2-week itinerary for Switzerland – first timers’ guide

Switzerland is one of those iconic destinations that you will visit, which you'll always want to go back to again someday. The landscapes you will see and the experiences you will have will leave quite the impression on you and hardly any other country will live up to that. My trips to Calgary, Norway and New Zealand followed my visit to Switzerland but although these countries were gorgeous in their own right, nothing ever replaced my love for and the memories of Switzerland. My recommended 2-week itinerary for Switzerland includes visits to the snow-capped mountains, the blue-water lakes, the lush green valleys, small towns with cobbled stone streets, churches with bells ringing through the day, cheese and chocolate tasting tours and so much more!

I always recommend people travelling for a short duration, to base themselves in one of the larger cities and take day trips from there. This makes it easier to not move around too much with all your luggage and most of these lovely places are only 1-2 hours drive away from the main cities. Train journeys are unbelievably beautiful in Switzerland and every place I've mentioned in my itinerary for Switzerland is reachable by public transport (bus or train). Yet, I recommend you rent a car as it gives you a lot of flexibility to stop anywhere, anytime and make the most of the beauty at every corner. Also, many hidden cafes and restaurants located in stunning places can only be visited if you have your own vehicle to drive around and explore!

Here is a breakdown of my suggested itinerary for Switzerland in days per city:

3 days Zurich

3 days Lucerne

3 days Interlaken

2 days Bern / Montreaux

3 Geneva

Visiting in the summer (what to expect): We visited in August, which is the summer and since it was Switzerland, we expected it to be slightly cold and were prepared with all warm clothing. However, it got as hot as 34 degrees during the daytime! Having said that, the weather in Switzerland can be very unpredictable. It will be warm and then it might rain, which will make it chilly all of a sudden. It is best to carry summer clothes but also be prepared with 1-2 layers, if the weather changes unexpectedly. Also, this itinerary for Switzerland includes a visit to places where you will be in snow/ ice and even though the temperatures may not be freezing during the day (if you're lucky, you may have brilliant sunshine), do carry gloves, a cap, warm socks and 2 layers to keep you warm at areas of high altitude.

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Day 1 & 2: Zurich

Most flights arrive at either Zurich or Geneva, so this is a great place to start your exploration. Spend your first day exploring Zurich city, absorb the sights around you and begin your journey of falling in love. It’s your first day so take it easy, make your way to Lake Zurich and explore the Old Town (Altstadt), one of the most scenic European old towns I’ve been to. An old city with modern restaurants and cafes, this is the perfect place to enjoy a walk. While here, you can pop in to visit Fraumünster Church, with its magnificent stained-glass windows. To enjoy beautiful views of the Old Town from a vantage point, walk up to the tree-lined Lindenhof Park or simply take a cruise along the Limmat River and soak in the sights.

Another place of interest to visit in the Bahnhofstrasse (or the downtown area) is the Grossmünster church, a popular Zurich landmark. Museum lovers can head to the Swiss National Museum, housed in a charming old castle-like building, displaying elements of Swiss history, art and culture.

An interesting thing to do is take the cable car from Adliswil up to Felsenegg, a fantastic vista point. Be prepared for a much lower temperature here, even during summer. You will be able to see snow-capped peaks of the Alps on one side and the towns along Lake Zurich on the other. Make sure to wrap up! A drive to this area is recommended because it is away from the busy streets, in the Swiss countryside.

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Day 3: Day trip to Rhine Falls

On day 2 of your itinerary for Switzerland, I recommend you take a road trip to the awe-inspiring Rhine Falls. Hardly 45 min away from the centre of Zurich city, the drive itself is so amazing. You will waltz past sprawling vineyards and quaint villages before you arrive at the gorgeous Rhine Falls, known to be the largest in Europe. Do stop for a short picture break near the medieval Laufen Castle, perched on a hill overlooking the falls. From the castle, walk down to the observation platform (or take the cable car), and board a boat across the falls to Schlössli Wörth, another gorgeous old castle located on the island that also offers eating options in a restaurant inside the castle.

