travelling experiences would be so much better if I would just get in one. I know how amazing it would be to see so many thing from above and not just the ground. NYC skyline would be stunning no matter the time of day.

    1. I guess it depends on the weather – if its calm, then you’re likely to have a fairly smooth ride 😉

  16. I didn’t know a helicopter tour existed in New York. It sounds like a fun opportunity to see New York from the sky. It’s interesting how you can bring your phone, iPad, and wallets to the ride but can’t bring a bag. I usually have several devices on me at one time and need a bag to hold everything! Thanks for sharing this unique opportunity.

  17. A helicopter ride seems a fabulous way of getting a different perspective on New York or in our case, a fabulous first impression. Havent been one one before and New York seems an apt city to do it the first time!

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    Thanks for these tips. I can imagine why you really can’t carry anything with you. I’d just be happy with my camera!

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  22. I’ll be the first to admit Medha, I’m quite scared of these helicopter tours after reading about the tragic recent stories. However, I bet it’s an awesome way to see NYC, and as we’re there frequently, maybe we’ll give this one a go. Very interesting about what you can, and can’t bring on board. Good to know I have to keep my jacket on at all times during the flight lol!

  23. This might be the best possible way to get incredible shots of New York City from above. As a photographer, it particularly appeals to me! Thanks for the useful tip about what is permitted to bring on board (and storing everything else in a locker). It’s also good to be forewarned about the noise!

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  29. I have taken a Helicopter ride once over Great Ocean Road in Australia and it was amazing. But taking a helicopter ride over the city must be a unique experience too as watching those high rises from above must be great. Thanks for sharing all useful details that we cannot carry bag and if carrying a jacket then it should be worn and can’t be taken out when onboard. Also, it is great that they take care of all safety and have proper precautions if any mishaps occur.

  30. Wow that must have been an amazing experience over New York City. And I thought being at the viewing deck of the One World Trader Center was amazing… this is the next level!

  31. Wow they even pick you up in airports? Must feel like a star!? Flying over NY is a dream come true and its great to have some tips from someone who has already done it before! I hope to have the chance one day to see the Big Apple from above from an helicopter!

  32. I have never been on a helicopter tour before, as I find them too expensive. However, the tips you shared Medha, are really useful. Especially the documents that we must carry and what not to take to the flight – those information are little but very important.

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    1. I took a helicopter tour myself in Dubai a few years ago and it was amazing! I don’t think your fear of heights should be a problem in a helicopter, you’re quite well protected, almost like flying in a small plane I’d say 🙂

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