Suggested 2-week itinerary for Croatia

Some of the clearest blue waters I have seen were in Croatia. It is very easy to fall in love with this gorgeous country - it's stunning coasts, red rooftops, the old town charm, laid-back vibe and amazing national parks that can give the likes of New Zealand. Norway and Canada a run for their money.

I would suggest a road-trip not less than 2 weeks (anything less than that would not do it justice!) starting from Zagreb, the capital city. Best time to travel is during the summer months: July & August. We went during the shoulder season - September and were a little bit disappointed that many parties and crazy nightlife places had actually shut down and we were greeted by very rainy weather.

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Day 1: Zagreb

The capital city of Croatia has a very laid back vibe during the afternoons and evenings and the numerous clubs and bars crank up the nightlife after 10 pm. I personally loved walking on the cobbled stone streets, from the Lower Town to the Upper Town. A must visit is this street called Tkalciceva, with hundreds of cafes lined up for more than a mile. Some other places you can walk to - Zagreb Cathedral, St Mark's church, Dolac Market (farmers market) and the Museum of Broken Relationships (read more about the quirky museum here).

For some really nice panoramic views of the city, head up Zagreb 360° - an observation deck on the 16th floor of the tower (Zagreb Eye) during the day or night for as less as USD 4. The observation deck is located right next to a bar where you can enjoy a few drinks with floor-to-ceiling glass offering amazing views.

Suggested budget stay for a couple/ solo travellers: ZICO Apartments 

View from Zagreb Eye
View from Zagreb Eye

Zagreb Cathedral
Zagreb Cathedral

St Mark's Church, Upper Town (Gornji grad)
St Mark's Church, Upper Town (Gornji grad)

Tkalciceva Street
Tkalciceva Street

Day 2: Zagreb - Plitvice Lakes National Park

Hardly a 2-hour drive from Zagreb is this National Park that my words fall short of describing. Waterfalls, forests, lakes, beautiful hiking trails that have mindblowing views - this is what you can expect from Plitvice Lakes National Park. The crystal clear green waters are so inviting that I recommend you spend at least 2 days exploring this park - one day at the Upper Lakes and the other at the Lower Lakes.

Suggested budget stay for a couple/ solo travellers: Pansion Breza

Plitvice Lakes National Park

The view of the lake and walking path from top

Day 3: Plitvice Lakes National Park

The hikes are not very tough, some of them are as simple as walking along the lake on the narrow wooden path, shaded by trees and hidden mysterious caves. Make sure you carry your water bottles and snacks in a backpack before you enter because once you're inside, there are hardly any places where you will find anything to drink or eat. Get your cameras ready and make sure they're charged, with enough memory to take lots of pictures!

The shaded walking path along the lake
The shaded walking path along the lake

Rainy weather but still so beautiful!

Day 4: Plitvice Lakes National Park - Zadar

A short 1.5-hour drive from Plitvice Lakes, Zadar is a town which is rich in history and culture. It is situated on the Adriatic Sea and it is such a pleasure to finally hit the Dalmatian coast.

Two absolutely must-visit places are the Sea Organ - a musical instrument that creates music because of the waves located under the marble steps, and the Old Town area situated between the city walls. Narrow lanes lined with cafes, boutique and souvenir shops and a vegetable market lead to the Church of St Donatus and St Anastasia's Cathedral. On a clear day, you must climb to the top of the Bell Tower of St Anastasia's Cathedral for some superb views of the town.

Zadar Old Town

Views from St Anastasia's Bell Tower

Day 5: Zadar - Krka National Park - Split

Hardly an hour's drive from Zadar is this another beautiful National Park, home to beautiful waterfalls, lush green forest and streams and lakes. Although I wouldn't say it is as beautiful as the Plitvice Lakes and may be skipped if you lack time, it's definitely worth spending a few hours in this pretty place.

If you are driving to the park, do not be fooled by the pushy people forcing you to use their parking lots at the entrance of the town of Skradin. Go all the way to the centre of the town, from where you will be able to take a boat to the park (sails every half an hour). The sailing time of the boat is 25 minutes and the place where the boat stops is a 5-minute walk from the waterfalls.