Itinerary for Switzerland

Itinerary for Switzerland

Itinerary for Switzerland
Viewing deck at the Falls

Itinerary for Switzerland

From here, you can walk across the pedestrian bridge and enjoy some superb views of the fall along your path. A walk along this forested area which is along the river is absolutely enjoyable!

In the evening, head back to Zurich. For those looking to enjoy the nightlife in Zurich, click here to read about the areas and best clubs to visit.

Day 4: Zurich – Liechtenstein- Lucerne

On day 4 of your itinerary for Switzerland, you can drive to one of the smallest countries in the world that shares its borders with Switzerland and has equally stunning landscapes. Drive along Lake Zurich to Rapperswil, a mountain town which is on the route towards Liechtenstein. A perfect little laid-back town along the lake, you must enjoy your coffee here as you watch the lovely hills in the backdrop, red flowers decorating the shores of the blue lake, people jumping into the waters for a swim or boating in calm, or simply relishing a quiet moment by the lake. While you’re here, visit the medieval castle, which promises magnificent views.

Itinerary for Switzerland

Itinerary for Switzerland
Rapperswil Castle

Although there is a shorter route to get to the capital city, Vaduz, which is also where a striking old castle stands against the backdrop of the snow-capped Alps, I recommend you drive across the Ricken Pass and via Toggenburg to enjoy the best views possible. The drive will be slightly longer but totally worth it! You’ll be amazed to see the green hills, blue lakes, sleepy towns, goats and sheep and snow-capped peaks as you drive along.

Itinerary for Switzerland
Typical Swiss landscapes

Visit the Vaduz Castle for some great pictures (visitors are not allowed inside, unfortunately) and then head to the city centre to have your lunch, walk around enjoying the beautiful architecture of the city and visit a museum, before you head back to Switzerland. If time allows, make a pit stop at Maienfeld, where you can visit Heidi’s house. This is the gorgeous place that inspired the poetess Johanna Spyri in her novels about Heidi. A short hike through vineyards will take you to Heidi Land or Heidi’s Village.

Vaduz Castle, Liechtenstein

Vaduz Castle

Vaduz city, Liechtenstein

Maeinfeld, Heidi's Village

From here, another 1.5-hour drive away is your stop for the evening – Lucerne.

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Day 5: Lucerne

Lucerne is a picturesque and lively town. Start day 5 in your itinerary for Switzerland with a cruise along Lucerne Lake, click here to check all the options possible and the timetable In Switzerland, this was the only lake I decided to take a cruise on and it was probably the best decision!

Cruising on Lake Lucerne

Kapellbrücke, Lucerne

At night, head to the famous Kapellbrucke Bridge, which lights up beautifully against the backdrop of the snow-covered mountains, providing a scene you will never forget. The cafes and restaurants lining the Lucerne Lake come alive at night, you might even be lucky to enjoy some alphorn players putting on a great show in the area.

Itinerary for Switzerland
Kapellbrücke, Lucerne

Day 6: Lucerne – Engelberg (Mt Titlis)

On day 6 of your itinerary for Switzerland, head towards Engelberg, a 40-minute rewarding drive from Lucerne. From here, you will take the revolving cable car that offers 360-degree views of the stunning landscape. A turquoise blue lake on the way, as you go up, will catch your attention. This is Lake Trubsee, one of the most spectacular lakes in the region. You can later take a kayak in this lake or simply relax and sit on a wooden bench, to enjoy an incredible panorama of the Alps.

Itinerary for Switzerland
Lake Trübsee, on the way to Mt Titlis

Mt Titlis is one of the most popular (thus, touristy) places to visit so don’t be surprised if you’re greeted by a massive crowd, waiting to board the cable car. We had to wait for almost 3 hours in the scorching heat, in a queue, before we could finally board the car. Once you’re up there, however, the visit is totally worth it. There are a bunch of activities you can indulge in – Titlis Cliff Walk, which is a suspended bridge over the peaks of the Alps, giving you a chance to stare down at some admirable sights.  The Ice Flyer is yet another amazing thing to experience here, a chairlift that spans the glacier. The Glacier Grotto, Snow Tubing and Tobogganing are a few other exciting ways to spend your time here.

