How to make the perfect travel vlog

Another guest post written by David Henderson, an avid traveler who is also a successful vlogger. He has been flirting with videography for over a decade. His initial struggles with vlogging and eventual success inspired him to encourage other budding enthusiasts in the field with tips and suggestions for building a successful vlog.

Certainly, in these strange days when the whole planet is in a state of crisis, creating a travel vlog is not a very good idea, one might say. But this time given to us by the circumstances could be used to our advantage. Implementing a new travel blog may seem almost impossible these days, but that does not mean we can not start the planning process and strategy we will follow. Here are the steps you can take to turn your travel videos into informative and quality content, which will continuously gain new followers and supporters.

Get a camera

We could not help but start with an essential element of your travel blog. The recording camera is the only tool you will need when creating your blogs. Sure there are other things like a microphone or a shooting light, but you got the point. Your camera will be your means of communication with the rest of the world on the internet. Through the camera, you will see all those fantastic destinations that you will visit and suggest to the world. Definitely when you take your first steps in blogging it would be good to avoid costly equipment. You can practice with more economical options at first and then switch to something more professional as your skills and requirements increase.

Record the highlights of your trip

With your camera, you have the opportunity to capture everything, from your morning coffee at your hotel, to your evening walk in the picturesque alleys of Rome or any other city of your choice. Obviously, you need to record as much material as possible during your visit, but that doesn't mean you have to publish it in its entirety. Several pieces will definitely be cut from the end result, keeping only those moments that are really worth sharing with the rest of the world. Another good tip is to keep your videos as short as possible because people's attention span is relatively short in today's information age.

Select the type of video you will create

There are two main categories of travel videos: First are the videos that contain the highlights of the trip, and second are those videos of your daily life in each destination. In the first video with the highlights, you'll definitely include all those exciting and adventurous activities during your trip, which are presented in a prudent way, with the appropriate direction and editing, in order to offer the ideal result to the viewer.

With this type of video, you project a more professional and serious character, mostly when you use smart methods of video recording, settings and voice-overs. In particular, voice-overs can rectify your end result. And you can use your own voice over if you have the right equipment or use the services of other professionals in the field, like Voquent, which provides you with highly trained voice-over actors who cater to your every need, to create the best possible result.

Then we have the daily vlogging category, in which you record all those activities that you do during the day. This is a more "natural" way of communicating with your audience that feels and participates more directly, one would say in the overall travel experience of yours.

Vlogging is definitely a misunderstood activity. Many use this method, simply for the sake of vanity and self-promotion. But its real existence is something much more important: To share your memorable moments and give the impetus to other people to build their own experiences, discovering new things and places that will live forever in their hearts.


6 thoughts on “How to make the perfect travel vlog”

  1. I don’t do travel vlog and don’t follow any travel vlogger. But this short read really gave me ideas on what is vlogging is about. It also gave me ideas on what to capture and how to capture them for my future trips.

  2. This is such a helpful guide! I have thought about looking into vlogging, but I wouldn’t know where to start. Your guide definitely makes it seem a little easier. I love reading travel blogs, but watching vlogs always seems like a much better way to really get a feel for a destination. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I’ve been flirting with vlogging and creating travel videos for a while. I’m not so good at it because 1. I sometimes forget to record and 2. I never know what style of video I want to make. I mean I know a general style but the actual footage/recording I never know. I guess it takes practice.

  4. I didn’t think about a travel vlog, but it seems like an interesting idea—such a great post. You give a lot of practical tips; it so helpful for people who want to try a vlog.

  5. We just started to play with doing more video for our blog. But we are not sure we are committed to really adding a true vlog. We would certainly have to invest in a better microphone. I never thought of using a professional voice over! Some things to consider if we decide to move more into vlogging.

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