The perfect 1-week Bali itinerary

Prepare for an exciting week full of adventure, culture, water sports, nightlife and amazing people with this perfect 1-week Bali itinerary. This exuberant city of Indonesia is the hottest destination to travel to this year and there are many reasons for that. Perfect for all sorts of travellers – solo, budget, family, luxury-seeking, adventurous and cultural enthusiasts, Bali will not disappoint you, you can be sure of that. It fulfills every requirement for a perfect vacation and that too, without burning a hole in your pocket. Isn’t that the dream?

A week is just about the right amount of time you need to explore the best of this island province. My suggested Bali itinerary is a perfect mix of adventure, relaxation, culture, and nightlife, and I have included suggestions for those who might have more time to spare.

Suggested areas to stay:

3 nights Seminyak

1 night Ubud

2 nights Gili Islands (Trawangan, Meno or Air)

The best thing about Bali is that it is very inexpensive and if you’re travelling in a group or with family, it might be a great idea to rent a private villa (most of them come with beautiful swimming pools, massage chairs, and large bedrooms). A 3-bedroom villa, for example, in Seminyak will cost you about $150 and will be located not too far from the town centre. A Wyndham timeshare resale rental will cost about the same and will likely come equipped with a kitchen and 1,2 or 3 private bedrooms.

Kuta is even cheaper to stay in as compared to Seminyak. If you’re looking for affordable luxury, some really amazing beachside resorts in Jimbaran or Uluwatu will suit your budget. This is probably one of the few gorgeous destinations where you can be happy to shell out a few extra bucks and stay at outstanding resorts in iconic locations, without feeling it too heavy on the pocket.

Tanah Lot

Recommended ‘affordable’ luxury resort: Karma Kandara or Karma Jimbaran

Suggested mode of transportation:

The best mode of transportation within Bali is a scooter. Although you can also rent a car for as cheap as $40 per day, the roads are so narrow and the traffic usually heavy that a scooter is probably the best way to traverse a large area in lesser time. If you’re not confident riding a scooter by yourself, you can also rent a scooter with a driver for a whole day (in $15) and this is a good idea also because your driver will know the area and you won’t have to spend any time in asking the routes. You can make the most of this activity-filled Bali itinerary!

Although going longer distances (like Ubud) may not be the most comfortable on a scooter, unless you’re spending a night there, it is definitely advisable as the traffic and roads in Ubud are as bad as Bali’s and you have to be prepared to be stuck in slow moving traffic if you’re in a car.

Sunset on Kuta Beach

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Day 1: This is the first day in your Bali itinerary and you’re still taking in the new surroundings, trying to find your way around. Why not hit the beach and enjoy some great music with a few drinks? Kuta and Seminyak beach, although very commercial, are gorgeous and have many bars and restaurants with recliners, bean bags, drinks, shisha, and food right on the beach. Relax, take a dip in the clear blue waters, sip on a Pina Colada or dance to the music at Potato Head Beach Club or Ku De Ta, two of the most popular beach clubs in Seminyak. At night, you can make the most of the nightlife in Seminyak’s busy street lined with numerous restaurants and bars, playing live music, offering happy hour drinks and amazing ambiance.

Day 2: Get ready to explore the island. Begin by exploring Uluwatu Temple and Suluban Beach. Located about 45 min away from Kuta area, this is one my favourite temples in Bali. Just the setting on top of a cliff jutting out into the sea, with the sound of waves crashing against the rocks is an amazing experience. A walk around the temple on the path provided is breathtaking. Beware of the monkeys, they often snatch personal belongings and can only be distracted by food (bananas mostly).

Uluwatu Temple

Suluban beach in Uluwatu stands out because of its approach through the towering cliffs and the clear green waters. Steps and ramps have been created to access the beach and several narrow openings or caves can be found here. On most days, you can catch some surfers trying out their skills, further in the sea. For those who love swimming, this is a perfect spot as a natural swimming pool with calm waters forms between the sandy beach and the reef. If you’re looking for a spot to soak up some sun and enjoy amazing views, grab a deck chair at Delphi Rock Lounge, overlooking the Suluban Beach.

