What to do in Dublin in 48 hours

Dublin, the capital of Ireland, is a city where the old town charm meets the decadent, trendy and vibrant atmosphere, rare to any other part of the country. Medieval castles, cathedrals and architectural wonders stand right next to the chaos of a bustling city. Live music, street performances and friendly locals greet you as you walk around exploring the cobbled stone streets and markets of the old town. Dublin is never quiet, be it day or night, weekday or weekend so no matter when you arrive here, you’ll get to experience the same energy and vibrancy. Here’s what to do in Dublin in 48 hours.

Day 1:

St Patrick's Cathedral 

What to do in Dublin

If you're covering Dublin in 48 hours, this is a good place to start. Built way back in the 12th and 13th centuries, the cathedral is one of the largest in Ireland. This was where St Patrick himself baptised the local Celtic chieftains and since then, the building has fallen prey to several tragedies such as fires and storms, leaving it damaged in parts. It has thus been altered many times, the last restoration being in 1860s. This is also where the literary legand, Jonathan Swift, was buried.

What to do in Dublin
St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin

Both the architecture and the interiors of the cathedral are breathtaking. There is an entrance fee of €7 to visit parts of the cathedral, except the chapel. The best pictures of this Gothic masterpiece can be captured from the park right outside, where you can also enjoy a leisurely walk.

What to do in Dublin

Dublin Castle

On Day 1 of your Dublin in 48 hours itinerary, this is the second stop, situated only a 10-minute walk away from St Patrick's cathedral.

Once home to the Vikings, Dublin Castle dates back to the 13th century. Although not one of the most impressive castles in Ireland, Dublin Castle's architecture is quite impressive and it makes for a good introduction to the history of Ireland. The castle has served as a military fortress, prison, treasury and a political centre for over 700 years. Today, it's an exhibition of the stately lifestyle as well as a centre for important events such as Presidential Inaugrations.

what to do in Dublin

You have the option of a self-guided tour for €7 or a guided tour for €10 which lasts for about an hour. I would recommend to spend the extra €3 if you're interested in the history of the castle and how it's use evolved over a period of time.

Unfortunately, during our visit, the castle was shut for an event. We did enjoy a leisurely walk outside the castle though, marveling at the architecture. The castle is located right in the historic centre of Dublin and is thus, very easy to get to. It also makes for a great place to start your walking tour of the town.

Trinity College and Book of Kells 

Another 10 minute walk from Dublin castle is Trinity College, the 3rd stop on your Day 1 of Dublin in 48 hours itinerary.

The history of Trinity College may or may not interest you, but the architecture and landscaping certainly will. Most of the buildings date back to the 18th and 19th centuries and the college was the learning ground of various literary legends such as Samuel Beckett, Oscar Wilde and Jonathan Swift. The entry to the college is free, however, there is a charge of €11 to enter the greatest treasure of the college – the Old Library housing the ‘Book of Kells’.

The ‘Book of Kells’ is an illuminated manuscript of the four Gospels of the New Testament, created in 800 AD by monks. The history of the book is highlighted in various columns inside the Old Library, but the most impressive part of this visit is the Long Room, the main chamber of the library which houses more than 200,000 old and rare literature.

what to do in Dublin
Long Room, Old Library, Trinity College, Dublin

Tip: The Old Library tends to be very busy during the peak summer months, with queues to enter. You may want to buy the Fast Track ticket for an extra €3. The visiting time is until 5 pm, so make it there in time, keeping at least an hour for your experience.

Irish Whiskey Museum (1 min walk)

Located right across the road from the entrance to Trinity College, is the Irish Whiskey Museum. A display of barrels of whiskey is what attracted me to step inside this museum. Although I am not much of a whiskey drinker (and have hardly any knowledge about it), considering how popular the Irish whiskey is, I decided to learn a bit about it myself. From the popular Irish brands such as Jameson, Teelings to some newer ones, a tour of this museum is interesting to learn about the origins of whiskey distilling in Ireland. You have the option to choose from a Classic Tour (€18) or a Premium Tour (€22), including 3 whiskey tastings.

My favourite part, however, was the retail shop that had the best collection of Irish whiskey chocolates I have ever seen!

