Warner Bros Theme Park Abu Dhabi Review

Superhero lovers are going to be wild about this one - Warner Bros Theme park Abu Dhabi is where you will find your older generation comic and cartoon characters. From rides featuring the forever-loved timeless duo of Tom & Jerry, DC Comic's worshipped superheroes Superman, Batman, their sidekicks and arch nemesis, this place isn't for people looking for crazy, adrenaline-rush rides but for those who have followed the adventures of Bugs Bunny, have been spooked with Scooby-Doo and lived in the dinosaur era of the Flintstones.

6 different immersive areas target kids and adults alike - with futuristic 3D rides, carousels, mini rollercoasters, rope bridges, net climbs, meet-your-favorite characters, and immense dining as well as shopping options. The best and the worst part about Warner Bros Theme park Abu Dhabi is that it is completely indoors - the best because the UAE is cursed with the worst summer you'll ever experience for 6 months of the year (May - October) and a fully-airconditioned attraction is a blessing in disguise. The worst because there is only so much you can do in a limited space - none of the rides are high on the thrilling factor or the adventure quotient.

Warner Bros Theme park Abu Dhabi
The ambient lighting on the ceiling inside Warner Bros Theme park Abu Dhabi

Warner Bros Theme park Abu Dhabi has, however, made the most of the limited area by creating a fantastic mix of rides for the younger kids, the teenagers, and the adults, with a young heart! The park is located on Yas Island, not too far from two older and popular theme parks in the UAE - Ferrari World and Yas Island Waterworld. It makes for a great addition to the island that has some of the best beach hotels in the city. If you're a theme park enthusiast like me, I would suggest spending a night at one of the hotels on Yas Island and exploring the three superb attractions, which make Yas Island the top entertainment destination in the country. You can buy the Yas Parks Annual Pass if you like, which allows you access to all 3 parks, an unlimited number of times in the year.

If you're not a fan of waiting in long queues, buy the Flash Pass at an additional price of AED 150 ($40), over and above the usual price which is AED 295 ($85) for adults. Pricey but worth it, considering that we had to wait for almost an hour on some of the popular rides! You may not be able to experience all the rides, so it's best to pick and choose your area of interest and start exploring from there. The earlier you get to Warner Bros Theme Park Abu Dhabi, the better.

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For the Little Tykes - Cartoon Junction

Warner Bros Theme park Abu Dhabi

Walk into this colorful toon town made from bricks that were individually carved and painted by hand! Meant for cartoon lovers who have the chance to bump into their favorite toon characters such as Bugs Bunny, Tweety, and Daffy Duck, the rides here are meant for the little ones (ages 3 - 7). A car bumper ride for the little ones (Ricochet Racin' with Taz), a tower-ride (Daffy Jet-propelled Pogo Stick), and a child-friendly thrilling coaster ride (Tom & Jerry Swiss Cheese Spin) are some of the highlights of this area. Personally, my favorite part was how the interiors and the background were made in a way that you were immediately transported into an imaginary, magical world. The little houses might as well have been homes of Looney Toons and the small details were done in a way that brought back great memories from my childhood!

Warner Bros Theme park Abu Dhabi
That's all folks!

For the Teens & Fans of DC Super Heroes: Metropolis

Warner Bros Theme park Abu Dhabi

This area focuses more on 3D immersive experiences. shows and activities rather than rides so if you're not a DC Super Heroes fan or you're with smaller kids, skip this! Larger than life statues of your favorite characters such as Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman and other heroes welcome you to this thrilling good-vs-evil 5D ride (Justice League: Warworld Attacks) which was the highlight of this area. Less thrilling yet brilliantly implemented in terms of the effects were the 360-degree 3D ride Superman 360: Battle for Metropolis and the flying theatre experience Green Lantern Galactic Odyssey.

