Extreme summer holidays in the South Caucasus

This post has been written by Anush, a travel and adventure lover who is always in search of new destinations and impressions. Whenever she travels, she goes in search of extreme adventure and adrenaline pumping activities. She is particularly well versed in the Caucasus region.

If you are an extreme action lover and crave bright impressions, the South Caucasus is waiting for you. Rich nature, favorable climate and great mountains of Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan enable to have unforgettable holidays full of extreme emotions. Pack your things cause we are going on a crazy holiday!

If you prefer a quiet cultural holiday to an active one, then the Caucasus is no less great destination for you! This region is famous for its ancient history, distinctive culture and delicious cuisine. Some good options for a cultural holiday in the Caucasus can be found here.

Yell Extreme Park, Armenia

The name of the park already screams for adrenaline. Yell Extreme Park is located in one of the most beautiful corners of Armenia, Yenoqavan village. The small settlement is hidden in the deep woods and surrounded by mountain ranges. Nature already makes you feel so different.

The most popular activity in the Yell Extreme Park is the Zipline. It has 5 lines of different lengths; 135, 268, 200, 375 and 750 meters. The height of the flight is 300 meters. The flight will take about an hour and a half including the instructions and the walk from one line to another. Besides the zipline flight, there are off-road tours, horseback riding tours in the woods and paintball fights.

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Wild safari, Tsaghkadzor, Armenia

Wild safari is the new word in the world of extreme tourism. However, it has already managed to gain popularity not only among the locals but also extreme lovers around the world. The tour offers crazy rides on modern quadricycles in the wild nature of Tsaghkadzor, the most popular resort in Armenia. Moreover, you will have a chance to make traditional Armenian khorovats (BBQ) in the woods. The mountainous terrains and off-road tracks are waiting to be conquered.

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Paragliding, Lake Sevan, Armenia

Lake Sevan is extremely beautiful especially when you see the whole panorama. While you can stand on the bank of the lake and enjoy the cool breeze of the water, the bravest ones are flying high in the sky admiring the beauty of the lake and the Geghama mountain range.

Paragliding in Lake Sevan is an extreme way to get a high dose of adrenalin and see the amazing nature of Armenia. The weather conditions are mostly appropriate for summer flights over the lake. You will be provided with all the equipment and instructions by professionals and your flight will be shot by GoPro.

Rafting, Rioni River, Georgia

Georgia is famous for its rivers and lakes. Most rivers are perfect for extreme sports like rafting, kayaking, and tubing. If you dream of tasting your skills and getting the level of your adrenaline to the limit, rafting on the river Rioni is a thing to choose.

Rioni is considered one of the largest rivers in Georgia and the South Caucasus. The length of the river is 327 km and it is the most popular one for extreme water sports. Rafting on the river requires professional skills. Still, there are areas of the river with calm waters suitable for beginners and fans. The upper section of the river has the 6th level of complexity for the most experienced enthusiasts.

Drag Racing, Georgia

Drag racing is the new yet top popular ways of extreme sports in Georgia. The International Motopark Rustavi is the craziest place with the racers competing from all over the world. The motopark is located 20 km from the capital and has 4,1 km long racing track.

To take part in the race you need to take an extreme driving course and get the license, or take part in the amateur competition and get the license based on the results. In the International Motopark, you can take part in a “Formula Alfa” race, drive legendary vintage cars, take part in a race on your car or motorbike and much more.

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Jeep tour across Georgia

The best way to explore all the picturesque places in Georgia is traveling by car. Well, most of the mountainous tracks are off-road and here we have the best combination; you can explore the country and get adrenaline dosage on the off-road tracks. There are so many choices of trails of different lengths and complexity but what you can be sure of, is that you will be deeply impressed by the views of gorges, rivers, forests, lakes, and waterfalls. Spend at least five days on traveling across the country and trying your SUV on off-roads of Georgia.

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Paragliding, the Shahdag National park, Azerbaijan

To enjoy the beauty of nature go high to the mountains or even higher, fly above the mountains to admire the landscapes of Azerbaijan. The best way to get a high dose of adrenalin is to go for paragliding in the mountains. A popular destination for paragliding is Shahdag National park with the starting point of 2500 meters. The flight takes about 20 minutes with the most breathtaking views of the mountain ranges, gorge, and forests. The professional team of the national park will provide all the equipment as well as shoot your flight on GoPro.

Jeep tours, Tenghi ridge, Azerbaijan

Mountainous country is all about narrow passes through the gorges and mountain trails taking higher and higher. This is why jeep tours are gaining so much popularity in Azerbaijan. There are several destinations for extreme jeep tours but the most popular one passes through Quba region. The total length of the road is about 400km with 100 km offroad. The tour takes you to the ruins of Chirag Gala (1232 meters above sea level). On the height of the 1357 meters, you will admire the beauty of Nohurlar lakes. The road continues across Tenghi ridge and the Afurdja Falls. This is the most beautiful and the highest waterfall on the territory of Azerbaijan (70 m). The most impressive part of the tour is Tangya Alty canyon.