Itinerary for Switzerland
Snow fun on Mt Titlis, on a bright and sunny day!

Ski lift at Mt Titlis

Head back to Lucerne for the night, after a brilliant day of playing in the snow.

Day 7: Lucerne – Interlaken

Welcome to Bernese Oberland, the most magnificent area in Switzerland. Lucerne to Interlaken qualifies as my favourite drive in this region. This 1-hour drive is most along the beautifully blue Lake Brienz, one of the two lakes responsible for the name of the town Interlaken (between two lakes). The best part about taking a road trip is, you can stop anywhere, anytime and for as long as you like, to take in the lovely sights and that’s what we did! We decided to camp by Lake Thun (the other stunning lake responsible for the name of the town) and that was probably one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

Mountain railways in Switzerland

Drive from Lucerne to Interlaken

Suggested stay: Manor Farms Camping Grounds

Manor Farms camping ground is located right on Lake Thun and offers spaces for tents, campervans and fixed rooms (permanent set-ups), depending on your family size and requirements. We took a 2-bedroom tent through Eurocamp and I highly recommend it! With ample activities and a lakeside location, I would highly recommend you to spend this day making the most of your time at the beautiful campsite.

Camping at Manor Farms

Manor Farm on Lake Thun

Day 8: Interlaken

On day 8 of your itinerary for Switzerland, you can head to the town centre, lined with several cafes, restaurants yet green, scenic and peaceful. Here, you can choose one of many activities for the day, depending on the weather and the time available.  I highly recommend trying paragliding, a fantastic way of enjoying spectacular views of both the lakes and the scenic town in between the lakes. There are several other activities that you can choose  - from canyoning to rafting, skydiving, bungee, rafting, jet boat rides, waterskiing and what not!

Paragliding in Interlaken

Interlaken Town Centre

This is also where you’ll find the best fondue and raclette in the country (in my opinion). Cheese and chocolate lovers CANNOT miss trying these two dishes, while in Switzerland.

Lake Thun, overcast day

Click here to read about the Best Indian Restaurants in Interlaken.

Day 9: Interlaken – Grindelwald (Jungfrau)

A visit to the 'Top of Europe' is a key addition to any itinerary for Switzerland. This is going to be an exciting day because you will visit the highest peak in Europe – Jungfraujoch. Since we had rented a car, the one thing I was missing in Switzerland was the train experience and on this day, my wishes were fulfilled! I suggest driving from Interlaken to Grindelwald (40 minutes), yet another charming and picturesque village in the Swiss Alps. From here, board the modern cogwheel railway to Kleine Scheidegg, a station where you will change your train and board the Jungfrau Railway.

Train to Jungfraujoch

Train to Jungfraujoch

Train to Jungfraujoch

You will already begin to feel the chill in the air, the temperature is drastically lower here as compared to Grindelwald. You might have some time here to relax and enjoy a walk in the area before your next train. The Jungfrau rail will first take you to Eiger Glacier station, where you will stop for a few minutes to admire the gorgeous snow-capped hills from glass windows and then head to Jungfraujoch, also known as the Top of Europe.

If you’re lucky, you will be greeted with vistas of blue skies and white snow, and a lot of people enjoying winter sports. There are chocolate shops, factories, restaurants and cafes here to enjoy some warm time for those who might feel too cold. Others might want to experience some zip lining or tobogganing in this enchanting place.

Itinerary for Switzerland


Note: although rare, tickets to the Jungrau Rail sometimes sell out for the day during peak tourist season. If you’re travelling during July / August, make sure to book your tickets in advance.