Warner Bros Theme park Abu Dhabi

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For the Batman Movies' Enthusiasts & Thrill Seekers: Gotham City

Warner Bros Theme park Abu Dhabi
The Joker & Harley Quinn - Batman's arch nemeses

This area has some of the best rides in Warner Bros Theme Park Abu Dhabi. Don't be surprised if you hear a lot of screams when you enter the portal. The highlights of Gotham City are the two most exhilarating rides you'll find in the entire park- The Riddler Revolution (a fast spinning coaster ride that is bound to give you tickles in the tummy) and Scarecrow Scare Raid (a flight experience with dramatic acrobats). The best part about this ride is that the thrill factor is under the riders' control; one can choose to just fly or roll their 2-seater barrel, independent from the other riders.

Apart from these two rides, The Joker Funhouse had a unique concept. A series of mazes, optical illusions, and challenges designed to confuse the mind make this walk-through an interesting one.

Warner Bros Theme park Abu Dhabi
The Joker Funhouse

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If time allows: Dynamite Gulch & Bedrock

A whacky, chaotic landscape forms Dynamite Gulch, which doesn't have a lot of exciting rides and experiences except perhaps, Fast and Furry-ous roller coaster, that looks a lot more thrilling than it really is. Neither is it fast nor are there a lot of twists and turns to qualify this ride as an adventurous one.

Warner Bros Theme park Abu Dhabi
Dynamite Gulch's Desert Landscape  

Right next to Dynamite Gulch is the smallest area in Warner Bros Theme park Abu Dhabi - Bedrock, featuring only one ride - Bedrock River Adventure, yet another disappointing one. Although there is a slight chance that you will get splashed on this one, the journey through Flintstones' little town is beautiful because of the detailed houses, characters, and dialogues from the show during the boat ride. However, the little drop before the splash does not account for any thrill at all, making it sort of pointless to have a splash at all!

Warner Bros Theme park Abu Dhabi

Final Verdict

Warner Bros Theme Park Abu Dhabi is not a place I'd visit if I am looking for adrenaline-pumping rides. Having said that, the interiors have been done beautifully, the immersive areas have been adapted to the themes with great attention to detail, and ample food & beverage options make for good breaks in between the rides.

Warner Bros Theme park Abu Dhabi
It's not evening time, it's just the ceiling!

The theme park is for nippers & teenagers who want to meet their favorite toon characters and DC Super Heroes, have a fun day out in an indoor, fully-airconditioned theme park (a good relief from the blistering summer sun) and enjoy some good-quality entertainment.

You can book your tickets to visit Warner Bros Theme Park Abu Dhabi here.

Disclaimer: Although my visit to Warner Bros Theme Park Abu Dhabi was sponsored, the opinions in this post are my genuine views on the theme park. 

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  1. WARNING; could be pretty long

    Love the review on this! I’m not the type to go on rides, especially adrenaline-rising rides (such as certain rollercoasters in the UAE/the world), unless i have a close friend or two by to persuade me to. It’s absolutely a big thing that this is indoors, the UAE is a literal oven for us residencies. I went to Warner Brothers on a Monday, so i didn’t have to wait in line. I even received a discount as a few of my elder friends worked there. The actors made an amazing impression! I love the way they sound so alike to the originals, especially the actor of Harley Quinn.
    The river ride did disappoint me a bit, but great nonetheless. I’d advise others to start there, and then go ahead to a more airy-adrenaline rushing ride, to well, dry yourself off.

    A little sad i didn’t get to ride the Scarecrow Scare Ride, it was being renovated/fixed while i visited. I also came right on time! Met about every character that were put as mascots there! Hope everyone enjoys their trip here in Abu Dhabi!

    1. Glad you enjoyed your visit! Pity that the Scarecrow Scare ride wasn’t operational when you visited.

  2. So many areas to explore and things to do in Abu Dhabi. This is definitely a kids of all ages park. I like that they have so many different areas within the park.