Alternatively, you can drive all the way to the entrance at Lozovac and take a short hike or a bus down to the village near the National Park. From here, you can enjoy a relaxed return hike of 2.5 hours inside the park.

Since the park does not require more than 4-5 hours of your time, you can drive towards Split in the evening, which is about an hour's drive away.

Suggested budget stay for a couple/ solo travellers in Split: Riva Rooms

View of Krka National Park from the bus (from Lozovak)

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Day 6: Split

A very lively and buzzing city, Split is a mix of the modern and the old. It is a famous port town that connects the mainland to many islands.

One day is enough to explore the town and maybe even take a short day trip to some nearby places that deserve a visit. Here are my suggestions on how to spend your day at Split:

  • Enjoy a nice morning walk, sip on coffee and have your breakfast at one of the main cafes and restaurants on the Riva Promenade
  • Visit Diocletian's Palace; climb to the top of the Bell Tower for some amazing views of the Adriatic Sea
  • Have some wine and lunch at the open-air restaurant, located right on the steps of the Royal Square - Lvxor. With live music and performance, the vibe is very chilled out. Alternatively, try Figa Food Bar which is located inside Diocletian's Palace, on the stone steps -  a modern vibe inside an ancient monument
  • You may choose to sit back and relax, spend the day walking around the cobbled streets, exploring the ancient buildings or step outside the town and drive towards Trogir, a historic town surrounded by medieval walls, which is charming because it takes you back in time. Trogir is only a 45-min drive from Split.

View of Split town from the sea

Diocletian's Palace

At the Riva Promenade

Day 7: Split - Hvar

If you are on a road trip like we were, look for a ferry that carries vehicles. Check the timetable beforehand, although you do not need to make any advance bookings, make sure that you're in the vehicle queue for your ferry at least 30 minutes before departure time. The journey lasts 1 hour.

Check ferries and their timetable here.

The ferry from Split to Hvar lands at Stari Grad, which is about 30 minutes away by road from Hvar Town. I would recommend you to stay in Hvar Town as this is where the lively nightlife and vibe can be found. Another beautiful town which is a maze of cobbled streets, numerous cafes and restaurants, boutique shops, located inside the city walls; a very ancient architecture with a cool and hip vibe.

The Groda or downtown area can only be accessed on foot so you will have to park your vehicle before entering the downtown area. Once you park the vehicle, you will take the stairs down to the coast, and along these stairs, you will have a lot of cafes, hotels, shops in a beautiful setting. I definitely recommend staying in one of the hotels in this area; although carrying luggage from the car to here can be a bit painful, it is worth it.

On this day, with limited time, I suggest you explore the Citadel (Fortress) which is located above the town and has some impressive views of the Pakleni Islands. Take it easy and enjoy the vibe of the island.

At night, if you're looking for a really great party to go to, take a boat to Carpe Diem Beach Bar. A boat from the downtown area leaves every 20 minutes during the peak season, and returns from the island all the way till wee hours of the morning.

A quick tip for seafood lovers - you must definitely try the Black Risotto, it is finger-licking good!

View from the Citadel

Hvar Town

Hvar Town - the promenade

Carpe Diem Beach

Suggested budget stay for a couple/ solo travellers in Hvar Town: Villa Town Gate

Day 8: Hvar

I would definitely recommend you to spend another couple of days here at the Hvar Islands. Here are a few recommendations about what all you can do in these two days:

  • Stroll around Stari Grad (30 minutes drive from Hvar Town), explore some of their churches. Of particular interest might be: the church of St John, the medieval chapel of St Jerome and the church of St Nicolas which dates back to the 14th century
  • Take a speedboat tour of the Pakleni Islands. These depart from the Hvar Town itself and can be either a full day tour of 6-8 hours or you may choose the half day tour of 4 hours. The Pakleni Islands are gorgeous and each has a distinct character of its own
  • Alternatively, if you do not want to take a long tour of all the islands, you can get a ferry to any one of the islands from the Hvar Town. We chose to explore the Palmižana Bay and it was absolutely gorgeous! The island has a lot of cafes and restaurants and you must carry your swimwear because the waters are extremely inviting.