Grafton Street

You Dublin in 48 hours itinerary MUST include a visit to the most popular shopping street in Ireland since Victorian times. The Whiskey Museum marks the beginning of Grafton Street, lined with a variety of retail stores, cafes, souvenir shops, restaurants and hotels. This cobbled-stone street was also mentioned in Ed Sheeran’s song “Galway Girl’ in 2017, sparking a lot of interest and speculation about the ‘bar’ that he refers to. Be prepared to stroll amongst dense crowds, redbrick buildings, narrow by-lanes, upmarket stores and live artists performing on this pedestrianized street. It is the liveliest place in Dublin, next to only Temple Bar, with a chicer atmosphere and lesser rowdy crowd.

What to do in Dublin
Grafton Street

Optional: St Stephen's Greens

At the other end of Grafton Street lies Dublin's favourite park - St Stephen's Green, an area that was once used as a ground for public prosecution. Today, this landscaped centre-piece of Dublin is a local favourite due to its bucolic setting in the middle of a busy city.

Dublin in 48 hours

Day 2:

Day trip to Howth

If you're exploring Dublin in 48 hours, a half-day trip to this small fishing village is a great idea. A scenic (partially coastal) 45-minute drive outside Dublin brings you to the idyllic village of Howth. The highlights here are the Howth Castle & Lighthouse but if you're a hiking enthusiast, there are some pretty cool picturesque trails here.

  • Howth Castle

On your day trip in Howth, the Howth Castle is a good place to start. Although more than 800 years old, the castle is still inhibited by a historical family. You can, however, roam the castle's vicinity, where you will find a cafe, a restaurant and massive gardens (and a golf course) offering breathtaking views of the castle and the coast in the backdrop.

What to do in Dublin
Howth Castle

One can explore the interior of the castle as well but only through a private guided tour, available on Sundays during the summer months. Certain areas such as the Great Hall and dining room are open to the visitors on these guided tours and portraits, furnishings as well as artifacts on display are a good way to learn about the history of the castle.

What to do in Dublin
Howth Castle

  • Howth Cliff Walk Loop

This very scenic and easy 6-km hiking loop starts from Howth Village's train station and is well marked. With clear views of the rugged coastline and passing through some pubs and restaurants, the leisurely walk can take you up to 2 hours, depending on your speed and number of stops. You can find more details about the hiking trail here.

  • Howth Lighthouse

What to do in Dublin
Howth Lighthouse

This lighthouse was a delight for the eyes and a catchy one for anyone visiting Howth. It was an extremely breezy day when we visited, despite the bright sun shining down on us. The charming lighthouse is a short walk from the car park on the ferry pier and on a clear day, you will have amazing views of Ireland's Eye island across.

what to do in Dublin
Howth Lighthouse

  • Saint Mary's Abbey

Not too far from the lighthouse is St Mary's Abbey, which although is shut itself, does allow you to walk in the abbey's ground, which offers amazing views of the cliffs, the coast and the Howth Lighthouse. The ruined church is still used for burials and is pretty impressive to look at.

Dublin in 48 hours

Back in Dublin

Exploring Dublin in 48 hours can be a challenge and you need to pick and choose the places of interest as per your choices. If you're not satisfied with the time you've spent in Dublin, you may choose to skip the half day trip to Howth.

Guinness Storehouse

Since I am not much of a fan of beer, I skipped this one. However, this multi-storey brewery is an audiovisual and interactive exhibition covering all aspects of the brewery's history and the brewing process. You also get to taste a pint at the end of the tour. Read more about the experience here.

Ha'penny Bridge & Temple Bar

what to do in Dublin
Ha'penny Bridge

I really wanted to capture a picture of this lovely bridge at sunset but considering how late the sun sets in Ireland in summer, I could not manage to do so! The bridge is not as old as many other buildings in Dublin but has its own history. The name of the bridge is derived from the toll that its users were supposed to pay if they wanted to cross it (half penny). Before the existence of this bridge, the citizens had only the option of ferries to cross from one side to another. For the next 100 years, this only existing pedestrian bridge across River Liffey extracted toll frok its users, after which it was removed.

Until a few years back, several 'love locks' adorned this bridge but this led to damage and the love locks eventually had to be removed to ensure the safety and protection of this heritage bridge.