  3. I did not know there is a Warner Bros theme park! I’ve only been to Universal Studios and Disney. I am such a Disney kid so that’s my favourite theme park but having said that, I am not a fan of adrenaline-pumping rides which you mentioned isn’t the strength of this theme park so I think I will enjoy this park, too!

    1. I love Disney too and if I’m being honest, Warner Bros is nowhere close to either Disney or Universal. Having said that, we are not really spoiled for choice out here in the UAE and aren’t even lucky with the weather, we have to make do with what we get!

  4. I had no idea there was a Warner Bros Theme Park in Abu Dhabi. My little one will love it when we get there. Summers in the Middle East can be torturous, I lived in Kuwait for 2 wonderful years. So I get it why they made it all indoors. But as you said, there is only so much you can do indoors!

  5. I didn’t know there was a Warner Bros theme park. I’ll add to this to the bucket list during a future to visit to Abu Dhabi. I have great memories of visiting the WB store (now defunct in the U.S) when I was younger.

  6. This place is wild. I can’t get over all of this happens indoors. I am so used to going to Disneyland or Universal Studios and baking in the sun. It looks like the costumes and character actors are pretty good. I would definitely love to experience this place one day.

  7. Lately when I travel I started to visit theme parks and I definitely fall in love with it! 🙂
    This one looks really nice, I hope I will visit this one soon 😀

  8. I have to admit, I didnt even know that Warner Bros had a theme park in the middle east. A place I could take my daughter when we hit up the UAE. But I do feel sorry for the guys who have to dress up as bugs bunney etc in that heat. 😛

  9. I am such a big kid at heart I would love to visit, I think that my nephew who is 6 would get fed up with me because I would be wanting to experience everything especially the superhero stuff.

  10. Wow, I didn’t even know that there is a theme park like this in Abu Dhabi! It seems to be perfect for a more relaxed visit as you have recommended, is I’ll definitely keep this in mind should we ever visit Abu Dhabi. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, it’s always great to learn about different places first hand!

  11. What a wonderful and entertaining way to escape the heat! I have never been a big fan of thrilling rides or amusement parks, but I know I would enjoy these characters from my childhood. Bugs Bunny is my favorite!

    1. They also have Tom & Jerry in Cartoon Junction – that’s an evergreen, timeless cartoon, isn’t it?

  12. I had no idea Abu Dhabi had a Warner Bros Theme Park! I wouldn’t mind going if I ever get to Abu Dhabi! And good to know about the rides. So I won’t be to disappointed. Thanks for this review 🙂

  13. Very cool! We haven’t visited world-popular theme parks like Warner Bros, Disneyland, Knott’s Berry, and Universal. Visiting these parks has always been our childhood dream (well, there’s no kid that would NOT dream of going to these places). Visiting here would definitely bring out the child in us.

    1. I love theme parks. I make it a point to visit whichever one is close by when travelling to any new city!

  14. I have never even heard of this park before, and didn’t know anything about Yas Island! Like you I don’t think the rides would be adrenaline pumping enough for me – but I do appreciate all the aesthetics ☺ x

  15. Woo! That’s like all the movies from the past coming alive. I watch a lot of movies, but never thought of going to such park. Probably because there is no near by me…

  16. This looks like a lot of fun. I’m going to Dubai in November and considering a trip to Abu Dhabi while I’m there. This is definitely a place I’d love to visit, say “What’s up, Doc?” to Bugs Bunny and check out Bedrock.

  17. Hi Medha, the place is fun. I am not much of a theme park fan, but sometimes if you are in a place of couple of days, i dont mind trying it out. The place is very photogenic. Would be a great day spent out there. I can spend hours taking pictures with the superheroes.

    1. I loved bumping into Bugs Bunny and The Joker too! There was Tweety and also The Flintstones. And I remember seeing Batman flying cruising around on a zip line in Gotham City. It was quite fun actually.