Day 10: Interlaken – Bern – Montreux

On day 7 of your itinerary for Switzerland, head out towards Bern, the capital of Switzerland (45 minutes drove). Although not as big as Zurich or Geneva, Bern is a mid-sized city located on the foot of the Alps and home to many architecturally appealing buildings such as churches, museums and political places (such as Parliament building). Walk around the turquoise-watered river Aare, in the old town, with its cobbled stone streets, chiming bells of the church, clock tower, fountains and bridges.

Unless you’re interested in visiting one of the museums or the churches here, relish a meal here before heading towards Montreux (1 hour, 15 minutes), where you will also visit Chateau de Chillon, a medieval fortress located on the banks of Lake Geneva. I suggest spending the night here instead of Bern as not only is this sleepy town more laid back and calm but it is also a great base for the next day’s trip on the Chocolate Train!

Itinerary for Switzerland
Chateau de Chillon Montreux


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Day 11: Chocolate train

This full day tour from Montreux is a pleasurable and unique one to experience. Yet another fabulous train journey, this train itself is special! You feel as if you've gone back in time to an elegant 19th-century rail journey with charming coaches, as you travel towards the medieval town of Gruyeres. You will be served croissants and chocolate on the train before you arrive at Gruyeres, which is also where the famous Cheese factory is located, right next to the station. After tasting some of the best cheese collection in the world and learning about how different kinds of cheese is made and the history behind the various names, you can board a bus to Gruyeres castle. Roam about on your own for a while, have your lunch in the quaint town before you board your bus to Broc, for a tour of the Nestle-Callier chocolate factory.

The chocolate train



Sample incredibly delicious chocolates here and pick a few to bring back with you if you like! By early evening, you will be back on your train and headed towards Montreux for the night.

Cheese tasting

Gruyères town

Chocolate tasting

Day 12: Montreux – Geneva

On day 12 of your itinerary for Switzerland, head to Geneva (1.5-hour drive). You have one full day to explore one of the biggest cities in Switzerland.

Itinerary for Switzerland

Lake Geneva

Dusk time at Lake Geneva

The best way to spend time in Geneva is to take a walk around the Lake and explore the many gems on its banks. You will see the gothic architecture, the famous Jet d'Eau (Water Jet), cafés, patio restaurants, the large flower clock in Jardin Anglais and several boutique shops. You will love a walk around the Old Town, where you will come across some iconic landmarks such as the Cathedral of Saint-Pierre and Place du Bourg-de-Four. Here, during the summer months, you will find a very atmospheric environment, great vibe, patio cafes, live music and lots of people!

Enjoy a relaxed day in the city and watch the lovely sunset over the lake, with its calm waters, ducks swimming and colourful surroundings.

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Day 13: Drive to Chamonix

You might tell me that I saved the best for the last because a day trip to Chamonix, which is in France, was probably the highlight of our itinerary for Switzerland. What’s there in Chamonix? The famous Mont Blanc range, snow-covered peaks and some of the highest in Europe, so gorgeous and white that you’ll feel the utmost amount of peace when you visit here.

Although the drive seems slightly long (almost 2 hours), it is totally worth it! Once at Chamonix town centre, you will board the cable car up to Aiguille du Midi (at 3842m), known to be the highest mountain peak accessible by an aerial cable car. The journey will be taken in 2 stages; the first cable car takes you up to Plan de l'Aiguille (2,317m) and the second one from here to the top station. Here, at Aiguille du Midi, you can stop for a while, sip on coffee or enjoy a meal with breathtaking views from the terrace of the observation deck.

Aguille du Midi

Aguille du Midi

However, the most rewarding part of the day begins from here when you board the Panoramic Mont Blanc cable car, the highest cable car in the world, to Point Helbronner, which is in Italy. This one qualifies to be one of the most scenic cable car journeys I’ve ever experienced!

Imagine being in 3 countries in one day – Switzerland, France & Italy! Priceless!

Pointe Helbronner

Drive back to Geneva for the night and board your flight the next day.