Temple Bar

What to in Dublin
Temple Bar, Dublin

Located on the South Bank of Ha'penny Bridge is the famous street of Dublin called Temple Bar. A tour of Dublin in 48 hours will be incomplete without a visit to this lively, pulsating street which has some of the best pubs with live music and 'craic'- the Irish reference to having a good time. The red building of The Temple Bar is one of the most photographed (and most visited) bars of this street but there are several other places where you can enjoy great music, food and ambiance.

I visited a few pubs, in search for the perfect music and ambiance and chanced upon this really cool one, which I did not find in too many google searches but I absolutely adored it. The music was not traditional Irish but a mix of modern tunes with Irish instruments - a perfect blend I'd say. If you're in Dublin, do pay a visit to The AULD Dubliner. It was my favourite place, hands down.

Dublin in 48 hours
Temple Bar, Dublin

Optional: Jameson or Teelings Distillery

Once again, if you're a whiskey enthusiast, you might want to visit and take a tour of one of the Whiskey Distilleries in Dublin. Both Jameson Whiskey and Teelings Whiskey have their distilleries in Dublin, not too far from the city centre and offer whiskey tasting tours.

Dublin in 48 hours: suggested budget places to stay

I found the hotels and apartments in the city centre extremely expensive to stay in! I did visit during the peak season (summer) and Ireland is overall quite expensive so I wasn't surprised. Since I had a car rented, I looked for a budget place which was not within the city centre but not too far either.

Closer to city: Dublin Viking's Place, located about 10 minutes drive away from the city centre, it is in a quiet location, in a residential area but near restaurants and supermarkets.

Closer to airport: White Sands Hotel, located in a coastal village called Malahide which has its fair share of pubs and restaurants (even a castle), only a 10 minute drive from the airport.

Dublin in 48 hours: commuting in the city

Note: Driving in Ireland was a pleasure but not in Dublin. The narrow lanes tend to get extremely crowded and traffic jams are common. Also, finding a parking in the streets can be next to impossible and although there are several multi-storeyed parking lots available, they're expensive to park your car in. If possible, avoid driving while you're in Dublin and rent your car only once you're ready to leave the city and explore the countryside.

You can purchase a Leap Visitor Card that allows you unlimited use of the public transportation in Dublin at a reduced cost and is valid on Airlink, Dublin Bus, Luas, DART, and Commuter Rail.

Click here to read about Driving the Ring of Kerry in Ireland.

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  1. Thanks for this inspiring post! I’ll be traveling to Dublin in February to attend an archaeological conference. It will be held inside the Dublin Castle, so I suppose that I’ll get to visit the castle too, which is good since it seems like it’s often closed to the public because of events. I’ll only have a free day after my conference, so not sure that I get to visit all the things you mentioned in this post. But I will definitely try to see the Book of Kells!

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  4. These are great suggestions for covering Dublin in 48 hours. I didn’t realise the castle was right in the historic centre of Dublin. It certainly makes planning and time management a lot easier. St Stephen’s Greens look like the perfect place to take a break.

    1. It’s a really lovely city – history, nature and an amazing vibe, all in one place!

  5. Dublin has always attracted us a lot and we are just waiting for the moment to go and explore it. The architecture there looks amazing and watch tower is always our favorite. We would love checking the Howth castle and the views from there look incredible. Great pictures gal.

  6. Great post! I never knew Dublin has so much to offer, medieval castles and churches, distilleries and fabulous day trips to more castles. And St.Stephenes Greens, just love that picturesque green space to give a breather from the city.

  7. Though I have never been to Dublin or Ireland, somehow I feel close to the place. Maybe the effect of reading and re-reading the book, “Trinity”, a magnum opus of Leon Uris, that is a fictional commentary about the history of Ireland and its people. Dublin, of course, has a real old world charm that sweeps across your post. So many sights and experiences to pack in 48 hours. St. Patrick’s Cathedral, of course, looks magnificent, the stain glass windows are exquisite and exude an aura of mysticism. Hope to visit someday and your itinerary and tips are going to come in real handy.

    1. You will love Ireland, I assure you. It’s the perfect combination of medieval architecture, countryside, great coastal drives, small villages and towns, and a lively vibe. A charming country!

  8. I’ve been wanting to visit Ireland for quite sometime now. Thank you for sharing this guide especially for Dublin. I’m drawn to the castles and the beautiful cathedral!

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    1. Butler’s whiskey and Irish creme chocolates were the best things I got back with me.

