7 things that made us go WOW on our trip to Norway


#1: Train journey from Oslo to Bergen

Known to be one of the most scenic train journeys in Northern Europe, the trip begins from being beautiful, to breathtaking, to absolutely stunning! From gorgeous green lakes, red huts, tall green trees, waterfalls to snow-covered peaks, this journey is sure to leave you speechless. You must take the advantage of the pit-stop at Finse station to get down and capture some amazing pictures.

Sognefjellet National Tourist Route

#2: Driving the Sognefillet Road

The Sognefillet road extends from Luster to Lom and is a part of route 55, the National Tourist Highway. With spectacular and wild mountain scenery, you will drive between blocks of ice on the road. This road is known to be the most impressive mountain pass in Norway and rightly so! We took the trip during sunset but that did not diminish the beauty in any way.

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Sognefjord Cruise from Flam to Gudvengen

#3: Fjord Cruise on Sognefjord

This is the best part of the Norway in a Nutshell Tour. The 2-hour cruise from Flåm to Gudvangen or vice versa is magnificent. As you cruise between the towering fjords on both sides and cross the quaint towns in the valleys, you will be overcome with a sense of peace. It is not uncommon for the sky to be overcast, however, it only adds to the splendour of the scenery. Sognefjord is the most narrow of all fjords which is why it's the most popular for cruising.

Lake Oldevatnet

#4: Lake Oldevatnet

One of the best lakes that we came across was Oldevatnet. The deep green colour of the glacial waters and the smooth surface provide the perfect reflection of the mountains, making it one of the most picturesque lakes in Norway.

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Ringebu Stave Church

#5: Stave Churches

The medieval Christian churches built of wood have an eerie feeling of ancient buildings and the architecture is absolutely stunning. The most popular one in Norway is the Borgund Stave Church. However, we managed to visit only two which were on our way - Lom stave church & Ringebu. Reminiscent of Norway's unique cultural heritage, these churches are a must visit!

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Glacier guiding Nigardsbreen: Short Blue Ice Hike

#6: Glacier Walk

Although this option is available on a number of glaciers, we did the one on Nigardsbreen Glacier. While on the Sognefjellet road, take a detour towards Breheimsenteret, the base camp from where the glacier hike begins. It is advised to book it in advance, especially during summer. The hike requires medium level of fitness and is done in a group of about 12 people, the special equipment is provided by the company. The short blue ice hike lasts for about 3.5 hours, of which 1.5 hours are on the glacier.

Hiking Trolltunga

#7: The iconic hikes - Trolltunga & Besseggen

Some of the most indisputably gorgeous landscapes are only within the reach of the fittest! There is no denying that it is only by hiking that you can reach the most awe-inspiring beauty in Norway. So be prepared, work hard and get ready to face some tough terrain, for you will be rewarded with rugged untouched nature. Mohit did the Trolltunga & Besseggen hikes, 23 km and 15 km return (respectively), tough hikes but with views meant only for the lucky.

124 thoughts on “7 things that made us go WOW on our trip to Norway”

  1. I remember saying “wow” a lot when I visited Norway too! One thing I didn’t really get to do when I was visiting was hiking. It is such a beautiful country that I would love to go back to do some of those hikes.

  2. Never been to Norway but it is definitely on my hiking list. Even higher now after reading this wonderful article 🙂

  3. Yes, I love Norway too and even looking at your photos, I still went WOW and cant wait to get back out there to do more outdoor adventures. Loving your photos 🙂

  4. Norway is only two hours flight from where I live and somehow I didn’t go there yet ! Maybe because Ive heard its very expensive but after living in London not much will surprise me 🙂 This Scandinavian country is so beautiful and to has so much to offer! Fjords, Glaciers, lakes, scenic routs and views! I cant wait to visit!

  5. Personally I already have it on my bucket list to see Trolltunga but I would also LOVE to see the wooden Stave churches. What a great unique thing to see in Norway. I think cruising the fjords to see the coastal villages sounds epic while I am sure Darcee would absolutely love the train ride!

