Top 5 Exceptional Fine-dining Experiences in Delhi

Delhi is undoubtedly a foodie's haven. From the incredibly tempting street food which is a delight to one's gustatory senses to the succulent, rich and flavorsome food served in impeccable surroundings and a charming fine-dining ambiance, this city will never cease to impress you. A visit to Delhi is incomplete unless you've experienced a culinary delight abundant with Oriental spices.

For those who're apprehensive of the 'Delhi Belly', here's a pick of the Top 5 Fine-dining restaurants in and around the city serving contemporary cuisine, light on the tummy, ambrosial, and providing nothing less than a superlative experience for the discerning. The restaurants listed below offer not just great food but also a luxurious dining experience in a superlative surrounding. They have raised the bar for contemporary and experiential fine-dining in Delhi, India.

#1 Pluck

Location: Pullman Hotel, Aerocity. Click here for location map.

The review:

Food: The name 'Pluck' is derived from the fact that the ingredients used in the dishes here are freshly plucked by the chef every morning, from the herb garden that is located on the hotel's premises. The freshness can be discerned in the taste of the food, especially the salads, soups, and mocktails. The menu has two options - European and Indian and in both cases, you will be thrilled to see some unimaginable blends of ingredients which will spark your interest immediately and make it difficult for you to pick your dish of choice. Popular dishes presented with a twist make it appealing to a very global palate, ensuring the delectable yet not-too-strong flavors create a mellow symphony. A food aficionado's dream come true, this is where the best flavors from cuisines around the world are picked, homegrown, creatively blended with authentic fare and brought to your table, creating a new inimitable recipe altogether. The helpings are small, every dish has been curated to please one gastronome at a time.

Food rating: 5/5

Service: Exemplary service, setting the bar very high for comparative fine-dining outlets. Not only does the sommelier happily recommend wine pairings, the mixologist is also amazing with the cocktail and mocktail concoctions. Feel free to ask for a quick tour of the in-house herb garden and you will be happily obliged. 

Service rating: 5/5

Ambiance: Minimal is the word that comes to mind, be it the food presentation or the ambiance. Polished and elegant interiors are brought to life by the colorful roof, with panels embodying the fresh ingredients being grown in-house, true to the theme. The restaurant is spacious, airy and spread out wide, giving enough privacy to the guests. Ambiance rating: 5/5

Ambiance rating: 5/5

Delights: The one thing that stood out is the menu presentation on iPads, which not only makes it more convenient but also allows them to display each dish with a picture, and sometimes even a video showing how the dish is prepared and presented. This makes for not only a pleasurable experience to learn about the dish before ordering it but also much easier to decide what you want and what to expect.

Disappointments: The menu is not very extensive.

Recommended items from the menu: Sweet potato chaat, Golgappe with caviar, mushroom soup, Cucumber and basil refresher (drink), backwater prawns,  Greek custard & Ras malai parfait

Price (for two, approx): Rs 4,000

Overall score: 5/5

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#2 Indian Accent

Location: The Manor Hotel, New Friends Colony. Click here for location map.

The review:

Food: Fusion Indian food is the trend nowadays and Indian Accent takes this to the next level with the brilliantly thought-out food combinations. You have two options - Chef's tasting menu, which is a fixed menu, with or without wine pairings. The other option is to go for a la carte (we chose a la carte). As you look through the menu, you'll find yourself being amazed at the ingredients which have been brought together to create unique dishes. If you know Indian food well, this fusion of flavors will surprise and delight you. If you don't, you'll find yourself floating in a world of food melodies, where rich and aromatic spices come together with bold flavors, creating a perfect harmony. The portions are just about perfect, ensuring that nothing gets leftover but at the same time, you feel contented. The presentation of the food itself is fascinating! Ice lollies being served in a mini-sized cooker, dessert served on a bed of (fake) currency notes and digestives served on a mini-jute cot bed, every food that is served is a source of amusement. This does not take away from the taste, the food is divine in every sense of the word. Prepare for a gastronomical experience that is unparalleled.

Food rating: 5/5

Service: Service was impeccable. Traditionally-dressed staff complemented the authentic Indian theme that was also reflected in the interiors.

Service rating: 5/5

Ambiance: Neither the location nor the interiors are very grand. However, the elegance is reflected in the simplicity. As we had a child with us, we had to sit in the Verandah area (which is air conditioned and covered), children were not allowed in the main dining hall. There was nothing ostentatious about the furniture or the decor, as you might expect from a classy fine-dining place yet there were decorative embellishments in every corner.

