What to do on a day-trip in Agra, India

Home to one of the most majestic Wonders of the World, Taj Mahal, Agra is popular amongst locals and foreigners alike. A part of the popular 'Golden Triangle' tour, which includes the culture-laden Jaipur, the lively metropolitan Delhi, and the historically rich Agra, this post is for the people who choose to traverse the city on their own instead of taking a package.

Agra is hardly a 2-hour journey from Delhi and is easily reached either by road or train. Express trains depart from the Delhi station through the day, the fastest one leaving as early as 6 am, arriving in Agra at 7.57 am. This is probably the best option as the best time to reach Taj Mahal is early in the day, to avoid crowds. The best months to visit are November - March as the weather is pleasant. Once the summer begins in April / May, the heat wave becomes unbearably strong and the mercury rises above 45° C. Monsoons in July-August bring some respite from the heat but the rains can make it hard to travel within the city due to traffic jams.

Although Agra does have a few historical gems which are fascinating and reminiscent of the Mughal Empire's rule, from more than 500 years ago, the infrastructure of the city is not very well developed. Finding clean hotels and restaurants can be a wild-goose chase and very frustrating for visitors. Here's what I recommend:

  • Rent a taxi for the full day. It'll cost you as less as USD 50 for over 12 hours and the driver will be well-versed with the roads to take you around to your places of choice
  • Ask your hotel to provide a pick and drop from the train station (if you're arriving by train from Delhi); most hotels have this facility available.
  • Take care of your belongings. Agra is known for bag snatchers and pickpockets and foreign tourists can be a soft target
  • Take a guided tour at all the monuments you visit; not only are the tour guides equipped with great knowledge and lovely stories about the historical relevance of these places, they're also quite cheap! Moreover, there is not enough information available around these areas for you to understand the significance of the places.
  • There are many unlicensed tour guides wandering outside the monuments; make sure you pick a government-approved and licensed tour guide for your tour.
  • Pack your sunscreen and sunglasses as the sun can get very strong and most places are in the open, requiring you to walk under the sun. Needless to say, wear comfortable shoes!
  • Trains might be booked out if you check closer to the travel dates; you're advised to plan and book it in advance.
  • Agra is a lot more conservative than Delhi; I would advise women to be dressed a little conservatively if they want to avoid being gawked at. A long skirt or trousers are a good idea.
  • Taj Mahal & Fatehpur Sikri are closed on Fridays.

Here's what your day trip to Agra should look like:

8.00 am: Arrive at Agra and visit Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal opens at sunrise and the earlier you visit, the better it is, to avoid crowds. It is hardly a 15-minute drive from the Agra Cantt. train station. There are 3 gates to enter the area and most taxis will drop you at Purani Mandi entrance gate. You can take a battery-operated autorickshaw, a horse-drawn carriage(which cost as less as USD 5) or simple walk from the main gate to the entrance of Taj Mahal's garden (which is about 1 km). The ticket counter will not be at the main gate but at the Taj Mahal garden entrance.

Once you're inside the gardens, you'll be mesmerized by how stunning the monument is. Although the marble has begun to show signs of turning yellow in the last few years, desperate attempts to retain the colour have been put in place and extensive renovations are being conducted, one part at a time. The iconic dome and the four minarets stand tall and pretty, and the walk towards this magnificent piece of architecture is absolutely amazing!

You can enter the building, where the tombs of Queen Mumtaz Mahal (Taj Mahal's namesake) and her husband King Shah Jahan (who made this memorial to bury his wife in the 17th century) are available for public view. No photography or videography is allowed in this part. A walk around on the marble floors offers panoramic views of the river Yamuna, located behind Taj Mahal.

Ticket cost: Rs. 40 for IndiansUSD 15 for foreigners

Tour Guide cost: Rs. 250 for Indians / USD 10 for foreigners

Time required: 1.5 - 2 hours

Keep in mind: Vendors selling merchandise tend to follow you around and pester you to buy. Don't let this get to you - there's a lot of poverty in Agra and tourism is probably the only means of survival for many of them. Decline politely or simply ignore, else they will follow you around.

