5 quirky places that will stump you

The world is a strange place! And we humans are no less strange. Here are 5 quirky places we have been to that will leave you speechless, wondering what led to their conception. While it is hard to understand the workings of a human mind, nature is no less bewildering.

Get ready to get your quirk on!

#1 Cappadocia's Love Valley

I cannot get over these phallic-shape rocks in Cappadocia, Turkey. And the most interesting thing about them is that they are natural! What on earth had to happen for these rocks to look like a dick parade?

Cappadocia Love Valley
Cappadocia Love Valley

#2 Sedlec Bone Church, Kutna Hora

Just an hour's drive from Prague, Czech Republic, this is a small medieval gothic church from the outside, but the interiors will make your skin crawl. The church is made up of over 40,000 human skeletons and really makes you wonder why someone would go through the effort of bringing together dead people's skulls and bones for this!

Sedlec Bone Church, Czech Republic
Sedlec Bone Church, Czech Republic

#3 Museum of Broken Relationships, Zagreb

The capital city of Croatia with its old town charm and cafes spilling over the cobbled streets also has one of the quirkiest museums I've seen. A display of memories, stories, and relics from those with a broken heart, this is a museum dedicated to failed relationships! Pretty eccentric, eh?

Wow, get over it already!

#4 Museum of Sex, New York

Here's another one - Museum of Sex, New York, and its very explicit exhibits is another quirky place in my list. The best thing here was probably the bouncy castle of breasts. Lol. Here's a picture of my husband, jumping of joy. Facial expression - pure ecstasy!

Bouncy Castle of Breasts, Museum of Sex, New York

#5 Phra Nang Cave, Krabi

This cave, located on Thailand's Krabi Islands, is actually a phallic shrine! The wooden penises are apparently offerings by the local fishermen to the goddess-spirit, believing it will lead to a better catch. Umm... I am at a loss for words!

Phallic offerings at Phra Nang Cave, Krabi

Have you seen any quirky places - natural or man-made? Leave your comments below and let me know!

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20 thoughts on “5 quirky places that will stump you”

  1. There are some very weird and quirky places all over the world that is for sure, theres a few places I’ve come across that have just stumped me and some that really just amazed me. As weird is this sounds the Sedlec Bone Church took my interest on this post because I used to live in Pardubice in Czech but I didn’t know about this place, I think I would have visited out of curiosity haha.

    1. I absolutely loved the Sedlec Bone Church! It was hardly an hour’s train journey from Prague and the town itself was so sleepy and laid back, such a contrast to Prague!

  2. These are so cool! I have visited the Museum of Sex but would love to go to the others, so fun!

  3. I love these! I’d love to visit the church in Czech Republic, and the rocks in Turkey. I found a really strange museum in Ghent, Belgium – it had a whole floor dedicated to puberty!! ? X

    1. Haha thank you. I don’t know how I stumble upon such places, I don’t really go looking for them 😀

  4. I love finding quirky things when traveling. I was in Krabi last year, wish i’d known about the Phra Nang Cave!

    1. We took the 4-islands boat tour and one of the islands was Railay. The cave was right at the beach 🙂

  5. Oh goodness me. How funny is this? I think my husband would also enjoy bouncing on the bouncy breasts!

  6. I really want to go to Cappadocia, its been on my list for a while. One day I will get there. I went to a church in Portugal made of bones too!! I never made it to Krabi, but that looks like an interesting shrine!!

    1. Cappadocia is interesting as a town, not just the Love Valley but also these underground cities they have, so spooky to imagine people actually had to live there during an attack!

  7. Oh my gosh! Quirky doesn’t quite sum it up. Hahahahaa!!! That’s just a lot of phallic symbols for one post. 😀 And the little church filled with bones is just creepy. Who knew??

    1. Humans having a twisted mind – understandable. But nature?! That’s insane 🙂

  8. First time I have seen Mohit so happy without a Beer in hand.. 🙂
    Very well jotted lines like a pro.. keep them coming !!

  9. Wonderful reading your blog. Enjoyed reading about these weird/ interesting places – and the photos are nice. May the travel bug be with you.

  10. Love it Medha! I havn’t been to Museum of sex yet LOL.. on my list ? your writing is crisp, funny… Makes you wanna keep reading!

    1. Haha thank you! You live in New York, you should visit! It’s interesting 😉

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