  6. Wow! Norway looks magical and dreamy. I’m so into the Fjord cruise and I’ve promised to try it out one day. Doing at Norway would feel so surreal. The lake Oldvatnet looks wonderful too. It’d have been nice if you made a video of your glacier walk. It looks so fun. All these seven reasons are sufficient for me to be wowed by Norway.

  7. First time reader here. I found your post via Nathan – The Foodie Flashpacker

    ‘Looks wonderful. I really like your photographs. I’ve been to Finland, Sweden and Denmark, but haven’t been to Norway yet, although planning to do so in the Spring or early Summer.

    I like your description of the Stave Churches. I saw a documentary a few weeks ago in which the authorities were going to move a complete village ‘cos the village was sinking due to pre-mining activity, and one of the most important items was the oldest church they had. I can’t really remember if it was Norway or Iceland. Either way, it’s history!

    1. Hi Victoria, welcome to my blog 🙂 I’m so glad you liked my post! I haven’t yet been to Finland, Sweden and Denmark but if the rest of Scandinavia is anything like Norway, I know I will fall in love 🙂 If you’re planning a trip, you might also want to read up on some other posts I’ve written about what to know before travelling to Norway, some tips on taking a road trip and a suggested itinerary for the south & west of Norway. Have fun!

  8. Your photos are amazing. And I want to do each and every one of your 7 recommendations when I visit Norway. The train trip and the glacier walk look spectacular!

    1. I’m always divided between taking road trips and train journeys in countries like Norway 🙂

  9. I love how you formatted this post! I haven’t seen many others like it, and it’s so well done. I’ve heard of most of the spots on the list, but driving the Sognefillet Road is new to me, and I’m curious to try it when I finally make it to Norway!

    1. Thank you, Lillie 🙂 Sognefillet Road was a beautiful drive, even in the summer, because of the snow!

  10. The minute I saw your photographs I was saying ‘WOW’ too! Stunning scenery here in Norway <3 A total hiker's paradise too. I totally want to visit 😀

  11. We’ve been to Norway a couple of times, but always in winter and mostly in Arctic Norway. I’ve been wanting to go back and do the Trolltunga hike. I hear it can get crowded though. Did you experience that?

    1. It does get crowded but not a LOT. You need to wait about 10-15 min for your turn to get a picture on the ‘tongue’ but that’s not too bad, is it?

  12. Travel is all about those WOW moments and you feel as if you have had the ultimate experience. Norway is, of course, a place where WOW experiences must about. The train journey from Oslo to Bergen sounds so magical. So too the drive on the Sognefellet road. All in all a trip that is the stuff that dreams are made of.

  13. There isn’t a single place you list I wouldn’t want to see. The mountain pass sounds gorgeous. I used to work at a glacier in Canada, so I’d love to check out the glacier tour.

  14. Wow!!! As if the allure of Norway wasn’t enough, you added the joy of a train journey. I am a huge fan of train journeys. And, this point totally sold me Norway.

  15. Nice list of things to do in Norway for a start. Glacier walk sounds adventurous and a bit dangerous, but I am sure all safety measures are in place. I have been to Denmark, another Nordic country, but the terrain here looks quite different.

    1. I haven’t been to Denmark or any other Nordic country for that matter. Norway was amazing and has been a good introduction to Scandinavia 🙂

  16. Wow indeed! I didn’t know Norway was so diverse in scenic landscapes. I think of Norway and snow capped mountains immediately come to mind. But I can see from your post that there is plenty to see and do besides trek through snow. I’d be especially keen to visit the Borgund Stave Church and cemetery too, looks stunning.

  17. I fell for Norway on my visit to Oslo, but now I see I have barely scratched the surface. I adore all the beauty, the fjords and everything and I’d love to see a little more of this breathtaking country. I think the Stave Churches look so interesting – I’d love to see one of those myself.