10.30 am: Visit Agra Fort

Hardly a 10-minute drive from Taj Mahal, this is another historical gem worth exploring if you're in Agra. Although Delhi was the capital during most of Mughal Rule, there was a short period in between when it was shifted to Agra and the ruling Emperors during that period resided in this fort. Part of it is built in sandstone, started by Emperor Akbar but was continued by his grandson, Shah Jahan in marble. The fort is home to enthralling stories of the families of Akbar and his successors. Stories about murder, imprisonment, and debauchery make for an interesting day-time exploratory walk around this majestic monument.

Ticket cost: Rs. 40 for IndiansUSD 9 for foreigners

Tour Guide cost: Rs. 250 for Indians / USD 10 for foreigners

Time required: 1.5 - 2 hours

Keep in mind: The fort is spread over a large area and there is almost no explanation of what lies where. Hire a tour guide and enhance your experience; they often have very interesting stories to tell and amazing observations. They are also happy to take pictures for you. These tour guides are available at the entrance of the fort itself. Wear comfortable walking shoes!

Book your stay in Agra here.

12.30 pm: Lunch at Pinch of Spice

I am recommending this place for several reasons: It is reasonably priced and is multi-cuisine for those not too happy to experiment Indian fare, has very clean interiors (and toilets), decent food and is quite close to both Taj Mahal and Agra Fort. Menus are in English, the staff is courteous and easy to communicate with, ample seating space is available and the music is soothing and not too loud. However, if you do plan to try some Indian dishes, make sure to check with the staff if it is spicy as some of the dishes we tried were too hot, even for our North Indian palate.

1.30 pm: Head to Fatehpur Sikri

40 kms from Agra (1-hour drive), this is a fortified city which was a short-lived capital of the Mughal Empire for 13 years, during Emperor Akbar's rule. The fortress contains a lovely mosque and three palaces- one for each of Akbar's wives, who belonged to different religions. It is said that Akbar also introduced his own religion known as Din-e-Elahi, a common religion that incorporated aspects of all three religions to which his wives belonged - Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity. This can be observed in the architecture at Fatehpur Sikri's buildings which integrate significant details in its design relating to each of these religions.

The fort-city is divided into two parts - Fatehpur, which has the mosque and the Buland Darwaza (Victory Gate), the highest gateway in the world. The entry to this area is free. The other area, which contains the palaces, is chargeable and has some amazing buildings to see which include - Jodha Bai's Palace, Diwan-e-aam and Diwan-e-khaas, Birbal Bhawan and Panch Mahal. All these buildings are specimens of grand Mughal and Persian architecture, made of sandstone and marble.

Ticket cost: Rs. 40 for IndiansUSD 9 for foreigners (for Sikri)

Tour Guide cost: Rs. 250 for Indians / USD 10 for foreigners (for both Fatehpur and Sikri areas)

Time required: 2 - 2.5 hours

Keep in mind: This is a fort city spread over a really large area and thus requires for you to walk around a lot. Wear comfortable shoes and hire a tour guide who will share interesting stories with you, as there isn't much information available otherwise. There are hardly any directional signs to lead you to these buildings.

6.00 pm: Enjoy sunset at Mehtaab Bagh or boat ride on the Yamuna

During the winter months (October - March), Mehtaab Bagh is a popular spot for enjoying the sunset which happens right behind Taj Mahal. This place is across the Yamuna River from Taj Mahal and offers stunning views of the sun going down. There is a (small) fee to enter this garden area which provides unique photo opportunities of the stunning monument (Rs 15 for Indians / USD 3 for foreigners).