For a luxurious spa treatment followed by lunch, head towards Karma Beach, a 30-minute drive from Uluwatu. I call this a hidden secret because it is not one of the popular beaches in Bali but in my opinion, it is the prettiest! There are two ways to access this beach – take about 100 steps down, right before the entrance of Karma Beach Club, to the public beach. Or, if you’re looking to spend some time in the spa, infinity pool, and restaurant of Karma Kandara, buy a coupon (of $50) which will also give you access to the beach via a lift. The hotel has an amazing spa, located on the cliffs, with stunning views of the beach, an infinity pool, open to guests who have purchased the coupon and a beachside bar. The beach is one of the least crowded ones and an absolute beauty, with sparkling white sand and turquoise blue waters.

Karma Beach

No Bali itinerary is complete without a visit to Rock Bar (Ayana Hotel, Jimbaran), a 30-minute drive from Karma Beach, to catch the sunset. The entrance to the bar begins to queue up, so make sure you get there well in time to be able to catch an amazing sunset. Although pricey, I would still recommend to at least have a drink and a snack at this bar which has an ultra-romantic setting, situated on a rock (as the name suggests), offering glorious sunset views.

Rock Bar, Bali

Day 3: It’s time for some water sports, a very important part of any Bali itinerary! Very typically, Bali has some amazing dive sites for diving enthusiasts, due to its diverse marine life. However, for the lesser adventurous, there are numerous activities you can indulge in. One of the popular beaches for water sports is Sanur Beach. This beach is popular for – cruises, underwater sea walks, stand up paddling, parasailing and banana boat. A street market located next to the beach offers great bargains on beachwear clothes and other souvenirs. This is not one of the cleanest and prettiest beaches in Bali so head here only if you’re interested in water sports.

Another popular area for water sports is Nusa Dua. You can consider purchasing a water-sports package from a company (click here for details) that will pick you up from your hotel and take you to the Tanjung Benoa Beach (about 35 minutes away from Kuta) and you can spend a whole day enjoying several activities such as jet ski, banana boat, water skiing, snorkeling, donut ride, underwater sea walk and so much more. Most of the packages include lunch.

Alternatively: If you’re looking for something more adventurous and unique but aren’t a trained diver, one of the activities that I found extremely exciting and fascinating was the Bali Underwater Scooter. You can experience the underwater sea world on a scooter, that takes you up to 20m below the ocean surface. A simple functioning scooter that requires no license, no cumbersome gear and no experience whatsoever, this is an experience that is hard to find in most other places. The best activity is the one where you get to explore the underwater temple and statue of Buddha, off the coast of Nusa Ceningan island. For as less as $85, you will have a full day tour with pick-up from the hotel, ferry to the island and a 20-minute scooter ride exploring the stupas. A fantastic activity for a reasonable price!

Pandawa Beach

After a day of delighting in watersports, head to Tanah Lot for yet another incredible sunset. Situated 45 minutes away from Kuta, this is another one of my favourite temples in Bali. Whether you visit it during the day or for the sunset, you will be greeted by spectacular views of a temple situated on a rock, in the middle of the ocean. During the high tide, the temple is inaccessible yet a walk around it offers views that should not be missed. Some cafes located at an elevation (which get extremely crowded) overlooking the island temple are the perfect place to relax, with your camera poised to capture unmatched pictures. If you plan to catch the sunset here, make sure to keep enough time in hand, as the traffic while approaching the temple is really bad and you might just end up missing the sunset (like I did, unfortunately). If you do miss the sunset, do not be disappointed. A Kecak and Fire dance takes place right after the sunset and is an amazing artistic masterpiece offering an insight into Bali’s lovely traditions, deeply rooted in culture.