Palmižana Bay

Day 9: Hvar - Bol - Hvar

Bol is on Brac Island, which is probably one of the prettiest I have seen. Blue waters that will leave you speechless, beaches that are mesmerising and views of the ocean that are unparalleled, this little island deserves a visit for sure. Only a 20-minute boat ride away from Jelsa (Hvar Islands), you have 2 options to get here - the catamaran that leaves at 6 am from Jelsa and returns at 4 pm from Bol may not be what you want, considering it is way too early to get here at 6 am. Don't worry, there are other ferries that depart from Jelsa as well, later in the day, although they take longer (1 hour) to get to the island. The ticket you purchase includes a round trip from Jelsa - Bol - Jelsa. Take a ferry around 10 am and return from the island around 5 pm. It's perfect to spend 6 hours on this island.

You can rent an ATV to explore the island. Here are two things you must do on this island:

  • Hike/ride on the ATV to Vidova Gora, the highest peak on the Dalmatian Islands. The hike is for about 2-hours and you're recommended to take plenty of water and a snack, wear good shoes and get ready for some steep climbing paths. If you decide to rent the ATV, it takes about 45 min one way from Bol but the trip is worth it because of amazing views from the summit.
  • You must also visit the Zlatni Rat beach with its turquoise blue waters, plenty of cafes and restaurants and enjoy a refreshing dip. Be ready for a very crowded beach because it is one of the most popular, owing to its distinctive shape.

Enjoying the lovely waters of Zlatni Rat beach, Bol

Approaching Zlatni Rat

View from Vidova Gora

View from the ATV, driving towards Vidova Gora

Day 10: Hvar - Makarska

Take a ferry from Sucuraj (1.5 drive from Hvar Town) to Drvenik (15 min ride only) and then drive towards Makarska Riviera (30-minute drive).

Unfortunately, due to bad weather, we couldn't make much of our time at Makarska. On a bright sunny day, the place has some of the most amazing beaches of Croatia, with beach lounges, cafes and restaurants lined along the coast and amazing white sandy beaches. Of these, the beaches that deserve a special mention are - Punta Rata beach, Brela and Dugi Rat.

Day 11: Makarska - Dubrovnik (detour to Mostar)

The drive from Makarska to Dubrovnik is said to be one of the prettiest drives in the region. Since we had some time, we decided to take a detour to Mostar, which is actually a part of Bosnia and Herzegovina and requires for you to cross the border. However, this is not a big deal, the border crossing is very smooth. The drive from Makarska to Mostar is about 1.5 hours and the Mostar town is an interesting one to visit.

A town that feels very ancient yet so beautiful with the Stari Most bridge and the valley surrounding it, Bosnia is not yet very used to seeing a lot of tourists from outside their country. We were welcomed by curious stares and a lot of locals were interested to know where we were travelling from. Yet, the people seemed very friendly and helpful. There is a distinct Turkish influence which is visible - in the numerous cafes and shisha lounges as well as the bazaars.

The highlight of the town is, of course, the Stari Most bridge and the extremely daring people jumping off it! I recommend to sit back and relax, sip on a coffee or enjoy a snack in one of the cafes right next to the bridge and watch in awe as these people jump off the 30-meter high bridge.

The drive from Mostar to Dubrovnik is about 2.5 hours, you must try to leave by early evening so that you can enjoy the beautiful views.

Suggested budget stay for couples/ solo travellers in Dubrovnik: Apartments Kazo

The valley surrounding Stari Most

Stari Most (old bridge) Mostar - man getting ready to jump

The old Mostar town and its Ottoman influence

Day 12 - 14: Dubrovnik

The most charming city in Croatia, Dubrovnik boasts of a character that no other city can match. Be it the city walls that offer indisputably gorgeous views of the sea below, or the charming restaurants and bars located on the cliffs, the cable car that takes you to the top of Mount Srd for some breathtaking views of this ancient walled city, Dubrovnik is a postcard-perfect place.