Ambiance rating: 4.5/5

Delights: The palate cleansers that were served in between the courses, free of charge, such as mini helpings of soup, ice lollies, etc and tasting samples to keep us busy while waiting for the food.

Disappointments: The main course was divided into equal portions before it was served, between all the table members. This strips us of the choice of picking our helpings.

Recommended items from the menu: Dahi goat cheese kebab, Ghee roast mutton boti, Chicken Tikka Quesadilla, Dal Moradabadi, banana and jaggery sticky cake.

Price (for two, approx): Rs 3,500

Overall score: 4.9/5

Special note: Due to the immense popularity but limited seating, it is very hard to get reservations at the restaurant. Make sure to book at least 2 weeks in advance. Click here for reservations.

#3 Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra

Location: Adjacent to Le Meridien Hotel, Janpath. Click here for location map.

The review: 

Food: There is a choice between a set menu (chef's tasting menu) and a la carte, we went for the latter. Yet another fusion Indian experimental menu, although the creativity was applaudable and the presentation was alluring, I found the food a tad bit too rich and heavy on the tummy. However, this is not rare when it comes to Indian cuisine and the ingenious combination of ingredients, put in place very skillfully by an obviously dexterous chef, was a pleasure to the palate. The kebabs were so soft, they melted in our mouths and the aroma of the mushroom chai/soup brought immense sensory joy, proving the freshness of the products used. If you're a fan of zesty Indian food with a twist, this is your place!

Food rating: 4.7/5

Service: The service was flawless and the staff cared to explain in detail what we were eating and how it had been prepared, on serving the dish. At an instance when we ordered two desserts, both sounding very unique, we were recommended by the staff to order a different one instead as the ones we had picked were very similar in preparation. I liked how the staff took a special interest in our orders, assisting us with correct advice where deemed necessary. They were extremely courteous and attentive, not leaving a moment for us to feel unattended to.

Service rating: 5/5

Ambiance: The magnificent interiors are what will catch your attention the first thing here. The moment you enter, you will see a giant wall bar, with all imaginable liquor, stocked up to the ceiling. As you walk into the main dining area, an extravagant chandelier steals the show. The ambient lighting creates a golden hue, the perfect setting for an intimate meal.

Ambiance rating: 5/5

Delights: They went out of their way to whip up a Pina Colada for us, which was not on the menu but one of us really wanted it. The 'extra mile' attitude of the staff was very charming. Also, the demonstration of the levitating chocolate truffle was quite mesmerizing!

Disappointments: No wi-fi, no kids allowed in any area of the restaurant (this restricts families), and no finger cleaning bowls or tissues to wipe our hands after the meal.

Recommended items from the menu: Mushroom chai, sweet potato kebabs, Galawat kebabs, tandoori prawns, French naan and jalebi caviar.

Price (for two, approx): Rs. 5,000

Overall score: 4.7 / 5

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#4 Threesixtyone

Location: The Oberoi, Gurgaon. Click here for location map.

The review:

Food: If you're planning to go for brunch, you'll be spoiled for choice with an extensive buffet spread that features Indian, South-east Asian and Italian dishes. Alternatively, you can go for an a la carte option where the choices are equally diverse. For health-conscious eaters, there's an entire page of the menu dedicated to healthy dishes. Turn the page and you'll be amazed at the wide selection of Indian, Chinese, Thai, Italian (pasta, pizzas, sandwiches) fare. There's also a separate Teppanyaki and sushi menu! The best part? Cooks are brought in from these countries to prepare their specialties, making the dishes absolutely luscious because of the authentic flavours and cooking styles. Seafood lovers will be delighted to discover how fresh the fish is, it melts in your mouth! The portions are just about perfect and the Indian food is not as hot as you might find in many other places.

Food rating: 4.5/5

Service: Stellar service representative of the Oberoi brand. The staff was not only courteous and friendly but also happy to customize certain things according to requirements. The managers were available and roaming the floors, checking in to make sure things are fine and guests are happy.

Service rating: 4.8/5

Ambiance: The large space, high ceiling and floor-to-ceiling glass windows overlooking the blue pool outside give a very grand appearance to this place. Located in one of the most luxurious 5-star hotels in the city, the interiors are calm, not too ostentatious yet classy and most importantly, spacious! The views are great, making the restaurant airy and inviting.

Ambiance rating: 4.8/5

Delights: The wide selection of dishes.

Disappointments: Dishes are more simple rather than experimental or fusion combinations, there were not enough Daals (pulses) on the Indian menu.

Recommended items from the menu: Sangria, Steamed Indian Ocean Seabass, Dahi Kebabs, Sarson Jhinga (mustard prawn) & Slowly-baked Chocolate Cake.