  18. I’ve driven from Oslo to Bergen, and it’s a gorgeous journey. I’d love to walk on that Nigardsbreen Glacier, though it’s sad to see how much it’s retreated based on the bare rock around it. Lovely photos!

    1. Yes, it is sad that a lot of glaciers around the world are slowly retreating! It was the same when we went to Fox Glacier in New Zealand.

  19. I love Norway and I definitely don’t need anymore encouragement to go, I have been a few times with my husband 🙂 It is such a stunning natural beauty that is for sure. I would love to try that Glacier Walk that looks so amazing and I am definitely adding that one to my list for my next trip there. Btw beautiful pictures too.

  20. Norway is always on my list because of beautiful landscapes, lakes and lovely snow clad mountain tops. I loved the tranquil Lake Oldevatnet. Did you managed to see Northern Lights as they are the peculiarity of Norway.

    1. We visited during the summer Yukti, so we did not manage to see the Northern Lights. But we plan to visit Iceland this winter for the Aurora 🙂

  21. What an interesting architecture of Stave Churches. How easy or difficult it is to walk on the glaciers. I have only seen glaciers hanging on the Himalayan cliffs and cannot even think of hiking on them.

    1. I’d say its not VERY difficult but it’s not a cake walk either 🙂 You have to wear the special shoes they provide to walk, and they usually tie you up with ropes so that you don’t fall of haha. Its fun!

  22. I have never been to Norway. The only Nordic country I travelled to was Finland. And, I absolutely loved it. You have completely sold me Norway with your seven reasons. I am a hiker, therefore, I would really love to go on the Nigardsbreen Glacier walk with the detour you took.

  23. Norway, OMG Norway. I fell in love with Norway when I was 16 and a few decades later I really want to go back and explore more. I spent most of my time in Oslo, but had the pleasure of driving to get there.

    I do want to head to Lake Oldevatnet, how stunning it looks.

    1. Oslo was my least favourite part of Norway because it only got prettier and better as we moved out of the city and towards the countryside 🙂

  24. Absolutely Stunning.. Norway and other Scandinavian countries are in my Top places to visit and your article really inspires.. Fjord Cruise and the Troll Tunga are absolutely Mesmerizing.

    1. Its the only Scandinavian country I’ve been to and I need to visit more as well, hopefully this year!

  25. One more question about Norway roads. What type of vehicle can you recommend to travel there easy. Should I rent SUV or can choose economy class.

    1. You don’t need SUV, you’ll be fine with any kind of car. We also had a sedan and it worked perfectly well. The roads are pretty good.

  26. Just this morning, I was talking to a friend about taking a trip in Norway. I love this.. I would absolutely enjoy everything on your list, but I think I will particularly love Lake Oldevatnet (that green :D) and that fjord cruise 🙂 We also have stave churches in Romania and I find it very interesting that you would find these also in Norway 🙂
    Bookmarked the article 🙂

  27. I can see why all of these made you say wow because I know that your photos all made me say it! Norway seems like such an epically lush (in the summer) and beautiful place to visit! I would love to take a cruise in Sognefjord and definitely do loads of hikes! Thanks for sharing these beautiful moments from your trip.

  28. You’ve got me very excited! I’ll be visiting Norway in about 6 weeks. We’ll be doing the train right from Bergen to Oslo as well as a cruise from Kirkenes down along the fjords to Trondheim. I can’t wait!

  29. Norway is one of those places on my list that every year I say I will go, and every year I still don’t make it! The Trolltunga hike is one of my must do’s – how tiring is it? Possible to easily do in 1 day?

    1. Absolutely. Its tough and requires a good level of fitness. You can do it in about 5-7 hours on an average depending upon your speed and stamina 🙂

  30. Norway looks like an awesome place. I’m sure there the wows don’t stop as you navigate around the whole country. We are looking to plan a trip there – so great highlights. Thanks

    1. Cheers, maybe my post on what to know while planning a roadtrip in Norway might help you 🙂

  31. I’d probably go more than wow and be speechless when I get to Norway. It’s been my dream to do the glacier walk and see the fjords! You are very lucky to have experienced those things.