  10. That is a great 2 day itinerary for Dublin. I would love to be in that stunning library. The story of the Ha-Penny bridge is so cute…and its so great that the name has stayed on.

  11. I was in Dublin only for one hour and Couldn’t do anything. I would like to go back and explore the city. I might go there for a weekend (48-hour) and since I don’t like to waste my time queuing, I would go for fast track .

    1. I can imagine an hour is too less! Fast track is a great idea, especially since you don’t need to pay a lot extra for it!

  12. This was awesome! I actually spent 48 hours in Dublin and did most of these things! I took a day trip to the west coast too which was lovely. I think you can see most of Dublin in 24 hours if you love walking! Great read.

  13. I love Dublin – such a great place just to wander round. I went a few years ago for Halloween and spent a couple of days there – quite a lively time to be there. I love the area around Grafton Street and of course Temple Bar and the Ha’Penny bridge. I hadn’t come across Howth Castle so now I have an excuse to go back again

    1. Howth makes for a good day trip from Dublin. Since you’ve seen most of what there is to see, I guess it’d be a good idea to get away from the city and explore the smaller towns on your next trip.

  14. Funnily enough, I did a lot of the same activities as you when we visited Dublin a couple of years ago. I’m a sucker for books, so the long room at Trinity College is a must-see for me. We stayed in Temple Bar itself, but luckily we had a quiet room at the back of the hotel, cos it certainly is a raucous area! Will look up the Auld Dubliner pub next time we are there.

    1. Unfortunately everything in Temple Bar was pricey so we stayed a bit far from the area but we had a car, so that helped!

  15. Wow, you have listed lot many things to do in Dublin within 48 hours. I would love to go for Howth castle, Trinity College and those whiskey chocolates tour. Temple Bar also looks like a beautiful and quirky place to stop by and I will take many photos of this red colored structure. Strolling in Grafton street must be fun thing to do here.

  16. Good to know they have a fast track too! I hate waiting in line, especially in tourist season 😉 Will keep this in mind when I visit Dublin. Thank you for sharing the prices too, makes it easier to create a budget!

    1. Book of Kells is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Dublin – it can get really crowded!

  17. I lived in and just outside of Dublin for almost two years, and this is a great itinerary. It’s a small city, relatively speaking, but there certainly isn’t a shortage of things to do. It’s funny because I never actually went inside St. Patrick’s Cathedral or Dublin Castle (but I did go to the nearby Chester Beatty Library, which is a great free museum). Just gives me another reason to go back to Dublin, my other home.

    1. We often don’t extensively explore the city we live in. But I bet you have some really cool insider tips for off beat experiences 😉

  18. I enjoyed Dublin. You did a lot in a small amount of time. My kinda trip lol. I went past St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Seeing your photos I wish I had actually went inside.

    1. I was on my feet all the time; constraints of having less time off from work – my trips are usually packed!

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    1. Welcome to my blog Sushmita! Ireland is gorgeous, although it is slightly expensive, no doubt. I hope you do make it there some day, you’ll fall in love with the country.

  20. That’s a quick trip, but you seemed to pack a lot in. I am not a fan of beer or whisky either. I do enjoy seeing how they are made though and I really love the barrels the whisky is stored in. That castle, with the ocean in the background is certainly beautiful.

    1. Yeah, Howth Castle is lovely. Unfortunately, you can only visit it as part of a private guided tour. It’s a cool thing to take a walk around it nevertheless.

  21. Wow! I did not know that the Dublin Castle dates backed to the 13th century.. so much history in such amazing setting. Thanks for the tips, your blog is really inspiring 🙂

  22. A packed and eventful way to spend 48 hours in Dublin. Howth Castle looks like a great spot. Actually, you could probably spend 48 hours along in Temple Bar doing a pub hop!

    1. True, one can spend the entire 48 hours within Dublin and skip Howth altogether. I just wanted to get out and explore the rural part.

  23. I’m planning a trip to Dublin this fall and your post is super helpful. Trinity College is stunning and will definitely be on my itinerary, and who can pass up a visit to the Whiskey Museum?

  24. Smart itinerary for a 48-hour stop in Dublin, covering important highlights of the city, including the pub scene at night, and a day trip to the beautiful town of Howth, getting a view of the countryside.