Click here to read Where to Stay in Dubrovnik.

Parking is a nightmare in the town area. You might have to park in one of the public garages which are expensive but might be your only option. Parking on the street, if available, is extremely expensive and can lead to hefty fines if you falter in paying on time at the meters.

Here are a few things I recommend you to do in Dubrovnik-

  • Enjoy a stroll along the city walls which are dotted with cafes and viewing points, from where the gorgeous clear blue waters below seem so inviting and refreshing, you will not be able to get enough of it
  • Sip on a refreshing cocktail at Buza Bar, located right at the edge of a cliff, as you watch the young daring people jump off from the cliff into the sea below
  • A very off-beat thing to try is a kayak tour in a glass bottom kayak to explore the Lokrum Island, which is about 3-hours return.
  • Walk around Stradun, lined with numerous shops selling souvenirs, clothes, accessories and what not
  • Get your own Game of Thrones souvenir; get yourself clicked on the throne itself in Dubrovnik City Shop. If you buy a souvenir, the photo is free of charge else you might have to queue up and pay just for getting a photo on the throne
  • Enjoy a lovely candlelit dinner in either Gils or Nautika, located on the city walls
  • Dubrovnik Cable Car: this is a must do! The views from the top of the entire city below are so breathtaking, that you will not regret it. You may also sip on a cocktail or enjoy some wine and cheese at the restaurant above
  • Take a dip in the crystal clear blue waters. You may visit the Banje beach, one of the most popular ones, where you can enjoy some lively vibe and music at the beach club while soaking up the sun

Mohit striking a pose on the Iron Throne, GOT souvenir shop

The ancient walled city, view from top of Mount Srd

Old Town, Dubrovnik


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  1. When in Croatia, I’ve been to many places you are introducing – hence, I even have very similar pictures 😀 My favorite spots were Plitvice, Split, and, of course, Dubrovnik. Plitvice is just mesmerizing. In Split, I didn’t have the black Risotto but black, homemade noodles – I’m still dreaming of them 😉

  2. On the travel wish list! Would love to head back for a longer stay. Several cruise port stops were not enough. I am glad that you have provided a 2 week itinerary for us to use as a base. It has a great mix of cities and natural beauty. We would build in some down time on the beach too! That gorgeous water just calls to us! We would happily travel in shoulder season when the parties have died down!

    1. Croatia was one of my favourite countries to travel to. I definitely think it deserves more than just cruise stops, there’s so much to do and see! Hope you’re able to make it for a longer trip soon xx

  3. Your itinerary is so informative. WHere do you suggest we stay in Hvar and Zagreb? Which area? Also how do we reach Pltivice, do the tours organise pick up or is there a bus that goes there?

    1. Hi Priyanka, I always recommend staying in the city centre because it makes the best places walkable or close by. I stayed 5 min away from the central train station, near the Tomislav square and it was a great decision, I could walk everywhere I needed to go. In Hvar, I chose to stay at Hvar Town, another fantastic decision as it was THE place to be in Hvar. You cannot take your vehicles into the old town itself, so if you rent a car, you’ll have to park it as soon as you enter the fortress walls and then you can get to one of the hotels along the stairs that go down to the sea, which are really cool. As for Plitvice, again, I stayed very close to one of the entrances so literally just walked to it but yes, they have several buses running inside the park, you don’t need a tour operator for this. Plitvice Lakes national park has several entrances, you could choose to find a BnB close to any one of them and walk to the entrance, from where you can take a bus to wherever you need to go. You will find an extensive and detailed map on their website. As for suggested places to stay, you’ll find some in my post itself. It’s been 3 years since I visited so just make sure you have a quick read of the reviews before you go ahead and book it.

    2. Hey just wanted to check which bus company to use for internal travel between split and zagreb etc?

      1. I drove! It’s a short journey, I guess it won’t make much difference which company you use.

  4. I got to visit Croatia soon firstly for Plitvice National Park and secondly for all those awesome Game of Thrones location. However, as usual, I love your itineraries. That’s a perfect 2-week in Croatia I would like to spend seeing almost every important site.

