What to expect from your trip to New Zealand

Do not expect anything less than spectacular landscapes throughout this paradise nation. Someone once rightly said "no matter where you are in NZ, you are never more than 5 minutes away from absolute stunning beauty".  Here are a few things you can expect on your trip to New Zealand:

  • New Zealand has some of the nicest and most friendly people you’ll ever meet
  • There is no other country that does better coffee than NZ; from the smallest roadside vendors to the cafes, coffee lovers will not be disappointed
  • You will be surprised at how isolated and deserted most of the places in New Zealand are. Even the most popular tourist spots will hardly see any crowds
  • You will often see road signs warning you to beware of crossing wildlife, it is not tough to spot species of the kiwi bird and other rare birds

New Zealand Road Signs
New Zealand Road Signs

  • November – February is said to have the best (summer) weather for tourists. However, be prepared for some rainy and cold days and do not forget to carry your woollens
  • The weather tends to become cooler as you travel from the North to the South. Auckland was quite warm as compared to Queenstown, which was cold and rainy
  • The country is extremely safe. Even though you might feel alone at several places, you do not have anything to be worried about
  • Although you may not see a lot of speed cameras on the road, your speed is being monitored! Follow the road rules, the police is strict and you will get fined for making any mistake
  • Not only the drivers on the road are very courteous, they’re also immensely patient; road rage is probably the last thing you’ll ever get to see on the NZ roads

The perfect roads in New Zealand
The perfect roads in New Zealand

  • You will be surprised the see the amount of trust the locals have in humanity. We came across unmanned fruit stalls selling fresh berries picked from the farm, with just a note requesting us to drop the money in a box while taking the berries with you!
  • Road trips will take you longer than what your GPS shows; this is due to the narrow, winding roads where it is imperative to drive slowly and carefully
  • We have never seen lakes as gorgeous as those in New Zealand – some of the best being Wanaka, Pukaki, Tekapo and Hawea

Deep blue lake Wanaka
Deep blue lake Wanaka

  • This is a country which has pioneered adventure sports. From sky diving, bungee, canyoning to those for the faint hearted - zorbing, luge and para gliding, be prepared to get your adrenaline pumping

Bungee jumping platform in Queenstown
Bungee jumping platform in Queenstown

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36 thoughts on “What to expect from your trip to New Zealand”

  1. Having never been to New Zealand it would be good to start with some thoughts on what to expect. I already would be expecting beautiful scenery. But would not have thought that most of the time it is a mere 5 minutes away! As coffee snobs, I would not have thought of New Zealand for great coffee. But I do love the variety of wildlife crossing signs. Some fun ones to add to our collection.

  2. A place I have not planned of yet but it’s in my mind since long. Thanks for the tips, especially the one about the road trips that turn out to be longer than GPS. It has happened to me in many countries. And yes, I would surely try some adrenaline pumping activities when in New Zealand

  3. I’m glad you got a full two weeks to take in this amazing country. Sounds like you had a lovely tour. I loved NZ! We were only there for three days, unfortunately. It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen!

    1. Only 3 days? I wonder how you picked the places to see. There’s just too much !

  4. We so want to travel to New Zealand. It is gorgeous beyond words and now you have quotes some more wonderful reasons to quote it. I am loving those blue lakes, wildlife, winding roads, indeed everything there.

  5. This could describe Switzerland minus the funny animal road signs and the point about not being crowded because it is! I wonder though if the Kiwis are more polite than the Japanese? Hard to belive!? was enjoying your post because we are having a 5 month road trip in New Zealand at the end of this year! I cant wait!

    1. 5 month road trip in New Zealand? Wow! That is super cool, I envy you 🙂 Kiwis are not more polite than Japanese but they’re a lot more chilled out 😉

  6. This is the second post I’ve read today on NZ, so I think it’s a sign that I need to visit! You’re so right about the landscape, it’s beautiful, and I’d take your advice and pack clothing for the windy weather too; I’ve heard that a lot from other travellers.

  7. I’ve heard so many amazing things about New Zealand, I’m definetly going to go someday! These are great pictures!

  8. I was just there in August! I didn’t think they were big in coffee! I know Melbourne is big in coffee though! New Zealand does have beautiful nature for a city girl like me, I personally wouldn’t want to live there but it would be a nice place to relax for sure and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

    1. I loved their coffee, even the one I picked up from the petrol station 🙂 I don’t personally think I can live in the countryside either, although it is the perfect kind of place for a getaway. But cities like Aukland and Queenstown are very lively and happening, so you can always live there and visit the countryside, go hiking, camping during weekends and holidays 🙂

  9. Hahaha I love all those random caution signs (especially the pinguin one) – can’t wait to explore New Zealand, but I got to say, I may be biased on it having the best coffee in the world. I’ve had some pretty tasty coffee during my travels in South America !

    1. Fair enough, I haven’t been to South America but I’d love to try the coffee there, if it is as good as you say it is! 🙂

  10. I couldn’t agree anymore :D. I lived in New Zealand for a year I love this country so much I even went back for a cheeky holiday when I lived in Bali haha. New Zealand is number 1 on my list of top countries. It would be New Zealand, Laos, Mexico :D. Reading through this post just made me miss New Zealand so much I’m having to scroll through old pics haha.

    1. Wow Amit, that’s amazing. Which part of New Zealand did you live in? One year would have given you enough time to explore the whole country, isn’t it?

  11. Those road signs are great! I’d love to take one of those home as a souvenir if I ever visit New Zealand (which I hope I will, one day!). Living in the UK, it’s not as easy to get to as some other destinations, unfortunately x

    1. New Zealand is quite far from where I live as well Becca (Dubai) and it was an excruciatingly long journey to the land Down Under. But it’s totally worth it!

  12. Informative. One was told that New Zealand is a must visit coubtry. Now I know why. Thanks for a vivid description of the country.

    1. You’re welcome! And yes, it is one of the prettiest countries we have been to till date.

  13. Very informative. Could you also suggest reasonable places to stay and food joints. Also average expenditure for 10/12/15 days. Are southern parts/islands more picturesque

    1. The South Island is definitely more picturesque I feel. If you have limited time, I would suggest visiting only the South Island. As for reasonable places to stay, you can find enough and more based on your budget and requirements. We managed to find hotels, right in the middle of the town centre, which were not too expensive. My favourite websites are http://www.booking.com and Airbnb, you will definitely find what you need there. Also, I will be writing a suggested detailed 14-day itinerary soon, maybe that can be of some help to you.

  14. Very well documented and useful blog. Great help in knowing about places before visiting. Inspiring.

  15. Is one of the places on my bucket list. Thanks for this. Very insightful :). Love your writing

    1. Thank you! Will be posting a suggested 14-day itinerary for New Zealand soon 🙂

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