  25. Howth Lighthouse looks amazing! So dramatic, and the sea colour is awesome! Great that you had such nice sunshine!

    1. I was lucky for 2-3 days with the sunshine. It became all rainy and windy thereafter. Typical of Ireland 🙂

  26. Dublin looks very intriguing, serene and great place to me. I would like to visit castles, cathedrals, and bars. A peep into the whiskey museum is something I would definitely do it. Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful post with stunning pictures.

  27. 48 hours in Dublin is definitely a challenge, but you have encompassed all the best of Dublin at once to make the most of your trip! I think I would be most interested in the whisky museum and Howth castle – the view looks unreal! I’m definitely saving this for next time I’m there 🙂

    1. 48 hours in any city is less. But since I always travel with limited time in hand, I’ve learned to make the best of it 🙂

  28. Heh! I wanted to go Dublin a few years ago, but now when I have stopped drinking – visiting the Guinness capital doesn’t look so tempting. You have brought some new light onto it though…

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  30. While Howth is iokay, if you’re in Dublin for just 48 hours… I would say that it would be better to stay inside Dublin… there is so much to do and see that you don’t need to leave the city. Of course, if you’re there for longer then it’s worth a visit maybe.

    One thing that I would recommend that everybody does in Dublin is check out the ‘Dubh Linn’. In Irish that means ‘dark pool’. It’s a garden on (or just outside?) the grounds of Dublin castle with a small pond. It’s from that pond that the city of Dublin gets its name! How cool is that? It’s not something amazing or anything, but it’s free to enter and it’s quite a peaceful place to have a sit down or a little read or something.

  31. Love these sights of Dublin. So much historical and literary references come to mind! Irish Whiskey Musuem… that is the thing I will visit first! I think a double-bill with the Belgian Beer Museum will be great (in case it exists!).

  32. I have been wanting to go to Dublin for sometime now and this post certainly gives all the details . I will be looking to go for a long weekend so the 48 hrs. fits in perfectly. Like the start at the cathedral and I would like to finish in the Irish Whisky museum. Thanks for sharing a detailed post

  33. Thanks Medha. What a comprehensive guide. We just visited Dublin a few months ago and reading this makes me miss it so much! We did most of the activities you mentioned in the city, but really wish we had spent some time in Howth now. It looks beautiful! Next time I guess.

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  35. With your posts I have more faith in short travels 🙂
    I’m crazy about short travels and sometimes people tell me that’s not enough for cities like Dublin or some bigger ones, so I still haven’t been there – because of that, they told me you need more time.
    Now I see that I can go to Dublin for a short and have fun also 🙂

    1. I don’t really have much choice but to travel for a limited period of time. So I make the most of it 🙂

  36. I absolutely love this piece! I have been to Dublin last year, planned on staying there 2 days, but, unfortunately, I had a small accident, so I was sick most of the time 🙁 This is definitely bookmarked for future reference, as I really want to see everything on this list, when I go back to Dublin! Thanks so much for this post 🙂

    1. Sorry to hear that you couldn’t see much on your last trip, hope you make it back sometime x

  37. such a lovely country. I didn’t know there is a museum dedicated to Whiskey – that’s something. A very well structured Itinerary. Loved it.

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  41. My cousin is actually living in Dublin; she works as a nurse there. She has been inviting me to come over. I wish I could. It’s a beautiful city full of really cool classic architecture. Very walkable as well. 🙂

  42. My last visit to Dublin was only 4 days and I thought we covered a lot. Now I see a few more activities like Howth Castle, the lighthouse, and St Mary’s Abbey that I missed out visiting. The Guinness Storehouse (St James Gate) was an awesome experience with a fantastic tour of the history and culture. Dublin offers so much to see, it is hard to pack everything into a short trip.

    1. I’m sure there was more stuff within Dublin that you managed to do in 4 days. I did Howth because I wanted to get out of the city and explore a village 🙂

  43. Whiskey Museum! ? And staying in a seaside village with a castle. This has been so helpful! I’m hoping to do a road trip of Ireland next year! Thanks for posting.

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  45. Sign me up for the whiskey museum. I love learning about whiskey (mostly getting to taste it.

    I would love to visit Johnathan Swift’s grave. He is one of my favorite authors. I love his “A Modest Proposal”

  46. I would have thought one would need more than 48 hours in Dublin. Your article and comments , however, has put to rest those thoughts 🙂 . As ever your photos want me to go there. Last year we almost went there as I thought it was part of Schengen. 🙁 Lucky I came to know before we made the journey.