The nightlife of Kuta: If you still have some energy left, visit Kuta’s busy and crowded streets where bars, restaurants, and pubs remain open until wee hours of the day and inexpensive street shopping (in contrast to Seminyak’s boutique stores) will capture your interest.

Day 4: Ubud

Yet another important part of any Bali itinerary, although Ubud can be covered as a day-trip from Bali’s main centre, I strongly recommend you to spend a night in Ubud. Not only is it a contrast in landscape (lush green forests and rice terraces), it is also a good base to explore a few other amazing places such as Ulun Danu Beratan, a lake temple, and Mt Batur, an active volcano, both of which are located closer to Ubud than Kuta or Seminyak. This will also give you an opportunity to cover more ground in Ubud and in a relaxed way, instead of rushing as you would have to do if you cover it on a day trip.

Teggalang Rice Terraces, Ubud

Read my detailed post on What to do on a Day Trip in Ubud, Bali.

Day 5: Ulun Danu Beratan / Mt Batur

If you’re a hiking enthusiast, you might want to do include a sunrise hike on Mt Batur in your Bali itinerary. The trek itself is for 2-hours and for the moderately fit. Click here to read more. This trek is known to offer some of the most spectacular sunrise views you’ll see. You’ll have to, however, be prepared to start very early in the day (around 2 am from your hotel) to be able to get to the summit in time.

Alternatively, you can explore the magnificent lake temple Ulun Danu Beratan, a 2-hour drive from Ubud. Yet another temple which is popular for catching the sunrise, the temple is equally beautiful even during other times of the day. A light blanket of fog usually descends upon it during the later hours, adding to the serenity of the place, with the mountains in the backdrop. The lovely pink flowers, the calm waters of the lake and the towering stupa-like ceiling of the temple make for a fantastic picture and the place is an Instagrammers dream come true!

Ulun Danu Beratan Temple, Bali

Whichever activity you decide to do today (or simply spend some more time in the peaceful surrounds of green Ubud), you can head back to Bali in the evening or if you plan to visit Gili Islands the next day, you may spend another night in Ubud as the ferry to Gili Islands departs from Padang Bai, which is yet again closer to Ubud than to mainland Bali.

Day 6 & 7: Gili Islands

Your Bali itinerary must include a trip to one of the Gili Islands. There are 3 islands to choose from – Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno. Click here to read on how to choose your Gili Island.

As a solo traveller, I decided to visit Gili Trawangan. Prepare to relax and soak up some sun on this beautiful island.

Read my detailed post on A visit to Gili Trawangan from Bali.

Additional Tips & Suggestions:

-          I would advise you to keep a buffer between the day you’re flying out of Bali and the day you return from Gili Islands to the mainland. The reason being- most ferries do not follow the time as per the advised scheduled and there are unprecedented delays.

-          For buying souvenirs (especially clothes, fragrant soaps and essential oils) although you will find several shops and street markets, one of the best in terms of the collection and prices is Agung Bali (near Kuta).

-          GO-JEK is a fantastic app for calling a scooter or car taxi (apart from other functions such as groceries and food delivery). Not only is it efficient and convenient, it is also cheaper than the taxis available on the road. It is Indonesia’s ‘Uber’.

Suggestions for an extended Bali itinerary:

If you have more time in Bali, consider exploring Lombok and Nusa Penida.

Lombok: A magnet for trekkers and adventurers, Lombok is home to Indonesia's second highest volcano - Gunung Rinjani. The rugged, mountainous landscape offer plenty of meandering trekking trails through lush forests and bucolic scenes, where as the southern coast is a surfers' paradise.

Nusa Penida: I regret not including this hidden gem in my Bali itinerary. Secluded beaches, jungles, waterfalls and lush greenery are not enough to define this gorgeous island, which is not too far from Bali's mainland and easy to get to by ferries from Sanur, with journeys lasting less than an hour!