  32. Stunning photo essay on Norway! Excellent photo ops there.
    Hope I get to see these in real some day.

  33. I don’t know what I liked most from your list, as everything you mention seems stunning! I guess the fjord cruise or glacier walk sounds excellent, but Lake Oldevatnet is beautiful! Thanks for introducing all of these fantastic things to do. Guess Norway just entered my bucket list.

  34. Norway is so high on our bucketlist because of the iconic Trolltunga! But Norway is so much than that, it’s just a tons of paradise (mountain paradise!) Glacier walk would be something we would be so keen to do. Lake Oldevatnet looks amazing, a bit similar colours to Slovenia. So much diversity, can’t wait to go!

  35. I’m in love with every photo in this post! I’ve yet to visit Norway, so this was a perfect read for me. The fjord cruise is a must, especially to see the best of Norway in a nutshell! Also, the glacier walk looks incredible and something I’d love to see too. A real wow indeed!

  36. I have only been to NOrway once and visited Oslo. I was not blown away but evidently I went to the wrong place. All of these sights look amazing and much more my kind of thing to do.

    1. Oslo is probably the most boring place in Norway LOL. In countries with so much natural beauty, I always recommend to skip the larger cities altogether!

  37. We’ll go this summer, by bicycle and packraft. Did you do some canoeing exploration? it seems a perfect way to explore the fjords!

    1. Sounds pretty cool! No, unfortunately, we did not canoe, we went on the cruise (my husband is SO afraid of water its not even funny LOL).

  38. Lake Oldevatnet is absolutely stunning! Love those deep green hues and the reflections in your photo. I’d love to see the Staves churches, too. Such interesting architecture!

  39. Those photos are simply gorgeous! My only trip to Norway was as a nine-year-old and what I remember most was the fjords and seeing little huts with grass roofs. Is that train journey you mention the one they have on “Slow Trains” (is that its name?) on Netflix? I’m sure there’s a Norwegian one which I’ve had on in the background and it’s gorgeous.

    1. I don’t know about the ‘slow trains’ on Netflix but you’ve sparked my interest, I’ll have to check it out!

  40. I have found the train journeys to new beautiful places always good . This looks like a good one . Norway is in my list for this year ?. Thanks for the detailed write up !

  41. I’ve seen bits of Norway, but I missed a lot of what you have listed here. I’d love to experience the train journey from Oslo to Bergen. It sounds like I’ll need to get into better shape to tackle those hikes, but the views look worth it!

    1. Those hikes are no doubt tough, so you’ll have to prepare really well for them and be in good shape to attempt them 🙂

  42. Norway is also on our bucket list, but the cold weather is keeping us from going there. Lol. One day we’ll have to get courageous and go explore the awesome glaciers!!

  43. We are aching to go to Norway. It’s for sure high on our list and your photos make us want to go even more. I can’t believe how much natural beauty is there. I would LOVE to do the scenic train ride too!

  44. Wow Wow and more wow. Norway sounds and looks stunning. Definitely would want to do the scenic train ride you mentioned because those views are to die for. And the Glacier walk sounds tough but would want to try that too. Great post!

    1. True, the glacier walk isn’t as easy as some people may think but it’s not very tough either, I’m sure you’ll be fine. Thanks!

  45. Wow–these places are so beautiful! Almost enough to make me forget how expensive Norway is, lol. I’d love to take a Glacier Walk and check out Lake Oldevatnet. I definitely wouldn’t want to miss the major hikes like Trolltunga, either!

    1. You must camp by the lake Oldevatnet, they have a camping ground there right next to the lake and we stayed there. The experience was super!

  46. I can understand why you said wow for Norway, the pictures alone have sold it to me. What is interesting is the Stave Churches, it is definitely different, to me the concept of wooden church seems impossible. I would definitely have to do the Glacier Walk as one of the things when I go to Norway.