    1. I’m not a GoT fan, to be honest, but Plitvice Lakes is definitely one of the best places I’ve seen!

  5. I’ve also spent two weeks in Croatia, but had a somewhat different itinerary. I didn’t get to visit Zagreb and Hvar, so I kind of envy you for that. I’m planning to return to Croatia sometimes next year, so I’ll make sure to add these two destinations to my list as well. You really inspired me to go see them.

    1. You didn’t miss much by not going to Zagreb but Hvar was truly amazing. If you do make it, don’t miss Bol, Brac. It’s a beautiful island town.

    1. Sounds great! I also have a post on the blog about what to do in Budapest (I was there for 4 days myself), which you can read to plan your Budapest itinerary. 2 weeks is perfect for Croatia, I’m not really aware of the best parties to be honest, although Hvar had some really good ones (all night parties). I highly recommend to include Bol (Brac) day trip from Hvar because of the lovely coastal drives and beaches, Zagreb for a lively vibe, Plitvice lakes for the natural beauty, and Hvar for the nightlife. Of course, Dubrovnik has some great places in the Old Town area as well.

  6. Can you please help me plan my iternary
    I am landing in Budapest on 22nd may and also return from Budapest on 8 th June
    That makes around 17 nights
    We are planning a road trip
    We are two couples
    Looking for the best parties in crotia
    Not interested much in historical places and churches or museums

    1. Hi Rajiv, not sure where you’re planning to spend your entire 17 nights, are you going to split it between Croatia and Hungary only or do you plan to cover other countries as well?

  7. A few years back we chartered a gullet and visited many Croatian islands. It was so beautiful. In addition, we spent time in Dubrovnik and Split. You are right – some of the bluest waters I have ever seen were in Croatian. There is also so much history. I’d love to go to Plitvice Lakes National Park. I’ve heard so much about it. Your photos make me really want to go there!

    1. Plitvice Lakes are amazing, probably my second favourite place in Croatia after Dubrovnik 🙂

  8. I love your post, it’s really nice. I’m Croatian and I’m so glad to see posts about my country. Love all the places where have you been. I hope you had a great time! Especially Zagreb and Dubrovnik are so magical.

  9. Hi Medha
    We are visiting Croatia for 6 nts. 2 nts Dubrovnik 2 nts hvar/ split( kindly suggest) 2 nts Zagreb.
    1) split or hvar where to stay we are 3 couples with 4 children.
    2) is it too pushy for doing plitvice on the way from hvar to Zagreb?
    3) best way to transfer from Dubrovnik to hvar/ split.
    Your suggestion is much needed as we are confused. TIA

    1. Hi Ashwani. You could reduce the amount of time you’re spending in Zagreb (1 night is enough) and give that extra time to Plitvice instead. It is a long drive from Hvar to Plitvice but manageable, if you’re going to spend a night in Plitvice. As for suggestions to stay, there are some hotels I have suggested in this post itself. If not these ones, the location of these hotels was fantastic so you could look for something similar in the same area. Are you renting a car? If you can, it’s the best way to go around.

      1. Hi Medha,
        Thanks for your quick reply. Will definitely stay in plitvice then. Can you suggest where to stay for two nights split or hvar?

  10. Hi Medha,

    I plan to visit Croatia in the 1st week of June along with few friends. It’s going to be a 6 days tour..Would be great if you could suggest the must see places that are possible to cover in 6 days. Thanks !!

    1. I suggest Plitvice Lakes(1.5) – Split(1.5) – Dubrovnik(3). If you’re taking a road trip, starting from Zagreb, you can spend a day at Zagreb and then drive to Plitvice, then drive to Split and eventually Dubrovnik. Do try to stop at Zadar for a few hours between Pltivice and Split and try to stop for a few hours at Makarska in between Split & Dubrovnik. In my opinion, Plitvice Lakes & Dubrovnik were the 2 highlights of my trip. Hope that helps!