Alternatively, if you like to go a little offbeat, some of the best shots of Taj Mahal are captured from a boat ride on the Yamuna River. Head to the 'Dussehra Ghat' (a 5-minute walk from the West Gate entrance of Taj Mahal), where you will find private boat owners on the riverside, ready to take you for a trip across the river. These are simple wooden boats that can take 3-4 people and 20-minute ride costs as less as Rs. 300 for Indians / USD 10 for foreigners (approx), which is totally worth it, considering the views are absolutely breathtaking and certain to leave you speechless. In my opinion, there is no other angle better to capture Taj Mahal than this.

8.00 pm: Head back to Delhi

You have managed to see pretty much everything there is to see in Agra and are now ready to return? Alternatively, you can stay at one of the hotels overnight and head back the next morning.

There are ample trains between Agra & Delhi that run through the day. Click here to check the timings, duration of journey and availability.

Recommended hotel (should you choose to spend the night):  Hotel Prema Palace: Excellent location, clean and large rooms, reasonably priced.

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74 thoughts on “What to do on a day-trip in Agra, India”

  1. I live in Agra and there’s a lot more than monuments to see. Agra is rich in many local community activities and frequent festivals. You missed mentioning where else to go for the street food experience, shopping the marketplace, visiting weddings, plus the many temples of various religions. We have a homestay and take our guests to the high-profile sites, but also the neighborhoods and villages with plenty to see and experience. Agra is quite diverse!

    1. I am sure it is Kat, however, there’s hardly so much one can pack in a day-trip 😉 Even this is a really packed itinerary. I always encourage people to spend more time in a city to be able to experience the true culture and get a feel of the character of that city. However, a lot of us are time bound and unable to spare enough time for every city we travel to. Feel free to drop in suggestions for people who might have more time to explore the city in depth!

  2. I’ve wanted to go to Agra to see the Taj Mahal for years but still haven’t made it. Before reading this blog though I didn’t realise how many other lovely things there were there. Agra Fort looks really interesting and that sunset is spectacular!!

    1. You can easily spend a couple of days in Agra, there is quite a bit to see 🙂

  3. Oh this pains me. I haven’t been there yet! Excellent itinerary for a day trip there. So many monuments of importance, I don’t want to miss even one of them.

    1. You could do 2 days also and cover a few more places of importance. You must, however, visit Taj Mahal. It’s lovely!

  4. You missed Itmad-ud-Daula – my favorite monument in Agra, also known as Mini Taj. It is a delicate monument built by a daughter for her parents – a delicate monument in pristine white.

  5. It is surprising how many people are unaware of the attractions of Agra apart from the Taj. I’ve known many visitors who returned from Agra without seeing the Fort or visiting Fatehpur Sikri. It is good that you highlighted these places in addition to the Taj.

    1. People need to spend 2 days in Agra. There’s so much more to see. The Fort and Fatehpur Sikri are pretty awesome!

  6. I’ve never been to India, so I would love to see Agra and the Taj Mahal. I never see a bad photo of this stunning building, and now I know what to expect when I do eventually visit! Also, $50 for a taxi for 12 hours is incredibly cheap!

    1. Yes it is cheap, although they probably will try to quote higher prices for ‘foreigners’ 🙂

  7. Taj Mahal is definitely on our list. My husband went once when he was a young boy and it is one of his earliest clear memories. We want to make sure that our youngest is old enough to remember. Hopefully on our next trip to India! I’ve wondered about what the best way is to travel to Agra, and your informative post answered many of my questions.

  8. The Taj Mahal and Agra in that order seem to be synonymous with India as far as the west is concerned. Of course there is so much more to India, but still the Taj Mahal rightly occupies pride of position. This is a very useful post packed with information for first timers to Agra to help them plan their trip.

  9. Agra and Fatehpur Sikri are our favorite destination for the day trip from Delhi. We have seen all these beauties recommended by you but never done a boat ride in the Yamuna. I loved your boat picture with Taj Mahal and is one of the best shots. How did you manage to get a picture of Fatehpur Sikri without people? I don’t have a single shot without people.