  47. Your photos of Norway are breathtaking! Norway is high on our list for places to visit. The emerald waters at Lake Oldevatnet and the spectacular views of the Fjords. Wow! I would definitely do the Trolltunga & Besseggen hikes just for the stunning views.

  48. I really want to travel through Scandinavia and especially through Norway, I’ve got friends from there and always been told so many good things I also know just how beautiful the country is. You got some great places on your list – Just from your short description I can imagine just how amazing the Oslo to Bergen train journey must have been, and I would love to experience the Fjords and a cruise through them, I know will be just breathtaking. – In saying that, everything you have listed I wanna do it 😀 – Another great post Medha

    1. Cheers Amit, Norway is one trip you won’t regret spending a lot of cash on (it’s expensive af but totally worth it 🙂 )

  49. Scandinavia is one part of Europe I am dying to visit and Norway is definitely high up on the list. I never knew train journeys in Norway were so beautiful but now I am looking forward to it. Glacier walk definitely sounds like fun and I would love to do the hike to Trollatunga. But I definitely have to train for that since I haven’t done a hike for more than 12 km.

  50. I absolutely love Norway! The absolutely stunning nature – which you captured amazingly on your photos. I am travelling to Svalbard in May, I hope that will be a memorable trip too.

  51. The train trip from Flam to Myrdal is the most stunning I’ve ever taken. I took a fjord cruise from there to Bergen on my last visit ages ago. It’s such a beautiful country. Thanks for some inspiration to go back!

  52. Wow, Norway is definitely on my list – looks so naturally stunning! Those Fjords look so beautiful and peaceful and the water in Lake Oldevatnet is such a gorgeous green color! Isn’t Trolltunga the place with the really dramatic rock outcropping where everyone takes photos with their feet dangling off the edge?

  53. What beautiful photos of such a beautiful country and those Stave churches. I love the architecture of them. It sounds like the train ride through Norway is the way to go to see the country or of course to drive. I’m torn! But one thing I do know is that we have to get o Norway.

    1. Both train rides and road trips will be amazing, I can tell you 🙂 The good thing about a road trip is that you can stop anywhere, anytime and take LOADS of pictures.

  54. Wow. This post seriously got me wanting to visit Norway. It’s soooo beautiful. The iconic hikes is my favorite of them all. I love hiking and I love photography ?. This post captured it all very well.

  55. Norway is a country which is very high on my list – we’re actually leaving for a cruise throughout NZ tomorrow, and I expect the fjords to be very similar to Norway, just on the other side of the earth! I’ve heard that the train journeys throughout Norway are epic though, so I would definitely travel by land here. And the hike to Trolltunga is one I wouldn’t miss!

    1. The train journeys are superb, and even renting a car and doing a road trip is a brilliant idea 🙂

  56. I’ve never considered how many beautiful things there are to do and see in Norway, and you’ve captured them beautifully in your photos. I especially love the sunset road trip – it’s always nice to discover a place like that on your own, at your own pace. And the glacier ice hike looks epic! I may have to add it Norway to the list 🙂

  57. Yes Norway is on our itinerary on our road trip in Scandinavia this coming summer! Of all the Scandinavian countries I look most forward to Norway! Just look at your photos of Norway…they make anyone want to visit Norway! Althought I must say that I am quite sad not being able to do some of the popular hikes like trolltungan and Pulpit rock because we have our two years old daughter and those hikes would be too long for her to handle (she will sit in a baby carrier) But I guess Norway has so many stunning hikes more friendly to offer! The glacier walk seems fun aswell! Perhaps one of us could do it and one stay with our daughter.

    1. I couldn’t do some of the tougher hikes myself because of an injured foot and its a pity that some of the most breathtaking views are reserved only for the extremely fit. Having said that, there’s so much beauty in every corner of Norway, I am sure you’re going to absolutely LOVE every bit of it 🙂 Have fun!

  58. I have been to Norway myself and I still cant forget about hiking around the breathtaking views. Thanks for the article Medha!

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