Got more time in Indonesia? Click here to read where to travel in 60 days, on a budget.


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  1. I was so upset that I had to cancel my travel plans to Bali due to COVID, but your blog just excited me to reschedule it all over again! I’m such a beach girl that loves the culture of Southeast Asia so I feel like Bali would be my perfect destination. Nusa Penida is definitely on my bucket list, but I’d love to include Gili Islands as well!

  2. Fantastic trip! 150 USD for 3- bed room villa is not a bad recommendation.
    Mark it for my next trip in this Dec. Thanks alot!

  3. Wow! That rice field is really green and looks calming! Also, I never heard about Karma Beach, people always talk about Kuta Beach and it’s so crowded there, so it’s nice to know that Bali still has less-explored beaches. will definitely check it out 🙂 thank you for this post 🙂

    1. Karma Beach was such a great find. It was recommended to me by a friend and I decided to pay a visit, especially because it wasn’t talked about much and did not come up anywhere in my research. Seeing ho crowded Bali can get, its always amazing to find off beat places such as this 🙂

  4. Did you say 3-bedroom villa in Seminyak for 150 dollars a night? Wow! Sounds like a great option for groups. Do you think its advisable to visit Bali with friends or is it more of a solo or couple place?

    1. The thing about Bali is, it could be done with friends, alone or as a romantic getaway! You have so many things to do for each kind of vacation.. U have luxurious and romantic places to stay at, great nightlife and party scene and its also safe to travel alone.

  5. Your itinerary is awesome! It has the perfect balance of beaches…day trips…activities…relaxing. There’s something for everyone. I haven’t been to Bali yet, but I’d probably go for a week as well and I’ll be sure to reference your itinerary when I go.

    1. I have other posts on Bali too, like things you need to know BEFORE you visit. Feel free to have a look at that too 🙂

  6. Ahh! Bali has been in my bucket list since quite some time now. And your short itinerary is so easy to follow, thank you! Can’t wait to experience the Underwater Scooter. Adding to it the underwater temple and statue? I’m packing my bags already! 😀

  7. We visited Bali a few years back and I didn’t fall in love with it like so many people have. It would’ve been nice to have this itinerary! We stayed in Kuta right on Poppies Lane which was just too crazy and touristy for my liking. Seminyak seems a bit more tame. And I didn’t make it to Gili – such a bummer! We did go to Lombok tho and did an amazing hike to Mt. Rinjani and did some surfing, you should definitely check it out on your next visit!

    1. I already have a list of places to visit on my next trip, Lombok is included in that 🙂

  8. Bali is so beautiful! I hope to go there someday. That’s such a great tip about renting a scooter. For $15 that’s more than worth it to hire one with a guide so you get more out of the trip.

  9. You had me at private villa with massage chairs!!! I’d love to visit Bali and it’s good to have some guidance on how long to spend in the various places. The natural landscapes are so beautiful, loving the photos! I think we’d rent a car to explore, I’m too scaredy pants on scooters!

  10. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. We too spent a week in Bali, staying in Jimbaran Bay. While our son rented a scooter, we found we could get around Bali really cheaply by Uber. But yes, it was slow going by car. We wish we had stayed in Ubud for a few days. It was a very long day trip to try to see it all. Really wish we had made it to Gili Islands to scuba dive!

    1. I also wished that I had spent more time in Ubud. I think I’ll go back one day because I’d love to visit Nusa Penida too!

  11. Love Bali! But don’t you think only 1 night isn’t enough? By the time you check in you’re checking out. We always try and stay at least 3 nights in a destination to justify traveling there.

  12. I would choose 3 days in Ubud – it has so much for the culturally inclined people like me. A couple of days near airport exploring the beaches there and a couple of days at some smaller islands or exploring waterfalls. Bali is such a complete destination to explore.

      1. Let’s plan to go back together sometime soon. I want to soak in the ancient culture of Bali once again, this time a shade deeper.