  11. I love Croatia – for such a tiny place there are so many stunning locations! Plitvice never ceases to amaze me – your pics are fab. I like Trogir, Pag and Nin too – smaller islands. And, Zadar – quieter than Split and just as stunning

  12. This is just what I was looking for, as I have Croatia on my mind for the summers. Quite an extensive and interesting guide, I must say. Would love to check out the national parks, as am more of an nature person than a city person. However, I am definitely going to visit Dubrovnik, specially for my GoT trail.

    1. Oh yes, for GoT fans, Dubrovnik is a must. Plitvice Lakes is also pretty awesome, don’t miss that one!

  13. I absolutely love this travel guide! I would so much like to walk the cobbled streets of Zagreb and Dubrobnik and I would love to be able to take pictures in Plitvice National Park – it looks like such a great location. Love your pics, by the way! They really make me want to go as soon as possible to Croatia 😉

  14. With the exception of Hvar and Bol islands, we basically did this itinerary when we did a road trip all around Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia. I wasn’t all that impressed with Zadar, so I’d skip that if I were to do it again and instead spend more time somewhere else. We particularly liked Split and there are some beautiful islands you can hop around to from Split. We didn’t get to visit Krka, and I wish we had gone there instead of Plitvice or instead of Zadar. We were completely unimpressed with Plitvice.

    1. Wow, really? I loved Plitvice and I’m surprised that you didn’t enjoy your experience there.

  15. Croatia is a place I really hadn’t heard much about, and therefore really hasn’t made it onto my bucket list. However, your pictures look stunning, and it looks like you had an absolute blast! I’ll definitely have to add it to my list now!

  16. Croatia is magical! We spent a week on a Croatia cruise and then drove the ENTIRE coast, so many tunnels and sketchy roads on the coast. We are looking at returning this summer, thanks for the itinerary ideas.

  17. Croatia does seem like it has lots to offer to tourists. Mohit looks thoughtful in that throne. 🙂 I thing Croatia was featured in one of the Bollywood movies, ever since I have been wanting to get there. Excellent pics which trigger travel pangs.

    1. Bollywood movies are shot in some of the most exotic destinations, even before they’re popular. I won’t be surprised if one was shot in Croatia long before it became such a hot tourist destination 🙂

  18. Having only visited Croatia by boat (on a sailing holiday) it’s really useful to get driving times from and to places for future use. For example I had no idea that Plitvice Lakes was only a 1.5hr drive from Zadar. It looks utterly amazing. What accommodation did you stay near Plitvice National Park? Would love to visit here hiking with my kids.

    1. There are quite a few places you can stay at near Plitvice. I stayed at a cosy little guest house with amazing food and great hospitality called Pansion Breza.

  19. I have been seeing a lot of beautiful reports from Zadar and Drubrovnik but Plitvice has just skyrocketed up the list. The water is so blue and it looks so peaceful. Wow, we are going to have to visit there. Stunning photography.

  20. That looks like a very complete itinerary! It is full of viewpoints with incredible views, which I particularly like! The view from Vidova Gora is absolutely stunning!! It’s great to include Mostar in the itinerary too, not everyone would think of doing it.

    1. Mostar wasn’t a very long detour so we decided to cover it on our trip. It was a great idea!

  21. This post has me drooling. I visited Croatia for the first time in 2017 and loved Dubrovnik but I barely scratched the surface. Every one of these places looks stunning.

  22. I have yet to make it to Croatia, but your pictures are convincing me it needs to happen soon! I’ve seen so many beautiful pictures from Plitvice Lakes National Park and really want to visit.

  23. I loved Croatia, but didn’t see as much as you. I’d really like to see Zagreb, and visit Split too. Plitvice Lakes are stunning and really worth seeing. I’d also love to see Hvar island too!

    1. Hvar Islands and the day-trip to Bol (apart from Dubrovnik and Plitvice) are the top things I’d recommend to someone with not a lot of time. Hope you’re able to visit these on your next trip x

  24. Croatia is on my travelling list from a long time…I am just love with this place… I am from India, so what is the best season to travel there? I will be travelling with my wife…..