  10. I was reading your post with attention because I am planning a trip to Ladakh with some days in Delhi and Agra in the near future. I did not know about Fatehpur Sikri and I found it very beautiful to build the constructions dedicated to the wives according to their religions. I will use your advice about the restaurant and the sunset boat tour, flipping all this on a very special, personal board.

    1. Cheers Elisa, hope you have a wonderful trip! And Ladakh is absolutely stunning too, you will fall in love!

  11. Thanks for the tip on catching the 6am – I really want to visit the Taj Mahal, but fully plan on doing my best to avoid the crowds. I love that Agra is so accessible from Delhi. Wow it’s so cheap to rent a taxi for the day! I think that’s the way I will go. Nice to hear that I’ve been given good advice in the past on organizing a guide – I’m usually all up for exploring on my own, btu I think this would be a destination where you would really benefit from the knowledge of the guides – so much history to the monuments, you appreciate them more when you have all the information.

    Thanks for the lunch recommendation – Pinch of Spice sounds great, and I love that it sounds easy and hassle free for foreigners. I actually hadn’t heard of Fatehpur Sikri before, but it will be on my itinerary now – very beautiful!

    Very helpful guide, thankyou for sharing your experience!

  12. I didn’t realise there were so many other things to see near the Taj Mahal. Agra sounds like a fantastic destination, and your tips are awesome. Personally, I would love to be on a boat on the Yamuna River at sunset to capture some unusual shots of the Taj Mahal.

    1. Thankfully there were not too many people trying to get on the boat so I had the river all to myself, literally 🙂

  13. Great information. I had heard that the infrastructure around Agra is not well equipped for the sheer number of visitors the city gets, so it is good to know alternatives. I think hiring a driver for $50/day is a great way to get around the city hassle-free and see all the sites.

  14. What a great way to spend a day in Agra. I do plan on visiting India and the goal is to really see the Taj Mahl and a day trip would be phenomenal and it allows to me to explore other areas in India. Oh, I love the idea of viewing the “Taj” at sunset. Just beautiful

  15. Sounds like a busy day indeed. Hard to believe the Taj Mahal only requires two hours to visit. I would have assumed it was a half day tour at a minimum. India is such a historic place. I would love to visit someday.

    1. There isn’t a lot in the vicinity to see, just the Taj and if you’re taking a guided tour, they’ll walk you through the gardens as well and explain the history to you. You MAY spend more time if you like, of course!

  16. Wonderfully detailed guide. Although I tend to avoid extremely touristy places, I did visit Agra once althugh I did not make it to Fatehpur Sikri. I liked the Fort even more than Tajmahal.

    I think tehre is also Akbar’s Tomb somewhere nearby.

    1. Yes, there is, not too far from Taj Mahal. But if you want to make it to Fatehpur Sikri, in one day, you need to pick and choose the places you can visit and those you have to skip! 🙂

  17. Love your photos. I think in all these years I have been to Taj Mahal just a couple of times and the last time was many many years back. I agree with your tip on getting a car with driver to move around. It is cheap and convenient. I had not noticed before but the ticket price for foreign tourists are a bit too high!

  18. These are some great tips and it is so interesting to me that Agra does not have great infrastructure when it is home to the Taj Mahal! I don’t know the area, so it’s been good to find out about other things to see there – I love the fort building in particular!

    1. It’s a pity about the city’s infrastructure, Samantha. Though the garden around the Taj and that area, in particular, is well-maintained.

  19. This sounds like a huge day out! It sounds like getting to the Taj Mahal really early would be the best to avoid the crowds. I can only imagine how crowded it would get with people trying to get the perfect photo. To be honest with you, I like the look of the fort city Fatehpur Sikri more than the Taj Mahal. That pink architecture looks gorgeous. Does it have similar levels of crowds to the Taj Mahal?

    1. It is crowded but not as much as Taj Mahal of course! I like Fatehpur Sikri as well, but Taj is iconic 🙂

  20. I spent about 3 days in Agra which is usually a lot more than other tourists but I really liked the place! I found Agra probably the cleanest city I visited in India! The Taj Mahal is like a mirage I found, so so beautiful and dreamy!