  18. This looks like a fun place to spend a little time with my kids! Sad to hear that the rides aren’t very adventurous, though. I think our family would want a little more of an adrenaline rush. But it still looks fun!

    1. There’s only so much you can do with an indoor theme park I believe. Still, it’s fun to roam around settings which seem like you’re in another world, like the cartoon junction or Gotham city 😉

  19. This might be right up my alley! Lol. I have found that the older i get the harder the adventure rides are on my body. The Batman part looks pretty cool.

    1. I know what you mean. I used to be way more adventurous when I was younger. Some really crazy rides, especially the ones that go all topsy-turvy, have begun to make a little sick too now!

  20. Though you love more adventurous parks, but thus park is good me. I love less adventurous rides. Earlier I was not booking this place as I was scared of rides, but your honest reviews made me tempt to go there. I loved the colorful interiors, especially the colorful evening sky created by them. Also taking pictures with my favorite characters would be funny. Thanks for sharing!

  21. We only had one quick day in Abu Dhabi on a cruise so we did not get to see that much. But even as adults we like to be big kids and visit theme parks. But I might get tempted to visit the Ferrari World in that area! The Batman area might be my favourite spot. Might be a good blast from the past to visit!

  22. Wow there are theme parks such as these in Abu Dhabi?!!! I know my kids will be interested in the 3D experiences. Sounds so much fun. Great tip on Flash pass to avoid queues. Good place with lots of possible fun.

  23. I think this is a new addition. When I went to Abu Dhabi in 2014, there were only Ferrari World and Yas Island Waterworld and I enjoyed both of them. Theme parks can never fade and they have their own charm in luring both adults and children. You have shown so much about Abu Dhabi that another visit is a must now. 🙂

    I guess my favourite is gonna be Cartoon junction.

    1. Yeah, it opened just a couple of months ago! The UAE always gives people a reason to return 😉

  24. It would be odd to have a theme park indoors. On the other hand it’s a lot like some of the Las Vegas casinos, especially the lighting. Bugs Bunny, Scooby-Doo and the Flintstones are right up my alley and I think I would like the Joker Funhouse

    1. It is definitely unlike most theme parks, but given the weather in Abu Dhabi, at least a place like this can be visited any time of the year! Most of our ‘outdoor places’ open only for 6 months in the year.

  25. More reasons to go back to Abu Dhabi. Looks like a great time. I really enjoy theme parks. Looks like they got something for everyone.

  26. Interesting how different this theme park looks – I only know these American sugar-coated parks in bold colors, this looks somehow more ‘elegant’. The fast past is certainly a wise investment – I hate standing in line.

  27. Interesting…I didn’t realize there was a Warner Brothers Theme park at all…much less in Abu Dhabi. I am not the biggest fan of theme parks but this one looks pretty cool. I know a lot of people who’d love this park.

  28. It’s hard to imagine a theme park indoors, I love rollercoasters so would miss them here – but the air-con is essential in Abu Dhabi! I think the Gotham City section sounds like the most fun, although I’d have to find Bugs Bunny for the all-important photo!

    1. Gotham City was my fav because of the rides. And yeah, glad to have bumped into Bugs Bunny 😉

  29. This looks that a brilliant theme park, and definitely a place I would visit if I was in Abu Dhabi. I’m off to Orlando next month so we are theme park fans. That pretend sky is amazing, and reminds me of Las Vegas

    1. True, it’s really similar to the way they’ve done the skies and interiors at Paris Hotel in Las Vegas.

  30. This looks like a lot of fun, and on my adrenalin level too lol! The Scarecrow Scare Raid sounds hilarious, I’d probably be screaming the loudest of them all! I’d also pay extra for the pass; I’m not good at waiting in long lines.

  31. Wow the theme park looks amazing. I’m super-excited about the Gotham city. It is a perfect place for family outing. Thanks for the important info for ticket price and skip the line passes

  32. I’m not really a fan of adrenaline pumping rides so this, I think, is perfect for me. 😀 Cool to know that there are theme parks like this in Abu Dhabi. I like to the idea of the colourful toon town being hand painted. The dedication and talent is so amazing!