  13. I can’t believe I still haven’t been to Bali! I’ve heard such rave things. But those prices? Wow! I can’t believe you can stay in a 3-bedroom villa in Seminyak for $150 a night! That’s crazy. Gili Trawangan looks absolutely gorgeous as well!

  14. I love how straightforward your itinerary is…sharing it with my sister who is planning a trip there soon! It’s quite a shame that I have’t been there at all…hopefully that will change next year 🙂

    My fav was Tanah Lot…the place would be a dream at sunrise 🙂

  15. This is such a helpful itinerary for Bali, I almost feel ready to plan my trip now! Everything you describe, Seminyak, the Gili Islands and Ubud, look and sound just beautiful. I’d love to see the temples, especially the Tanah Lot temple on the rock in the sea, and those rice terraces. A week seems not enough!

  16. Wow, $150 for a 3-bedroom villa? That’s crazy cheap! I’ve been reading so much about Bali these days. I would really love to visit. Isn’t scary to ride a scooter though? I’ve heard of a lot of tourists getting into an accident. This is a great itinerary of Bali. Hope I can visit soon.

    1. Well, yeah it’s true that you have to be careful while riding the scooter, only do it if you’re very confident and cautious. You lose so much time in transit if you take a car! And yes, it is crazy cheap 🙂

  17. Ubud is a definite must see! though quite similar to the ones that we have in the Philippines like the Banaue Rice Terraces, I’d still want to see this! Been to Bali once but only set foot at Kuta and Legian so couldn’t appreciate that much as it was too touristic and the beach was sad to say, dirty. Next time, I’ll go to Gili islands and Ubud!

    1. Yea you need to get out of the usual places like Kuta to appreciate the actual beauty of Bali 🙂

  18. I wish I knew this before! Bali is so big that one week is not enough especially if you’re not familiar with the area. I couldnt believe when the driver had to drive for an hour or more just to get to point A and B.

    1. Yeah just looking at the distance between A & B can be very misleading in planning an itinerary. The traffic, the roads, they just make journeys so much longer than you imagine. I agree a week is less in Bali!

  19. I love the idea of a couple of nights in Seminyak, the Gili Islands and then one in Ubud – you’ve ticked off everything I want to see in Bali. Though thanks for the tip on Kuta being cheaper to stay in as compared to Seminyak. Might look into that – I do love the fact that I can look forward to affordable luxury on a trip to Bali. Villa stay here I come!

    The rice terraces in Ubud are one landscape I’ve been dying to witness in person, so I’m glad they made your recommended itinerary.

    1. The itinerary had a little bit of everything and that’s how it was planned – temples, islands, nightlife, greenery and gorgeous beaches 🙂

  20. Karma Beach sounds like my place….not really into Bali, but if I was there I would be heading to places that would be less touristy. I also wouldn’t be riding a scooter there, way too many accidents that are never reported in the big headlines! I do like the look of Nusa Penida though, making good use of the beautiful natural landscapes. Ubud also looks beautiful and again, I’d be spending more time here than anywhere else probably.

    1. Ubud definitely deserves more time and as for Nusa Penida, I plan to visit on my next trip!

  21. I love how affordable Bali is for a slice of luxury! We have stayed in Seminyak, and had private villas in Sanur and Uluwatu. Highly recommend the private villas! I would love to return and visit Ubud and the Gili Islands. I agree hiring a scooter or driver is the best way to get around; public transport is pretty non-existent over there! We loved the beaches and the vibes down in Uluwatu – not as touristy and far more laid back. The Karma Beach Club is spectacular and was one of our favourite places. The Bali Underwater Scooter sounds like so much fun! That will definitely be on my ‘To Do’ list next time we go to Bali, along with Ubud, Tanah Lot, Ulun Danu Beratan Temple and the Gili Islands. Thanks for the inspiration!

  22. Very doable itinerary for a week.
    Nusa Penida too is coming up a big way in terms of water sports and adventure. Renting a bike is indeed the best way to tour saving a lot in terms of time and money.

