8 best winter destinations in Europe

One of my favourite travel writers, David Henderson, is back with another guest post. David is an avid traveler who has been all over Europe, seeking the most unforgettable experiences at every turn. His favourite season to travel is winter and he's an expert when it comes to pre-travel prep and packing. 

Winter offers the ideal opportunity for travel that will give you wonderful memories and unprecedented images in an impressive and at the same time romantic winter landscape. The eight best winter destinations are here, to enchant you with their striking beauty and to impress even the most demanding traveller.

Europe is famous for its unique landscapes and the outstanding quality of accommodation it offers. Choose a destination that will provide you with everything you are looking for and will surely reward you with your choice. Many activities such as sledding, skiing, and sleigh rides will take you to an extraordinary world of adrenaline and untold joy. So who said that only in the summer season you could have a dream vacation? Let’s prove them wrong.

1. Rovaniemi - Finland

Rovaniemi, or mostly known as Santa Claus's village, belongs to the Arctic Circle and offers unique experiences and landscapes where the snow and the Christmas icons are the stars of the show. Everything moves to the rhythms of the most special and beloved holidays, making everyone happy and paint a big smile on their face.

Dog sledding in Rovaniemi

2. Italian Alps

An excellent getaway for snow and warm and earthy accommodation lovers, the Italian Alps will offer you a unique winter experience. Magnificent mountains, valleys that captivate the eyes and hotels with high-level facilities. All this composes a spectacular winter trip for everyone. The Italian resorts of Cervinia, Sauze d'Oulx, La Thuile and Cortina d'Ampezzo, are some of the best accommodation options in the country and also for the rest of Europe. With excellent service to guests, offering them all the comforts and complete holiday packages, these resorts are one of the ideal options for your winter vacation. Through Erna Low, you can choose that complete vacation package that meets your needs and will turn your trip into a memorable and personalized experience; all at affordable and accessible prices for everyone interested.

Mountain scenery landscape in Alps, Corvara in Badia, Italy

3. Tyrol - Austria

A unique destination that enchants, Tyrol belongs to the majestic Alps and is located in the geographical part of Austria. It has an impressive lake, the Achensee, which is the largest in Tyrol and is located at an altitude of 900 meters. The use of lift - cable cars will leave you with a sweet memory of the area, and the city itself will fascinate you with its colourful buildings and its countless outdoor cafes.

Fernsteinsee Scenic Tyrol Lake in Western Austria, Europe.

4. Hamburg - Germany

Hamburg is considered a jewel city of Germany. You can cross Lake Ulster on foot, as it freezes every year (it's safe, don't worry) and walk to the old port, the Nicolaifleet, which has stood tall since the 12th century. Also, the Elbe Philharmonic, a glamorous futuristic building that looks like a cruise ship, will certainly not go unnoticed.

Walkway in Hirschpark, Hamburg, Germany

5. Copenhagen - Denmark

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and is considered an ideal destination for winter travel. Famous for its cycling culture and its beautiful graffiti-coloured alleys, this city evokes youth and joy. The architectural philosophy of the town is the main feature of this remarkable city.

Copenhagen, Denmark on the Nyhavn Canal.

6. Jasna - Slovakia

The ski resort in Jasna is one of the most popular spots for sports fans. Many World Games are held there. It is an excellent choice for those of you who love skiing, as you will find everything you need with snowy landscapes that leave you speechless and many hotels that provide you with quality and comfortable accommodation.

Lake Jasna on a beautiful winter day

7. Transylvania - Romania

Romania is a unique destination, as Count Dracula's legend starts from there and the landscapes you will see will compensate you for your choice. Medieval cities, impressive gorges and mountains and magnificent, imposing monasteries will take you to a world of wonders and unspeakable beauty that is beyond imaginable.

Slimnic fortress on the hills over Slimnic village. Transylvania, Romania

8. Pamporovo - Bulgaria

Pamporovo is a mountain resort that offers unprecedented moments and experiences to ski lovers. Pamporovo has well-preserved slopes and unique landscapes that will enchant you. The quality of accommodation is excellent, and the winters there tend to be mild, without bothering its residents and visitors for actually enjoying their time.

Magnificent panoramic winter view of the Shipka National Monument (Liberty Monument) at sunrise, Balkans, Bulgaria


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  1. Those are some lovely picks for winter. Austria has always charmed me – and now this destination Tyrol adds to the temptation. The next on my list would be Hamburg and then maybe Translyvania. I guess, I have my next winter sorted 😀

  2. I love traveling during winter as it seems like holiday months. I have traveled to Europe only once during winter, to Germany and Iceland. Your blog is tempting me to make some plans for upcoming winter as last year was a disaster for all of us. I am thinking of Tyrol, and that’s also mentioned in your list. Or should I settle with the Italian Alps?

  3. What a beautiful set of pictures. Winter is my favourite season. I am really eager on visiting Romania and Bulgaria. Slimnic fortress looks divine.

  4. Winter is such a wonderful season to travel and you’ve captured some of the most incredible destinations. I’ve done Transylvania in winter and it was magical. Jasna was new on my list but it looks so surreal and peaceful.

  5. I will be the first to admit I am not a fan of the cold and tend to want to stay inside, but you have made some of these destinations look irresistible. Transylvania is one destination I have always wanted to visit and I think the snow would definitely make it even more beautiful to see. With its mild winters Pamporovo looks like a destination I could tolerate, and I wouldn’t be opposed to trying my hand at skiing. Great list-thanks for sharing!

  6. As someone from warm winter state in the US, I would like to visit some of these destinations. Santa Claus Village is high in my list. I would also like to walk on Lake Ulster in Hamburg, Germany. I think it will be a cool experience.

  7. Since we live in Canada, I must admit that we have not really looked for cold winter destinations. But Finland and the Northern Lights is a trip we would plan for sure. I love the idea of Germany in the winter for Christmas markets. And Hamburg looks like it offers other treats too. And I am sure the Romanian castle look like storybook setting in the winter.

  8. I been to a lot of places in Europe and there are a heck of a lot of great destinations to go in the winter. Not sure about Hamburg and Copenhagen on the list unless someone wants a winter city break but totally agree with lapland, Bulgaria and Romania, beautiful places when the snow is on the ground. My favourite places as well as anywhere with mountains has to be Estonia and Latvia Beautiful places when its cold and snowny 🙂

  9. I had no idea that Rovaniemi was Santa’s Village! I bet that would be a great place to take children as well. I’ve also always wanted to go to Copenhagen, and it looks beautiful in the winter!

  10. Such a beautiful world we live in….through this lovely blog Medha is giving us an insight into unheard of places. Keep writing Medha, yr blog is very interesting..
    Dr Sunita Dahat, PhD

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