  33. I didn’t realise there was a Warner Bros Theme Park in Abu Dhabi. I’ve been to the one on the Gold Coast. I’m a big kid at heart and love going to theme parks.

  34. This looks like a really fun place for a family! I am in love with the fact that the whole thing is air conditioned! I would be all about that 🙂

  35. This is totally bringing out the kid in me!!! I actually just watched a movie set in Abu Dhabi last night and was so inspired to pay a visit for its beautiful desert scenes and mosque. Now reading this, okay I must go! I’m also not into rides so this is actually perfect.

  36. Wow! The Warner Bros Theme Park looks like so much fun. Apart from a few disappointing rides, there are so many thrilling ones to enjoy. I like your picture with the Wonder Woman. I love theme parks and I’ve enjoyed a day at the Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. I would definitely love to check out the Warner Bros on my next visit.

    1. It’s right next to Ferrari World. You can explore both Yas Waterworld and Warner Bros on your next visit 😉

  37. Would not expect anything less from Warner bros and yes right up to expectations. It looks an amazing day out for teenagers and would live to take my son there. For me the superhero’s and taking a photo with the joker would top the list. Looks very organised and not very expensive compared to the other parks around the world. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Oh yeah, getting a picture with superheroes and cartoon characters is something I loved too, and I’m an adult!

  38. I guess the park is designed keeping the weather conditions in mind. I wouldn’t mind not having the rides. Walking around these beautifully designed spaces with some cool characters would surely make for a fun time. I am hoping it wouldn’t be very tiring which is great.

  39. Had no idea there was a WB theme park in Abu Dhabi! Good to learn about the park, which looks like it has attractions to appeal to kids and adult visitors alike, but with a few disappointing rides to be aware of.

    1. I guess you just need to know what to expect, that’s all. I won’t call it disappointing 🙂

  40. I’m a theme park fanatic and i’m glad to stumble on your post! I’m actually heading to Abu Dhabi in about a month and good to know that this place existed. I’d definitely make a visit on a weekend while in town – thanks for sharing!

  41. I am sure I would love this place for one Tom and Jerry are my favourite cartoon characters and I enjoy super hero movies. The dramatic pictures really create the impact of Warner Bros Theme Park in this post 🙂 Have not been to Abu Dhabi as yet but whenever that happens, this one is up on the list!

  42. Makes sense that this Abu Dhabi amusement park would be inside due to the heat. Other than the Mall of America, I’ve never been to an indoor park so does it feel like it is daytime or nighttime? Theme parks are expensive no matter where you go, unfortunately.

    1. It feels like it’s dusk because of the way they’ve done the interiors! The colours, the lighting, everything.

  43. Oh wow Medha! This looks like an amazing and fun trip! I love the wonderwoman statue! I totally would have gotten the photo with that as well!

    1. Oh, when did you visit Abu Dhabi? You were lucky this was open then! It’s a fairly new attraction in the UAE.

  44. Sounds like so much fun! Love a theme park that caters for kids of all ages and also of different levels adventure. I for one am not a crazy extreme kind of person so that big crazy rides/slides don’t suit me but the kids love it so we go. The quick pass tickets sure are expensive!

    1. They’re expensive, yet so many people were in the quick pass queue that it seemed longer than the regular queue! That’s one thing I really dislike about theme parks – waiting in queues.

  45. Wow. Last time we were in the UAE, we missed out on so much apparently. This surely seems like a place where I and my son would have a great day out. Will keep that in mind the next time we plan our trip. Thanks

    1. They just opened a couple of weeks back 🙂 The UAE always gives you reasons to return 😉

  46. When in Abu Dhabi, I will definitely explore this theme park as I love such experiences and places, Medha. Thanks for whetting my appetite for this place!

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