Price (for two, approx): Rs. 6,000

Overall score: 4.6 / 5

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#5 The Spice Route

Location: The Imperial Hotel, Janpath. Click here for location map.

The review:

Food: A unique combination of dishes from South India (particularly Kerala) and other South-east Asian countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia, if you have a liking for coconut-flavoured dishes, then this will definitely suit your taste. Although it is not uncommon to find dishes from the South of India in many restaurants in Delhi, it is rare to find Kerala/ Malabari cuisine. The food is simple, light and not-too-strongly flavored, with authentic spices used from the countries the foods hail from. During summer, a special mango-based menu is available and a must-try, especially the tangy dishes with raw mango. If you're looking for mildly-spiced food which is easy to your taste buds as well as your tummy, this restaurant is a good choice.

Food rating: 4.5/5

Service: The service was good although you might feel a little bit neglected in the effort of the staff trying to give you privacy. The restaurant manager is available onsite and happy to attend to you if required.

Service rating: 4.5/5

Ambiance: The reason why this restaurant features on this list is because of the unique dining experience it provides. Very cozy and intimate seating is complemented with paintings, murals, sculptures and carvings of gods, goddesses and common men. The restaurant is divided into nine sections, reflective of Indian philosophy and thoughts related to the journey of life. Each section is a work of art and antique pieces from around the world adorn the walls and ceiling, related to nine key principles of life. Based on availability, you can choose which of the sections you'd like to be seated in. It is said that the restaurant was built in 7 years by several renowned artists and designers, and some of the exquisite historical relics used in the decoration are from temples as old as 400 years!

Ambiance rating: 5/5

Delights: For those interested, the restaurant manager is more than happy to give a short tour of the restaurant along with explaining the significance of each of its seating areas, the story behind the concept of the restaurant, the intricate carvings and sculptures that form the soul of the place and the beautiful historical relics that are engraved in its royal and aristocratic interiors. If you have time, you should definitely listen to the beautiful story of the journey of life and how the murals used depict each aspect.

Disappointments: The desserts were not impressive at all.

Recommended items from the menu: Chemeen Thoren (Kerala-style prawns), Yum Mamuang (spicy raw mango salad), Irachi Porichatu (boneless lamb in Kerala Masala), Tom Kha Kai (coconut milk soup).

Price (for two, approx): Rs. 6,000

Overall score: 4.5 / 5

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Suggested medium budget hotel near the airport in Delhi: Pullman Aerocity

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  1. All the fine dining places looked amazing, but I am sold at the Spice Route. The interior looks amazing and the food options are very wide and I am sure they taste amazing. I was in Delhi 2 weeks back; had I have read about this before, I would have surely visited this place.

  2. When we were in Dehli last year, I was amazed at how beautiful some of the restaurants were that we visited. I was also in awe at how absolutely delicious that food was. I didn’t get to any of the restaurants that you have listed and wish that I had. I am particularly curious to try Indian fusion in India! We have Indian fusion cuisine where I live but I bet it is pretty inspiring in Dehli!

    1. A lot of people are slightly apprehensive of getting the ‘Delhi belly’. That’s why, I do not recommend trying the street food but these fine dining restaurants provide a fantastic experience overall – the food is amazing the setting is pretty cool too!

  3. Great post for a foodie like me I have been to Delhi and tried Masala library and was highly impressed. The food the service were exceptional. I will surely try the other recommendation when I am there next. Delhi in general is a foodies paradise. Thanks for sharing a great post.

  4. Wow this was a lovely list and I would love to explore some of these for sure on my next Delhi visit! I’ve actually lived there for a short while but never quite managed to enjoy the luxury part of life then as I was still a student…but now I can splurge a little bit more and Delhi seems more interesting than ever 🙂

    1. These places are exceptional in every way – from the food to the hospitality and the ambience/ setting.

  5. Each one of them looks and sounds awesome. I have not been to any….yet. So hopefull in my next visit to Delhi. BTW I loved the way the desserts are served at Indian Accent using those miniature ‘cots’. A true accent on the Indian tradition of lying down on one after meals. 🙂 🙂

  6. We are not fine dining people, but still, at times these options are required. You have chosen great options. we have tried pluck it was nice but yes their menu is very limited. The Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra looks quite nice but no tissues to wipe hand. Strange. Threesixtyone is really expensive.

    1. Pluck has a limited menu yes but all their dishes are pretty awesome, I love their food!

  7. That’s a comprehensive list of fine dine experiences in Delhi. Indian Accent is definitely a great restaurant that i have been to and I loved it!