Day 14: Departure

Most flights depart from either Geneva or Zurich so the ideal thing to do would be to land in either of the cities and cover the country on a road trip from one end to the other. This will be the road trip of a lifetime!

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    I am just back from my trip to Switzerland and I’d like to thank you for the Chamonix-Pt Hellobronner leg that you suggested. We live in London, so we took a very laidback 2 week trip just to cover south : Geneva-Lausanne-Montreux-Lauterbrunnen-Interlaken-Zermatt 😉

    But we did save the best for the last too! The Mont Blanc range was too good and it was a very beautiful day before we took the flight back home! Thank you for your blog again! 🙂

    1. That is very kind of you Rama, I am really glad that you enjoyed your trip! The Mont Blanc range was my fav leg of the 2-week trip as well and I am happy that you liked my recommendation. Cheers x

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    1. It was exceptionally hot the time we visited! But it cooled down after a shower 🙂 You live in Italy, its a shop, skip & jump for you. Go for it!

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  46. I’ll be in Switzerland this coming summer, although unfortunately not in any of the places you recommend. We’ll be hitting Basel and Davos. Although we may be able to see the Rhine Falls on our way between the two towns; they look awesome.

    1. I’m sure anywhere you go in Switzerland will be gorgeous. I’d love to hear about your experience in Basel and Davos.

  47. I didn’t know Switzerland can get so hot in the summer! But having the unpredictable climate definitely makes it difficult to plan for what to wear. The scenery looks beautiful. I have never seen or heard alphorn in real life. That looks very interesting to me!

    1. It was particularly hot when we travelled, so much so that I regretted not carrying any shorts, I was sweating in trousers! But then after 4 days, it rained and got cold, so it was fine 🙂

  48. The entire country looks gorgeous! I love that you were able to see summer and snow in the same country, that is quite interesting. I have never been to Switzerland before but I must add it to my list, there is so much you can do in only two weeks as you listed.

    1. Yes, you are right, its perfect to be able to see lush greenery and white snow in the same country, within a span of a couple of hours!

  49. We all got that one country (or sometimes two) that grabs us and it will always hold a special place in the heart. Italy and Ireland are mine! I can see why you love Switzerland so much though, it really is a fairytale country as well. Loved the dusk photo of Lake Geneva, it just added to that fairytale feeling. Driving is always so much fun since you can stop where you want to but I love the train as well. Probably goes back to the romantic feel of riding the train!

    1. I know Switzerland is a lot more touristy than other places such as New Zealand, Norway, etc but I still love it, it’s so epic! And a road trip in such countries fives you so much flexibility to explore the hidden cafes, restaurants and such places in the middle of the mountains, something I love doing!

  50. Absolutely loved reading your post. Can’t wait for our trip now! We are planning to go for 1 week with our 5 yr old. What are the places you would recommend are must do? Also should we be taking the train rather than driving around?

    1. Unless it is not in your budget, I always recommend to rent a car and drive around because that gives you a lot of flexibility to stop anywhere, anytime. If you have only a week and you love the nature and countryside, I would advise you to skip the big cities such as Zurich and only visit the countryside. Maybe do the Rhine Falls and then move on towards Lucerne and Interlaken. You may skip Liechtenstein. You can also cut down on your time in Geneva.

  51. I promised myself that I will be visiting Switzerland this year or next. This guide is definitely helpful! My husband and I prefer to do roadtrips! We will most probably rent a car but I would love to try and ride the train at least once in Switzerland! Not sure if it’s possible, but I hope we could visit all of these in just 1 week.

    1. Oh 1 week only? It means you’ll be running around a bit too much without being able to give each of these places the time they deserve. If you have only a week, you may want to skip the big cities altogether.

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    Visiting the panoramic Mont Blanc cable car is on my list, hopefully very soon!!

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  54. Wow! What a beautiful narration! Pl help me, Ms Verma, what’s this chocolate train? And have you been yo Zermatt?