    1. Wow 3 days is quite a bit of time, I’m sure you would’ve discovered some hidden gems 🙂

  21. I love the Taj Mahal, even with all the crowds it’s still such an impressive monument and of course, the story is one of romance and intrigue. I love your photos, especially the one through that star-shaped hole showing the boys walking across the red courtyard. Your guide is very comprehensive, a great resource for first time visitors.

  22. I’d prefer to take a personal driver for a day to make the most of the visit. Taj Mahal is certainly a place which shouldn’t be missed on a trip to Agra, but a romantic boat ride on the Yamuna river would be as wonderful. If I’d get some good pictures from Taj Mahal from the river, I’d even prefer to do only the boat trip, to be able to avoid the crowds.

    1. To be honest, the river itself is not really ‘romantic’, it’s actually quite dirty, unfortunately. Just the views of the Taj are amazing from the river, but don’t expect a beautiful riverboat ride 🙂

  23. Everything looks so beautiful, especially the Taj Mahal! I’m glad you enjoyed the trip!!

  24. I’m actually looking at heading to India fairly soon, so thanks for putting this together. I’ve bookmarked this for my trip there. Of course, Agra is going to be on my itinerary, so I appreciate you giving actually useful tips.

  25. Yet another insightful post 😀 – I think If and when I visit Agra, I would personally do it independent too. I don’t what it is with tours I just feel I get so much more out of it doing it all by myself. I can imagine the sunset just being majestic as it sets behind the Taj Mahal.

    1. Although I do think it’s better to do it on your own because that gives you flexibility, once you visit the monuments, try to hire a guide to show you inside because they have some very cool stories and a lot of information about the place, which is otherwise not easily available. These tour guides are not very expensive either and can speak various languages!

  26. Visiting Taj Mahal is a dream that hopefully will come true one day. That’s a good tip to rent a taxi for around 12 hours, and only costs $50 as if I go there I won’t know how to move around.

    1. It’s the most sensible thing to do as it is cheap, the drivers know their way around the city and will also provide useful information to you about good places to eat, etc. You can cover a lot of ground and customize your itinerary as per your interest.

  27. Your day trip to Agra guide was incredibly informative especially hiring a local but also government issued tour guide. The Taj Mahal has been on my bucket list for so long but I’d also enjoy the sunset cruise and visiting the fort. Do you know why the Taj Mahal is becoming yellow in color?

    1. Unfortunately, it’s the pollution! Many cities in India have a high carbon footprint and we are only beginning to get environmentally conscious now. They are, however, trying to restore the original colour of the marble. Let’s see how that goes.

  28. I was here when it was the hottest India had ever been! So didnt get the chance to do some of these suggestions, but its a good excuse to go back!

    1. Oh, it was hot when I went too! Makes it tough to go around, no doubt. That’s why it’s a good idea to visit between November – March when the weather is good.

    1. Yes, it does! It’s such a huge and diverse country, with so much to see and do in every part!

  29. I’d like to see everything you list here, but it sounds to me like two days’ worth of sightseeing rather than trying to fit it all into one. I think I’d do the Taj Mahal, the Agra Fort and the sunset one day, then do the rest the next day before heading back. Thanks for this clear and complete guide!

    1. I agree it can be a bit tiring to cover it all in one day. You can choose to spend a night and enjoy these things at leisure 🙂

    1. Haha, just got to make sure you can brave the sweltering heat. Or visit in winter 🙂

  30. Very informative article- makes you want to visit Agra again, even if you have been there before!

    1. It was my second trip too, it’s a charming city if you know exactly where to go and how 🙂

  31. Have been to Agra several times….Did not ever explore Mehtaab Bagh or the boat rides though. Thanks Medha, for this information.

    Well written..just as your other blogs. Keep up the good work!!!

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