    1. Usually, the best time to travel is summer Jun – Aug although it does get super crowded. Try going during the shoulder season (May, Sept), the weather is great and crowds also less.

  25. I have traveled several times to Croatia and I loved it. I will for sure go back again. My favorite is without doubt Hvar (I fell in love the first time I’ve been there).

  26. I’m loving your posts from this part of the world and this Croatia post has got those cogs in my head turning again. I used to work with a girl from Croatia and she would tell me how amazing it was. I’ve known Croatia to be a beautiful country without ever looking into it. However this post has bought that to life 😀

    1. Glad to hear that Amit. Until sometime back, it was considered an off-beat destination to visit. However, a lot of people are flocking to this country now, it’s such an eclectic mix of history, natural beauty, culture and a lively vibe.

  27. I love Croatia, it is such a beautiful country. I have visited Zargreb, Split, Plitvice & Dubrovnik. Hvar looks beautiful, I will have to visit there next time 🙂

    1. Maybe next time you can visit Hvar 🙂 Do visit Zlatni Rat beach on Bol if you plan to go to Hvar.

  28. Gorgeous photography! I have always wanted to go to Croatia for the natural attractions, which you have really showcased. The cities and towns look really lovely as well though, I especially love the orange and white buildings. When is the best time to visit?

    1. Kate the best time to visit is usually summer: June to August. However, it is also when it is the most crowded. If you’re looking to avoid the crowds then the shoulder season (May, September) is also pretty cool but then you’ve to be prepared for unpredictable weather. We went in the first week of September and experienced a lot of rainy and overcast days.

  29. Croatia is definitely on my hit list – I’ve heard so many amazing things about it! I like that you’ve mixed up your itinerary with things to suit all tastes – and your pictures are beautiful, as always x

  30. Very good suggestions. Two weeks is a long trip! I am more of a weekend trip type person. If you had to suggest two days, what would you recommend?

    It is nice there are so many things to do. I loved the photo of that boardwalk that went along the water. It looked peaceful. In addition, the beach view from that ATV looked pretty amazing. Did you get time to enjoy the beach?

    1. If you have only the weekend, I would suggest Dubrovnik, it’s definitely the one city that stood out in its character. A few more days and Plitvice Lakes can be added to that list 🙂

  31. Croatia is on on bucket list and your post is making me want to book a ticket right now! Thank you the details and your pictures are amazing. I agree, two weeks are the minimum to explore this destination. Loved it!

    1. I could’ve spent more time exploring Makarska, even two weeks did not seem enough! I agree it’s a beautiful country.

  32. This itinerary is a great mix of nature and culture which makes it perfect for me. I still haven’t been to Croatia so i’m keeping this saved for the day I go. Thanks

  33. I visited Croatia but only for about a week and certainly didn’t see everything I wanted to see. I visited Zargreb but it was my least favourite place, split I liked, Plitvice National Park is stunning, I loved my time there and Dubrovnik is amazing. This month I will be visiting Mostar which I am excited about, it looks like a stunning place 🙂

    1. I agree, although I like the vibe of Zagreb, there’s so much more and better to see in other cities. Mostar is lovely too, it was amazing how people looked at us, it seemed they were not used to seeing a lot of tourists around. I felt like we were under the spotlight, and people were curious about us, in a friendly way 🙂 I just spent a few hours there, maybe will visit Bosnia for longer next time.

  34. Croatia is now definitely on my must-see places and OMG at Plitvice! It looks incredibly beautiful! Can you swim at Plitvice Lake? I bet the scenery you saw while on a roadtrip was also pretty amazing!

    1. Unfortunately, you cannot swim in the Plitvice Lakes. They have pretty cool walking paths along the lakes though. Plitvice and Dubrovnik were my two favourite places in Croatia!

  35. This is a really informative and interesting read. So much on offer in Croatia – who knew?
    I’d love to visit one day and write about it. You’ve certainly given me some motivation, thank you.

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