    1. I honestly felt 48 hours were enough. I loved the city, no doubt, but I could not wait to get out and explore the rural countryside!

  47. Sign me up for the whiskey tour. And great that you can do an easy day trip to Howth — that way you get a sense of smaller town Ireland and not just the capital. I’ve been thinking about a short trip to Ireland this fall and will definitely keep this in mind!

  48. There is a lot more to do in Dublin than I thought – much more than just drinking Guinness! The Temple Bar is a must for me though, and I’d love to see the Book of Kells, we learned about it in school although I thought it was Gaelic history, not based on Christianity!

    1. It’s nice to have a quiet and green place, right in the middle of a busy and chaotic city 🙂

  49. You brought back some really wonderful memories for me! I loved Dublin, and getting to see the history of the place. Howth is stunning, and I’m so glad you featured it on the list. The beach, the scenery and the people there is worth the day trip, plus, it’s only a short train ride from the centre.

    1. True! We had a car and that really helped but there’s a train connecting Dublin to Howth as well 🙂

  50. Dublin is a great city but as you mentioned, there is a lot to see and do in the city and the surrounding area, especially within 48 hours. If you haven’t been before your itinerary is perfect to get a feel of the place and if you really like it, you can always go back.

  51. On my last trip to Europe, I had the opportunity to book a flight through Dublin for a cheaper price. Because I didn’t know what to do in Dublin for a short period of time, I didn’t book that flight. This is an awesome guide for a short stay. Other than the whisky distillery (don’t drink whisky), I love the idea of visiting the castle, Ha’penny Bridge and Temple Bar. With this guide in hand, I’ll not skip a chance to go through Dublin again.

  52. It has been ages since I was in Dublin. This was a good reminder of why we need to go back. The stained glass windows in St Patrick’s Cathedral look beautiful. Hubby would love the chance to find a tasting of Irish Whiskey. And then maybe a nap in St Stephen’s Green! A day trip out to Howth Castle sounds like a great spot to catch those breathtaking views. The Temple Bar is indeed a great spot to wrap up!

  53. My hubby and I have been talking about an Ireland trip and of course, Dublin would be part of it, but I don’t want to spend too much time there – I want to get to other spots as well – this 48-hour itinerary is PERFECT!

    1. I agree, 2 days are enough. After that, get out and explore the countryside!

  54. I have been to Dublin many times (as Ireland is my next neighbour) and its ok. Totally agree with this post that all the sights should be visited but the two places I hated is the Guiness Storehouse (been there twice) – too much pro-advertising in there and the Temple Bar – no locals go in there. 😀 😀 But totally agree with Howth, love that plae and the quaint tea bars there. 🙂 I think another trip is due.

    1. I loved Temple Bar to be honest. It was so lively and the music in most bars was amazing! I was in Kilkenny, Killarney, Galway and Dingle too and although I loved Killarney, it was more traditional and laid back, nothing matched the vibe of Temple Bar in Dublin. And I ended up meeting quite a few locals too, though I’d say, the crowd was VERY different in Dublin as compared to the other cities 🙂

  55. Dublin is such a great city, but I’ve not been for ages and ages. Great suggestions for how to make the best of 48 hours. I didn’t know about the whiskey museum, and I’ve never made the trip out to Howth.

  56. So cool to know that you can explore Dublin in 48 hrs and take day trips too! Well, despite that 48 hrs can be pretty tight but it will really depend on your interests of certain places as you’ve mentioned. Your photo of the Howth Castle looks amazing, btw. 🙂 Great that you also included about driving in Dublin. Be very helpful for travelers wanting to stay for a day or too. 🙂

    1. I agree, 48 hours is a bit tight and it all depends on your interest. I was not a fan of visiting Guinness Storehouse or the whiskey distilleries but I know a lot of people would love to! I preferred taking the half day trip to Howth instead 🙂

  57. We are going to be in Dublin in one year for our first time. So we were excited to read your ideas! Much of your ideas we read about doing. Except for Howth. May need to add that to our itinerary as the castle and lighthouse sound like a great stop!

    1. Howth was pretty cool! It takes up only half your day, so if you want some time away from the chaotic city, it’s a nice place 🙂

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