    1. I recently saw an unbelievable video of Nusa Penida and regret not having made it there on this trip but there’s always a next time 🙂

  23. Love the sound of the Potato Head beach club – and it looks amazing! Definitely the sort of place I’d like to hang out in if I was ever in Bali (which I hope I will be one day!) x

  24. I’m glad I bumped into your post. I am planning Bali soon and can’t wait to explore more into your tips and itinerary. Saving it for sure!

  25. I also went to Bali alone! It was my first solo travel outside of my country, but I was just there for three days. I did see some surfers at the Uluwatu temple but was quite confused because the sea was really flat. I guess they had to swim further out. This is a great itinerary. I’ll try one of the Gili Islands when I return.

  26. Generally speaking I did not like Bali but I must admit that it has nice temples. My biggest regrets were not renting a scooter (I agree with you that it is the best way to move around the island) and renting a villa but I was traveling alone . .

    1. It was the same with me, Elisa, I wanted to rent a nice villa but I was also travelling alone so couldn’t. Also, since I do not know how to ride a scooter, I found a scooter with a driver/ guide and that was a huge relief!

  27. Bali is one of the most beautiful places i’ve been to. Youre list pretty much sums up the best if you have a week to spend. The Jati Luwih Rice terraces should also be in everyone’s itinerary too. Waaaay better than the tegelalang rice terraces.

  28. Hi Medha,

    I have never been to Bali, but it is now our bucket list. Your post is really detailed and I am quite interest to see the island by myself.

    Best regards


  29. Sounds perfect!!! I did it last year and only Ubud and Gili, which is technically Lombok. Next time will visit the rest of Bali as well.
    Love the images.

  30. OMG.. That view from the Rock Bar is really amazing.. No wonder a lot of people visit it despite being pricey! 🙂 Ulun Danu Beratan and Gili Islands are definitely high on my bucketlist.. Seems like they offer the relaxing holiday I’m looking for! 🙂

  31. Great mix of adventure, culture, water sports and nightlife – thanks for sharing your one week itinerary. I’ve heard so much about the Gili Islands, so a bit of island hopping will definitely be in order, and I’m looking forward to renting a scooter as per your recommendation and buzzing around. The sunset from Rock Bar is incredible!

    I’ve seen so many incredible photos of the Teggalang Rice Terraces in Ubud, that I’m dying to go, so I was glad to see these made it into your trip. And Mt Batur sounds like a great trek.

    So much to see and do, I can’t wait!

  32. This itinerary sounds like an absolute dream. The turquoise waters and green landscapes are just amazing. It seems like there is something there for everyone from nightlife to water sports to relaxation. I really want to go now.

  33. I’ve never really wanted to go to Bali, but seeing your pics and tips, I might just plan. I do, however, want to spend some time at Ubud and check out Gili Islands for sure. Cheers!!

  34. I’ve never been to Bali, but I’ve heard horror stories about the monkeys being aggressive. Definitely not in to that.

    We’re still relatively new divers and just did our certification about a year and a half ago. I’ve heard that the diving is really beautiful around the Gili Islands, so I think that’s where I’d focus my time if I were to visit Bali.

    I just keep hearing how over crowded and touristy it all is there, so Bali has held little interest for me.

  35. Wow I love all your photos! Really makes me want to go to Bali right now, I’ll definitely refer back to this post when planning my trip to there 🙂

  36. We only had a day in Bali as a stop on our cruise, but I would love to go back. I’ll definitely be saving your itinerary away for when I go, hopefully next year. Ubud was one of our favourite places – the rice fields are so vibrant and green. That view over Karma beach is incredible. The clarity of the water, even from the top of the cliff, makes me want to dive right in.