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Kitesurfing, Shuraabad, Azerbaijan

Watersports are the most best types of summer extreme activities in Azerbaijan. The Caspian Sea offers great opportunities to have fun; SUB surfing, kayaking, jet ski, and aqua bike driving, diving and much more. One of the new ways of extreme sports is kitesurfing in the village of Shuraabad, Khizi region. Blue Planet Kayt beach is the first kitesurfing center that offers classes of kitesurfing for the beginners and provides all the accessories for professionals. The weather of the lagoon is just perfect for extreme activities; it is about 8km2 shallow with maximum chest-deep water. The wind is strong enough for riding.

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  1. Caucasus region is my favorite as it has so many beautiful places to see. And in summer it becomes the best location to visit from Dubai. I have been to Georgia but not to Armenia or Azerbaijan. Reading your post makes me tempt to visit the left out locations of Caucaus. Jeep tours at Tenghi ridge in Azerbaijan is really beautiful and it passes along the beautiful mountainous path.

  2. My husband would love these experience. He’s the outdoors / extreme adventure type and this is the reason why Wild Safari in Armenia is part of his bucket list. Anyway, sharing this post with him as this may help us decide on travel plans next year. Thank you for sharing.

  3. It is just something!
    I have never experienced so much adrenaline and pleasant impressions in my life!
    The South Caucasus surprised me, I could not imagine what exactly would be so eternal and interesting.
    I visited Azerbaijan and got acquainted with water sports – Kitesurfing. These are unbelievably exciting emotions that overwhelmed me! Be sure to visit this place!

  4. All of the activities look extremely fun! I don’t know if I would ever dare go paragliding or try the Zipline because that sounds too extreme for me, but I would love to go jeeping or on the Wild Safari tour.

  5. I don’t do extreme adventure and adrenaline pumping activities, but these look awesome to read and to see the pictures! The nature is perfect for these activities, and I think Georgia has/have smart marketing people behind all these. They know how to use what the country has to attract people to the country. Brilliant!

  6. I am not an adventurous person, but I like to read about other people’s adrenaline pumping activities. I hope to visit South Caucasus someday. I’m sure there are many other things of interest in this area besides drag racing and white water rafting. From your list, I would probably have enjoyed the Jeep tours across Georgia. They seem a little ‘safer,’ hahaha!

  7. Wow, so many thrill seeking activities available in South Caucasus! I would probably try the kite surfing, but not sure about some of the others. The jeep tours sound like a great way to see some really spectacular views.

  8. Regarding the ski resort of Azau, I can say that we liked it. Value for money is quite adequate. We will definitely be back here. In the meantime, plans for next year have another resort

  9. What an amazing, adventurous summer in the Caucasus. I would love to experience the river rafting and ziplining. I love the fact that the Caucasus a mix of adventure and cultural activities. Thanks for all the information.

  10. Once many years ago he visited Azerbaijan for the first time. At that time it was one of the republics of the Soviet Union, a backward province with dirty cities and underdeveloped infrastructure. And recently went there again. See what’s new?
    There was so much new that I didn’t recognize the places I’d been.

  11. I am a total adrenaline junkie and am obsessed with everything on this list. I’ve never tried paragliding or kitesurfing before and would love to try that in the landscape of these beautiful views. Plus, I’ve never visited the south Caucasus regions before, so I’d love to go!

  12. The International Motopark is very attractive! I am note sure how much it would cost? I am not an adventure traveler but driving through Georgia in jeep is something I can surely do as well.

  13. I love action and adventure in my holidays and this place seems to be perfect. Really would love to try the paragliding. Zip lining is always fun. And I have never really raced cars. But I think what I would like to do most is Rafting the Rioni River, that looks the most thrilling of them all.

  14. This is such a cool post, but a little wasted on me as I’m not the best at adrenaline sports! However, saying that, there are activities I’d like to try, like the wild safari and the jeep tour across Georgia. I also like the sound of drag racing, but not too sure how good I’d be at this! A great and detailed post that makes me look at this region differently!

  15. More and more I read of Georgia, more and more its tempting me! There is so much to see and do in all seasons in Georgia. I need to figure out a trip there.
    750m long zipline? Whoa! I don’t think I’ve heard of such a long one yet! I’d be super delighted to do that! Rafting sounds good and super glad to know there’s level 6 too in this river. Its not well known as of yet and I should plan my trip soon before it gets too crowded & costly!

  16. Who would have thought that the Caucasus would be an adventure haven?! I sure didn’t. I would just LOVE to go paragliding in Azerbaijan. Jeep tours across Azerbaijan and Georgia seem like an amazingly unique way to see these countries. Who knows…maybe the Caucasus will start to rival New Zealand one day?!

  17. Now that’s what I call ‘trying something new’! And I learned a new term ‘wild safari’- where adrenaline combined with a traditional BBQ sounds like a perfect day out. Plus, kitesurfing is really popular in my country but it sounds like Azerbaijan actually has better, smoother conditions for it – nice.

  18. I have to admit that I needed to google where South Caucasus was. Those are for sure some extreme sports! I think I would like to do the paragliding and zip lining first but I don’t think I would let myself hang as the guy in the picture!

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