    1. Hi Binu, The chocolate train is a beautiful experience in which you board this charming train from Montreaux and they take you to a Nestle Chocolate Factory where you can see how chocolate is made, taste some of their chocolate and even buy if you want to. They also take you to the cheese factory for seeing how different types of cheeses are made, you can taste and buy too. They also take you to a very charming little town called Gruyeres where you can have lunch. It’s a full day trip. As for Zermatt, it is quite similar to most other places covered in this itinerary – we had to choose between Chamonix and Zermatt and decided to go with Chamonix because it sounded much better and little different from Mt Titlis and Jungfrau.

      1. Thanks Medhu, so I guess, chocolate train is a must visit with our 10 Yr old. And what about Eastern part of Swiss?

        1. 2 weeks were not enough for us to explore the entire country so we skipped the Eastern part. But I’ve heard they have some gorgeous train journeys there too.

          1. Hello Medhu, help me in this? How much it cost you from Montreux – Chamonix-Pt Helbronner. Is it a one day trip?

          2. I would not recommend doing Montreaux to Chamonix in one day. It is better covered from Geneva (and that too, is a 3.5-hour drive away). We had rented a car but I am sure you’ll be able to find other options!

      2. Hello Medhu,

        So, is it better to book Jungfrau in advance? But since Swiss has a highly unpredictable weather, isn’t it a loss of money, if we book in advance and it rains? How much it cost to Jungfrau?

        1. Hi Binu, most of the time Jungrau is easily available. However, slight chances are that the tickets might get sold out during peak season, especially if it is a weekend. To avoid disappointment, I advise to book in advance. I know the weather is unpredictable and it is bad luck (like it was for us) if you reach there on a day when the weather is not good. Either way, it is a risk! You’ll have to decide which is the risk you’re willing to take 🙂

  55. The post is fabulously detailed and lucrative ! I am already dreaming of my summer vacations in Switzerland:) could you also guide as to the cost per person. Like the air fare+hotels+basic food+car rental would cost how much.

    1. I actually do not like to include costs because it can be very different for different people. For example, if you stay in a hostel or Airbnb, you can get places much cheaper as compared to staying in a hotel. Its the same for food, some people stay in Airbnbs and cook, which saves a lot of money or just pick up sandwiches from supermarkets as compared to sitting in restaurants and eating. Airfare also depends on WHEN you book your tickets and where from! I have travelled in half the price to certain places as compared to some people because I spend time in researching for great deals. That is why I do not like to break down a trip into costs when I write my posts 🙂

  56. This was such a detailed post. I’ve only been to Geneva and was hoping you’d include a picture of Jet d’Eau – thanks for the trip down memory lane!

    1. To be honest, Zurich and Geneva were my least favourite places in Switzerland. I loved the countryside, the small towns and the mountains so much more than the cities.

  57. haven’t been to Switzerland yet so this is a very helpful and detailed itinerary. It’s great that everything is reachable by public transportation, however, I too would rent a car and drive through all the stunning scenery. Bahnhofstrasse especially sounds very stunning and it seems like a must visit for me when I go to Switzerland.

    1. I am always divided between taking scenic train journeys or driving around in such lovely places 🙂 Although it is more expensive to rent a car, it is amazing to be able to stop anywhere, anytime and enjoy the beauty of the place.

  58. When I was studying in Germany, I regretted not making it over to Switzerland for a long weekend. Now, I’m glad I didn’t try to reach it and miss out on so much! I would love to visit for 2 weeks and take a day trip to Liechtenstein. That castle is amazing. And who can resist those Swiss country roads?!

  59. Wow sounds like an incredible time! I would love to visit more of Europe and Switzerland is high on my list! When would you recommend the best time to visit is?

    1. Summer is usually the best time to go Katie, although it can get quite crowded, especially when its summer vacation time in schools (July/ August) because Switzerland is a popular family destination for tourists. I’d say although it would be slightly colder in June/Sep, it is still not that cold and would be a good time to visit!

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