  37. Bali has become so popular in recent years that people at times confuse it as a different country.. I am also planning for Bali since quite a few months but never seem to get that perfect itinerary as all the names & where to stay looks kind of confusing to me.. This itinerary is quite helpful as I’ve exactly decided to go at the same places that you’ve mentioned like Gili trawangan, seminyak & others.. Hopefully soon.. and i’ll surely bookmark this one!

  38. This looks like a great itinerary for Bali – I think I’d trade the nightlife for some yoga sessions, though! Great tips in where to buy souvenirs!

    1. It’s not a bad idea, to enjoy some yoga sessions while there. I am not into it, so haven’t talked about it much 🙂

  39. I think you are onto something for travel to SE Asia. You can spend just a little more and get a full on luxury trip as opposed to going for the ultra budget backpacking options.

    Good to know about the Gili Islands having a buffer day for travel. This would serve well for the no-fly interval for diving too.

  40. How lovely, now I want to go. I keep hearing Bali’s crowded but it doesn’t seem like it from your beautiful photos (or perhaps you’re a master at framing). Exploring on a scooter sounds like a great way to reach all the places in such a short amount of time.

    1. It is crowded no doubt but it’s not that bad with the crowds also 🙂 Maybe try going slightly during the off-peak season if crowds bother you!

  41. i knew Bali was cheap, but this cheap…this is crazy and awesome..the fact that water sports is so cheap its amazing..i think we should hold the adventurer in us until we visit bali..this underwater scooter looks amazing…
    Thanks for sharing such detailed itinerary..inspite of going through so many blogs on bali you introduced some really new cool places..

  42. I love Bali, and have already been 2 times! You’ve covered some great places on the itinerary, such as Ubud, and I totally agree about seeing Tanah Lot. I even remember seeing the sunset from there, just stunning!

  43. I’ve been to Bali a few years ago and I loved the abundance of birds and butterflies. Unfortunately I didn’t have much time to explore Bali itself as I headed to other islands. I was quite intimidated by the traffic in Denpasar though and thought, it would be a suicidal act to hire a scooter. Are you sure that’s a good idea?

    1. It’s easier to cover ground with a scooter rather than a car. But like I said, you have to be careful and a confident rider. Else, don’t risk it.

  44. I’ve always wanted to visit Bali. The picture of Tanah Lot looks so beautiful. The culture is a big draw for me and the temples would be at the top of my list ?

  45. My initial thought was “this itinerary is way too short” until I realised that you recommend renting a scooter and going on lots of day trips from a home base, rather than just hanging around Seminyak for 3 days. I agree that getting up to Ubud and central Bali is not to be missed, not the least because it’s not as hot! I wish I had visited more temples when I was there, Ulun Danu Beratan Temple looks absolutely gorgeous. I spent a lot of time just hiking around Bali when I was there so I didn’t actually see a lot of big ticket items.

    1. Hiking around is a great idea too, would’ve loved to do more of it. I couldn’t even do the sunrise trek to Mt Batur; despite having a scooter and doing lots of day trips, some distances seem a lot and take much of your time. 1 week is less!

  46. One of my favorite places in the world, and you certainly covered a lot of ground. Especially love that you got out to the Gili Islands and hope you were able to spend time in Lombok. We loved it there, with such a different vibe than Bali, but just as beautiful. Great round up!

  47. I’ve heard of Bali but never seriously considered it before. I had a quick through and your pics grabbed me and got me reading through far more carefully. I think you’ve managed to get it on my list of places I want to go to. Thankyou.

  48. I am going to Bali soon! Thank you for this blog, although we will be staying less than a week. We’ve been thinking of renting a car instead of a scooter but we don’t have that international driving license. I see you chose to stay in Seminyak but we’re looking to stay in Kuta cause it’s cheaper? Thanks for this itinerary! Helped a lot!

    1. Yes Kuta is definitely cheaper but also super crowded and more touristy as compared to Seminyak. I liked the vibe in Seminyak so much better. As for renting a car, the only issue I see is being stuck in terrible traffic jams, because the roads are very narrow and the traffic is heavy. But if you’re not confident and comfortable on a scooter, it’s better to not risk it. Do try to make it to Ubud for a day trip at least 🙂 Have fun!