  8. Excellent choices… You can add a few more but these are some of the best options in Delhi, although they may not be affordable for everyone. But then, fine dining is a thing that comes for a price.
    Hope you also make other types of lists, suitable for different types of budgets….

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Jitadiya. This is one of the few posts I have done on f&b and will surely write something on street food in Delhi at some point. I live in Dubai now so thinking of doing some food posts for here at the moment 🙂

  9. I have to say most the food on here looks amazing, I have a very sweet tooth so all those deserts just keep screaming out on me, especially the pallet cleansers at India Accent 😀 – I do like the way you’ve laid this post out too with the delights and disappointments highlighted. There are quite a few people I know who travel to India, I will pass this on to them.

  10. Sign me up for all of them!!! I am a big foodie, especially fine dining, so this article really peaked my interest. Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra interior blew me away! I think based off food, the photos and your review I would love to try that restaurant first. Really enjoyed this piece, thank you for sharing.

  11. wow..grew up in Delhi and I never realized there were so many nice dining options. will bookmark this post and will visit in my next trip to Delhi. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Most of these places are quite new 🙂 And there’s always new places coming up in Delhi, its the food capital of India 🙂

  12. These all look very fancy but Threesixtyone because of the brunch and the Southeast Asian and Italian options! Two of my favourite cuisines! Plus, I am in love with big glass windows!

  13. Unfortunately, I haven’t been to India, and the only times I’ve eaten Indian food, it hasn’t really agreed with me 🙁 Saying that, all these places look excellent. Pullman Hotel and the Oberai get my vote, for the food, and presentation on ipad?! How unique. I like your bluntness about the cons of the restaurant; it really put a smile on my face!

  14. This is a great resource! Last time we were in Delhi it was our wedding anniversary and we really wanted to visit a special restaurant but didn’t know where to start! This would have been perfect. I love the idea of visiting Pluck and touring their herb garden!

    1. I know Delhi has so many amazing places, it’s a foodie’s haven. It can get tough to choose the right place for a special occasion. Hope you enjoyed your trip and your anniversary celebrations 🙂

  15. These all sound so nice for so many reasons! I think I’d like Indian Accent the best, based on your star reviews! The food with the mixture of spices according to your description sounds absolutely wonderful! I’m personally not too bothered by the predetermined portions; it definitely makes things easier (and look prettier)

    1. Indian Accent definitely has some of the best flavours when it comes to food. Good choice Miranda x

  16. Most of the times we are in Delhi, it is becoz we would be transiting to some other place. These fine dining options provided by you are great options. We love food. And I think we will try them when we are there in Delhi next time. 🙂

    1. You must 🙂 In fact, Pluck is in Aerocity itself, right next to the airport. You could always step in there for a meal before a flight 🙂

  17. Curious about Pluck and have heard a lot about Masala Library …. these detailed reviews coupled with the pros and cons definitely help …. going to give one of these a shot soon! 🙂

  18. Being a foodie, I have tried 4 out of these 5 and in my opinion, PLUCK at Pullman Hotel takes the cake followed by Threesixty One at The Oberoi Gurgaon, followed by Masala Library and Indian Accent. Reading your reviews, I am tempted to repeat my experiences.

    1. I loved the ambiance at threesixtyone and also the wide selection of dishes. Why I place the other two above it is because of the gastro/fusion/contemporary cuisine, which is definitely the highlight here.

  19. This is a brilliant little list with such elaborate reviews. Loved the detail. Will surely need to try out these. Way to go hopping feet. Keep adding this to your arsenal 🙂

  20. nice selection….have been to two of these and i couldnt agree more with u…cant wait to try the others too…?

    1. Let me guess – Indian Accent and Masala Library? The other three are somehow quite underrated! Such amazing places – you must try them all!

  21. Wow. Looks like I need to plan a Delhi trip just to experience them.
    Expecting more Foodgasm posts from you !!

    1. Haha Delhi is foodies’ haven, you must EAT EAT EAT if you go 🙂 Yes, a lot more food trails to be covered. Next one will be in Dubai.

  22. My visit to Delhi has always been too short to check out the food scene. Hoping to go to Pluck the next time I am there. I love fresh food, knowing they have a garden and use fresh ingredients is a plus for me…

    1. Absolutely, it’s such a pleasure to try foods with freshly-plucked herbs! The best part is, it’s right next to the airport, so if you’re short on time in Delhi, you can still pass by for a quick meal before you fly.

  23. Looks Comprehensive ..sounds delicious. Cant wait to try all of them:)
    Coming from u..all of them must be great:)

    1. Ha ha, yes they are! There are so many options in Delhi, it’s hard to pick the best. But these definitely qualify 🙂

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