  49. The rock temple and the lake temple are both so beautiful because of their unusual locations. We will surely add Ubud to our list and check into one of those lovely rainforest accommodations for the unreal ambience. How do you think October will be as far as crowds go?

    1. I know the weather will be amazing in October. As for the crowds, I think Bali sees tourists pretty much all around the year 🙂

  50. Hey pretty woman, You have created the perfect itinerary for Bali. I recently visited Bali and was so overwhelmed by the things it has to offer. I had only 5 days there and I tried to make the most of it. Will be writing my version soon.

  51. Bali looks like such a beautiful destination. The coastal scenery in particular looks lovely! It’s not too often that you hear the words affordable and luxury together and for the destination to actually live up to this description, but in this instance, it looks like it might just be that. Thanks for the great tips at the end of the piece too 🙂

    1. If there’s one place you can find a chic 3-bedroom villa with a private pool in a central location, at the same price as a room in a 4-star hotel in Europe, its Bali! Money goes far here 🙂

  52. At first I was like ” I dont see any temple on Suluban beach!” but then I saw the little dome (Arent they called chedas?) Anyways, I love all the temples you found in random areas like in the rock island or the the other one in the middle of the lake. What an amazing culture.

  53. I loved this post just because it reminded me of living in Bali – I have to agree the best way to get around is by scooter, nothing better than jumping on and deciding if you want a day on the beach, rice paddies or visit a temple or just escape everything and head up north 😀 – As you can imagine I spent many a day and night in Potato head and Ku-Da-Ta (glad you didn’t mention any of the bars in Kuta though :D) – Just reading through the rest of this post, for anybody that’s never been to Bali this is really informative, you’ve mentioned all the main things and places too 😀 As always a great read Medha

  54. This looks like such a perfect way to spend a week in Bali! Suluban Beach sounds incredible and dramatic. I’ve never been to Bali but I would also definitely want to check out the Gili Islands for sure!

  55. Thanks for this very informative post, I haven’t been to Bali yet but it is on my bucket list and this will certainly help!

  56. Bali looks really beautiful. I really want to visit but the flight would be so long so I would probably combine it with other parts of Indonesia.

    1. If you have 2-3 weeks, you could. But I’d recommend spending an entire week in Bali itself, if not more 🙂

  57. Lovely amalgamation of places to see in Bali. I still feel 7 days is too less. There are so much to see – Tanah lot and Gili islands are madness. I would love to spend few more nights in Ubud. Thanks for the additional tips. I would need Go-Jek for sure.

    1. I agree, I would have loved to have more days. But with a full-time job, you can get only limited days off and you’ve to make the most of what you have 🙂

  58. The Gili isles were definitely the best part of my Bali experience. I didn’t visit Karma Beach, but after reading this, I’ll definitely go back! You’re so right about Ubud, it’s really a must see in Bali.

  59. I am so done with hostels so I would definitely check out beachside resorts in Jimbaran or Uluwatu when I do go to Bali! Indonesia looks so much like Philippines with its rice terraces and beautiful beaches!

    1. If you can feel like a king and live in luxurious places without feeling like you’ve emptied your pockets, it is in most South-east Asian countries. Some of the villas in Seminyak are even better than the resorts, and at such low prices.

  60. Bali is simply magnificent and spending one week there sounds like a dream come true, Medha. Your itinerary is so practical and useful. Are only 2 nights at Gili Islands enough to explore the area?

    1. Agness it depends on how many of the islands you wish to explore. Each island is quite small and can be walked from one end to the other (or you can rent a bicycle). The places on these islands are mostly for relaxation, sunbathing, swimming. So it depends on how much time you’d like to spend doing that 🙂 2 nights are usually enough for me in such a place, then I start getting restless haha.

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